higher order thinking skills

Posted on: 15th May 2023


Discuss three ways to develop higher order thinking skills for students and provide examples

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Thinking Skills Development

Learning is a continuous process that encounters current trends in how students consume information and interpret its relevant context. The entire process becomes successful due to integrating several aspects such as students’ abilities, knowledge, skills, and talents. In 21st-century learning, teachers still expect high-order thinking skills from their students (Jerome, 2017). As a result, the purpose of this study is to describe high-order thinking skill development methodologies for students and their relevant examples.

Set induction provokes students’ concept connection in a classroom, learning resources, or online platform set-up. Education instructors need to lead for concept connection from known to unknown. Therefore, the level of thinking enables students to find it simpler to relate their prior knowledge to the current concept (Jerome, 2017). For instance, during a rate of movement lesson, simulations will be their set induction.

Additionally, teaching students how to infer is another critical strategy of probing high-order thinking skills. Instructors have to guide students to make inferences by providing relevant instances (Cheng, 2019). For example, as a teacher, instructing students to remove their sweaters in class during a rainy day and ask them to make inferences regarding how they think about the weather outside. Similarly, teaching students to explain their answers is another way to develop thinking skills; since it will discourage memorization and concept repetition (Cheng, 2019). For example, asking the relevant questions will enable learners to elaborate their thoughts in detail and motivate them to think and answer.

In summary, concept development and connection are essential in nurturing high-order thinking skills. Rather than memorizing concepts, teachers should engage their students using concept contextualization tactics to ensure their success in learning and problem solving.



Jerome, C., Lee, J. A. C., & Ting, S. H. (2017). Students need instructional strategies that enhance higher-order thinking skills (hots) among unimas undergraduates. International Journal of Business and Society, 18(S4), 661-668.

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