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Actually, the worst happens when you have no idea how to write a case study. That is—the format, language to use, how to do research, and generally, difficulty of the topic at hand. It is for these reasons that most students prefer to request assistance from online academic help platforms. After all, everyone wants to be on the graduation list, right? And not just that—with quality grades.

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What Is A Case Study

Perhaps you have no idea what form of writing a case study is—and it’s totally okay. So before diving even further, it is good to have the basics at the fingertips. To be precise, case studies form part of our essay writing services. They call for in-depth research, competence in the said discipline, and excellent organization/curation skills to maintain the paper’s flow. They target an individual, group, community, or a particular situation.
Think of it as a way to unveil a complex concept, topic, or a societal or individual case. Note that a case study research design is typically qualitative. It has nothing to do with hypothesis testing or any other statistical analysis. However, researchers should be extra careful not to fall for bias or reach general and unreliable conclusions.
For that purpose, researchers need to be keen to have a good case study outline that effectively covers all aspects and documents them as supposed. In fact, when school instructors assign you a case study assignment, the first thing they look into is the format. What were your main topics and subtopics? How did you ensure good flow? Therefore, how you structure your case study partly determines your success or failure.

So, What’s the Format?—Our Preferred Case Study Analysis

According to Ashford University, the ideal case study format consists of three sections. It starts with researching to understand the primary concern, providing different approaches to the problem, and then finalizing with your best solution. Also, there are different approaches to each of these simple steps. So let us dive right in and understand what each of them entails.

Background Research To Prepare The Case

Even before getting to the actual case study writing, there are a couple of steps that you shouldn’t ignore. Note that the formatting style doesn’t change the actual content and steps. Whether you are writing an MLA or APA style case study paper example, it all remains the same. So, the steps include:-

Examining the Case

It may appear obvious, but instructors will tell you it’s not. Some students just dive into the writing part without internalizing what the paper requires, and they end up failing. So, to be on the safe side, note down some points on the most relevant facts and any relevant facts.

Get Into the Analysis

Seek to know what the challenge is and where it emanates from. Actually, it’s part of the case study research because you need to identify the key problems, preferably two to five, know why they exist, their impact on the organization, and perhaps the person responsible. This helps you gauge the case study’s weight and understand what to concentrate on as you narrow down going forward.

What Are the Available Solutions at the Moment?

Keep the research going. Weigh out the ideas you got from the previous research and try to figure out what can be done to resolve the problem. Apart from the research, you can use personal experience if you have personal knowledge about it. These two steps are the determinants of how best you perform in your case study. That’s why most students prefer to delegate them to “write my essay” platforms like GradeWriters.

Pick One Best Solution

After evaluating each of the cases, it is obvious you found out one best remedy to the point in question, right? Therefore, present it in this section. Be sure to base your argument on its uniqueness, advantages, and disadvantages. The main challenge here is that most students tend to exaggerate. So, be keen not to do so—knowingly or unknowingly. The case study solution should be realistic.

Putting it down—Drafting Process

Once you have successfully gathered all information in the above steps, it’s now time to document it in your piece of writing. While the case study outline is so simple for experts who have mastered it over time, it could be the exact opposite for a first-time student. So, requesting assistance to learn the case study format for students and other tips on crafting a case study significantly goes a long way in boosting your performance in school.


Like the first step in the previous section, you first need to put down the case study’s key concerns. In this step, you need to formulate your thesis statement to put the entire write-up down into 1 and 2 sentences. In case you are not aware of how to handle this section, consider checking a case study introduction example from online repositories or our resources center.

Set up the background

This step helps you form a good foundation for your case study. It’s where you present the main ideas relevant to the case study to grab the reader’s attention. Talk about the case study research design and methods you used to identify facts related to the study. In this section, you have to prove to your examiner that you indeed took the time to research the case study problems.


For evaluation, you need first to outline the different metrics you are focusing on and why you chose to narrow down. After that, check out each of the metrics and note down what works and what does not. A good case study should also point out why some points are working while others don’t. And because it requires a certain language, we encourage you to check out different case study examples for students to master them well.

Your Possible Solutions

Based on your research and personal experiences, you can come up with realistic solutions that you believe can take care of the different concerns, like case study interview questions. For each solution, be sure to provide a couple of reasons for choosing each of the proposed solutions. You need to back each solution with concrete evidence to convince your audience that it can truly solve the problem.
To provide the evidence, you can base your arguments on class discussions and lectures, the research you conducted outside, or anecdotes—personal experience. When stuck, it’s always a good idea to look for a case study template and try following along.

Personal Recommendations

Using your possible solutions above, what strategy do you believe will be the best solution? Be sure to identify and recommend it. Also, if you think there is something that needs to be done alongside this solution, be sure to note them down. When you check other case study analysis examples, you will also realize that they recommend individuals expected to implement the solution. Likewise, do so to improve the effectiveness of your case.

Types of Case Studies

As we mentioned earlier, case studies are qualitative types of papers. So it is sporadic for an instructor to assign you a quantitative case study. Under the case study subject, there exist various types of case studies. Depending on the objectives of your research, you can select that which best fits you.
However, the case study research design for all of them remains identical. So let us take a look at the main types that we often receive orders about:-

Illustrative Case Studies

True to its name, illustrative case studies are usually descriptive. They aim at bringing to light an unknown concept or idea using a simple language that everyone will understand. The case study method is common in colleges, especially for students taking social sciences. The main challenge with case studies is just how involving they are. At GradeWriters, we reduce it all to just—giving us your instructions, and collecting the complete paper!

Critical Instance Case Studies

Like cumulative case studies, this model aggregates information from different sites over a wide range of time. However, this model focuses on a specific situation or idea without generalizing, like cumulative case studies. It’s the ideal model for cause and effect questions.
Therefore, if you are wondering what case analysis format to use in this (or the other models), our assistants are much ready and willing to hold your hand.

Cumulative Case Studies

It earned the title cumulative because it compiles information from different sites across a diverse range of time. That allows the reader to get a clear picture of where they come from, where they are, and perhaps anything they can project for the future. The best thing about this model is that it allows you to generalize the ideas with minimal cost or time. Think of it as a comparative case study.
Whether you need to know how to write a medical case study, Engineering, or any other discipline, GradeWriters will be here to hold your hand. You can actually check out our repository for any available case analysis examples in this area.

Exploratory Case Studies

Researchers perform exploratory case studies before doing a major investigation—that’s why they are known as a pilot model of case studies. They help the researcher note down any relevant questions and what needs to be done prior to the main investigation. What you need to take care of is making premature conclusions before the determining study.
So, if you are wondering how to write a case study assignment on pilot case studies, don’t hesitate to consult our unemployed professors. We have many experts specializing in this niche, so be sure of an excellent case study paper in the final draft.

Concluding your Case Study Analysis

This last stage is similar to what you would do in any other essay or research paper—checking for grammar, consistency, and correctness of facts in your case analysis. For that reason, be sure to ascertain that your thesis statement is clear, concise and that you truly provided convincing evidence and solution. Also, check out the case analysis format to ensure there are no missing points.
It’s always good to proofread and edit your paper repetitively to phase out any grammar and spelling issues to ensure perfection when submitting. Note that the case study research design for most case studies are identical. However, some types have several differences from this typical design.

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