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Posted on: 15th May 2023


Cause Marketing is used by companies to sell products by increasing the reputation of the company as a whole. In lecture we looked at TWO examples of cause marketing. Pick ONE of these two campaigns and explain how they used TWO of the 'film languages' to construct their story.

The example being referred is this video https://youtu.be/vkKROkzYdXs

the writer must use the files and the video and use a minimum amount of quotations and use original words

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Cause Marketing Review

The film utilizes different aspects to communicate with the audience a variety of emotions and implied meanings during the film. When this is adopted in advertising, it is a hyper-inflated version of the film communication method as the advertiser needs to communicate in a compressed amount of time. Coco Mademoiselle Intense’s ad campaign featuring Keira Knightley uses a combination of film editing and sound to create a sense of youthfulness and a carefree nature that it aims to connect with the Chanel brand. The advertisement implies that the Chanel brand gives youthful freedom to its users without using any text or distinct claims. This example also utilizes different products from the Chanel line to build up a following for the entire company, rather than just for the Intense perfume product they mention at the end of the one-minute clip. Although the advertisement does not relate to a humanitarian cause, it implies that youthfulness can be acquired by using Chanel products, thus attracting buyers with its implied achievement of the beauty ideal.

The film editing on the advertisement compresses the events of an evening and morning into a short one-minute clip using flashbacks. The scene set-up contributes to the overall feeling of the initial shot by appealing to well-known scenes from the social scene. However, the power of the advertisement comes from the relationship between the past events and the current, in the advertisement’s timeline. The editing enables this connection by using different objects to demonstrate the actress’s recall of the events of the night before. The flashes between two different times and experiences compress the events of the night and contribute to the audience’s aspiration of youthful freedom. Thus, the editing inflates the brand appeal by highlighting potential experiences and focusing on the Chanel representative’s persona as the only one that matters. This image of being the center of attention also contributes to the emotional appeal the advertisement has to the youthful audience that the brand targets for its products.

The editing pace piques the viewers’ interest more as it implies a fast-paced lifestyle that resonates with the target youth demographic. The editing also helps contribute to the narrative by implying the underlying recklessness of romantic thrill that cannot be explicitly stated on camera. The viewer understands that the beautiful actress got the guy’s attention and acted on it, all in the space of a night, without using any seemingly obscene content. Similarly, although the advertisement does not mention the relationship between the perfume and the ability to recharge after a rowdy night, the viewer notices that the actress is more level-headed than the man she flirted with the night before. Consequently, the viewer relates the perfume to the ability to influence others and to retain control over oneself. The final cut, which shows the girl walking away smiling while the man calls out to her, also implies desirability that lasts. These different ideas are all compressed into a one-minute clip with editing techniques. Therefore, the advertisement’s narrative relies greatly on editing techniques to get the message across in a short time.

The advertisement’s sound use invokes feelings of luxury and cultured taste, which are major claims of the Chanel brand. Film enables the director to cultivate feelings within the audience through using cues and implied meaning. The advert uses an orchestral soundtrack to contribute to the feeling of high-class luxury that is enshrined in the Chanel brand. This soundtrack, combined with the Parisian setting and the expensive assemblage implied in the party shots, demonstrates the consumer’s aspirations. The advertisement implies that using the perfume makes the user more sophisticated and thus appeals to a larger crowd. The idea that the user can be better just by accessorizing with Chanel products is part of the advertisement’s aim of building desire for the products and what they can do for the buyer. The strict use of soundtrack throughout the clip, with only slight interruptions, implies that those who know about the ambiance and type of music need no words to understand the message. This exclusive communication model further adds to the products’ appeal and freshness. Thus, the sound adds to the setting and increases the product appeal by appealing to an exclusive audience and implying elevated taste.

The clip combines the editing and sound film languages to build demand for its products among the youth in a short amount of time. These techniques are essential to the advertising field as creating a feeling is more important. Buyers are motivated to buy by what they feel more than what they know. Therefore, the advert’s reliance on sound and editing to create a feeling without using literal terms is likely more effective. Further analysis of the clip can reveal other film language uses, such as lighting and camera manipulation, that contribute to the viewers’ emotions. Overall, the success of the clip comes from its use of film language to communicate feeling and status among its viewers. 

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