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About Gradewriters.com

GradeWriters is a professional academic writing service provider based in the US but offers academic assistance to students globally. What distinguishes us from other platforms is that you can get experts on any subject to work on your pain points from whatever academic level. Whether you need academic writing, business writing, editing, and proofreading services.

GradeWriters is the best platform to get your assignments done. We are privileged to have a team of expert tutors who are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellent academic help to our students. We believe in honesty, transparency, and observing the highest ethical standards when offering our students academic writing help. Every day is a great day for us — we see thousands of satisfied students who genuinely appreciate our contribution to their studies. We work to leave a positive impact on every student’s grades.

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Our values

Every genuine organization has a set of values that govern the daily operations of every member. Right from the ordering process to delivery, you will obviously notice the core values that have kept steering us up to become the best academic writing service provider on the internet.
Note that values are there to be guarded. GradeWriters management has no space for anyone—be it a writer or a technical assistant, who decides to break any of these. We have kicked out many of them already.

Customer satisfaction

GradeWriters exists to provide quality academic writing solutions to struggling or busy students. When you order our services, we understand you are most likely overwhelmed and need professional assistance to get everything up and running. Therefore, it is our responsibility to deliver papers worth the amount you spend.
Our unlimited free revision policy and 100% refund policy explain this better. In case the final paper we deliver is not up to the mark according to your expectations, always feel free to request a free revision. Unfortunately, if it happens that you are entirely dissatisfied, you are welcome to request a refund. The same applies if your designated writer fails to deliver in time. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.


As we serve you, we want you to be comfortable that none of your information will ever leak from our databases. First of all, we assign you a unique ID number to ensure not even your designated assistant knows whom they are serving. That way, you can be sure none of them will track you outside our platform for whatever reason they may have.
Secondly, our full-time technical team is always working to keep off intruders from our platform. Technologies such as 256-bit encryption keep all chats on GradeWriters encrypted end to end—so no information can leak. We’ve also handed over transactions to third party vendors like PayPal and different banks to keep you safe when you subscribe to our academic writing service.


Right from our technical team to the editorial and writing team, we believe creativity unlocks the impossible. Our technical team has the mandate to create an excellent user interface to ensure you have seamless browsing on any device. The last thing we want is our website to fail when you need academic help most.
On the other hand, we believe our unemployed professors are the most creative people around. To succeed in some disciplines like research papers, you need to be exceptionally creative. Therefore, we expect every applicant who’s coming on board to demonstrate creativity. Apart from our high school and college writing help, we want you to improve your creativity—because that’s all that matters in the real world.


GradeWriters seeks to be the most dependable, professional writing help platform globally. We understand that every student’s dream is to have someone they can always turn to when things aren’t working. As of now, we have implemented 24/7 services to ensure you can request for help regardless of your time zone.
The other aspect is on observing deadlines. As professionals, we are very time-oriented. We do not take up any project if we aren’t sure we will complete it in time. So, when we agree to proceed with your project, we want you to have confidence when waiting for the final academized version.


GradeWriters is the hub of growth—we don’t support stagnation. Actually, the primal reason we deploy quality academic writers to our team is to ensure they deliver valuable papers that translate to quality grades, and in turn, keeps you up the academic ladder. As long as you are here, you must grow.
Similarly, we expect all our academic writers to have an exponential growth for every project they handle. That means they have to devote their time, energy, and sometimes resources to see that the paper they submit is up to the mark quality-wise. With that, they are sure to receive a five-star rating that keeps their profile growing.


Our strength as the best academic writing service provider stems from our collaborative nature. Even though our experts have honed their skills in their disciplines of specialization, sometimes they have to collaborate to handle some assignments. This is especially common with multidisciplinary research papers like dissertations, theses, term papers, and reports.
In case you have an accounting paper that requires some programming knowledge, you just need to specify in the guidelines. We will assign the paper to specialists in the distinct fields to ensure you get the best out of us. Note that you will only pay the usual rates—the reason we will always be your top-quality but cheap academic writing assistants.

Our mission

Any company without a mission to achieve is set for failure. At GradeWriters, our mission is to offer reliable custom academic services to students from all parts of the world. Also, we are aware that plans without implementation strategies are simply plans—equally set for failure. Therefore, we back all our goals with an action to bring them into effect. Let us look at some of them.


We Have a Growth Mindset

Even as we offer cheap writing help, we embrace positivity because we believe that’s the only path to drive real success. We believe every student can perform well. The only challenge is, sometimes the classwork piles up too much to the point that you cannot handle it. With so many units to attend to and social life to live, it almost becomes undoable.
However, our growth mindset tells us you shouldn’t let that be a barrier to success. You just need to request assistance and save a lot of your time. The good this is, when doing the assignments, we go into detail to ensure you have it easy when reading through. Again, you can request free clarifications from your designated academic writers in case you get stuck.


We Work as a Team

We take pride in our competent management team that coordinates everything to keep the GradeWriters family in unison. All our academic writing services are centralized. It is for this reason that we can handle any project regardless of the complexity. Our tutors combine efforts when handling multidisciplinary papers—we assign each section to a niche expert.
In case of a dispute, our support team works in conjunction with the academic writer(s) in question to ensure we refund your cash swiftly. Our editorial team also works alongside your designated writer to ensure we deliver the pure Gold you so deserve.


There is an opportunity to excel when reading isn’t possible

Sometimes lecturers won’t understand your excuses regardless of how genuine you sound. As humans, many things may happen along the way and keep you from doing your classwork.

  • A part-time job (especially for postgrads)
  • Going for a hangout with friends
  • Ailments
  • Zero passion for the unit you are doing, yet you have to pass

All these are valid reasons—but they don’t apply in a class environment. Don’t expect to have a change in deadlines because, most likely, it won’t happen. The best you can do is connect with expert academic writers for regular and reliable assistance.


We’re Passionate About Our Work

Quality academic papers like Masters and PhD are not just enough for excellence in this industry. Anyone who has tried it before will tell you it requires passion, self-drive, and exceptional self-motivation. And now, because we do not recruit newbies, you can be sure these are people who know their thing. They offer all academic help passionately because it’s their full-time job.
As professionals, we understand we only get legitimate funds for the value we provide. That’s why keeping we don’t struggle to keep our passion for delivering quality and affordable academic writing comes so automatically.


English Language Shouldn’t be a Limitation

Success in any form of academic writing requires good mastery of the English Language. However, it’s not always fun for most students. In fact, even some native English speaking students find it hard to organize their work into a professionally sensible paper because of their second languages or pidgin.
On the other hand, most non-native English speaking students find it really challenging to craft quality papers with good flow and grammar. Fortunately, GradeWriters only recruits native English speakers from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. These are people who have mastered the ins and outs of academic writing services—to ensure you come out the best.


We Embrace Capacity Building

As we mentioned earlier, everyone at GradeWriters has a growth mindset. Even the crème de la crème of our academic writers have a thing or two they can learn every day to improve their skills. Therefore, our management works hard to keep everyone on toes to ensure there is no reason to remain stagnant.
In case we recruit an undergraduate who has specialized in a particular discipline, we always encourage them to consider advancing their careers by enrolling in a Master’s or PhD program. So, the bottom line is—we don’t want any of our academic writers to feel comfortable with their current level.