GradeWriters Academic Writing Services Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Well, there are a bunch of reasons why GradeWriters is the best academic writing service provider on the internet—ranging from top-quality papers to affordable rates. Our top-quality services stem from the crème de la crème talent we recruit to our team.
Before bringing anyone on board, they must demonstrate competence throughout our rigorous recruitment process. And even after that, they must maintain an exponential growth curve in the projects they work on.
The best part is that we deliver pure Gold at really affordable academic writing rates to cater for all students. Whether you are in high school or pursuing your doctorate studies, GradeWriters charges different rates to take care of everyone.

Every successful professional academic writing platform has guidelines it must abide on the road to greatness. At GradeWriters, our core policies revolve around honesty, transparency, and security.
At least our 100% refund policy can tell you more. In case we deliver a paper that adds no value to your studies—one you are satisfied with, the policy states we should refund you fully. The same applies if you receive the paper past the deadline.
Again, our confidentiality policy calls for nothing but absolute protection against cyber intruders. Even as we offer cheap academic writing services, we are very sensitive about your transaction details and your academic papers’ safety. It’s our role to keep you safe from third parties.

A quick answer is YES—Our academic writing help is very flexible.
In case you don’t have enough cash upfront, we accept a 60 percent installment before we begin working on your project, and the remaining amount payable before delivery. We are aware of your student state and most likely, you are on a tight budget. So we try to squeeze our academic paper writing prices to ensure you get top grades while spending less.
Better yet, if you have a considerably large project, you can contact our support team for a special arrangement on how you will pay in installments. This’s rare, right? That’s why GradeWriters will always remain the most affordable academic writing website on the internet.

You are welcome to request academic help across any discipline in high school, college, university—including post-graduate programs like Masters and Doctorate. We have the best team on board to ensure we address all your concerns to the latter.
Some of the most common academic papers are theses, dissertations, Research papers, term papers, case studies, and laboratory reports. These papers can be on any discipline such as mathematics, sciences, languages, social sciences, programming, and many more.
Perhaps you are wondering how we manage to handle all this. But the thing is—we have an exceptionally diverse team of specialist academic professors who go above and beyond the average assistant to research and deliver what your instructor needs.

We really don’t hope our academic writing services to get to this point. However, we cannot depart from reality—to err is human. But even so, we always encourage our students to request free revisions for an unlimited number of times—until they get exactly what they are looking for.
If, after doing all that, you are still not satisfied, our refund policy demands that we should refund you the full amount. Typically, processing the refund takes up to seven days to complete. We refund your cash to your GradeWriters account wallet so you can use it to place another order or withdraw to your PayPal or bank account. That’s why you don’t have to worry when subscribing to our quality academic writing services.

We are aware the quality of some papers varies from one individual to another. What a writer believes is the best may not be what you are looking for. In that case, you just need to work alongside your writer to ensure they refine it to the best version you need.
Fortunately, at GradeWriters, we genuinely accept revisions—and we don’t charge you for that. We believe any professional writing help should be student-centered.
Once we submit the final draft, you have up to seven days to request a revision. The only thing to note here is we only accept revisions based on the initial guidelines. But if you forgot to upload some instructions, you’re most welcome—only that we’ll charge you a little more.

If you are wondering how to buy online academic writing services from us, the process is pretty simple. Just head over to our home page and fill in the order form. Provide all the relevant details—specify your level of study, type of academic paper you need, the due date, number of pages, and your valid email.
You may also need to specify the level of writer you need to work on your project—whether Premium, Elite, or Favorite. If you go the “Favorite” way, we will connect with your select writer right away, and if you choose an “Elite” writer, we will connect you with the crème of academic professors in your discipline. The last category—the “Premium” writers, are the best available assistants, relevant for your project.

Simply, the project guidelines. Let us know the type of paper—whether a research paper, technical write-up, essay, etc. If it requires citation, tell us your preferred style—MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. We also want to know how soon you need the paper to ensure we deliver it before the due date or time.

Well, this is a relative question—because academic assignments don’t carry the same weight. But the bottom line is, we treat every academic writing online service you request from us as an urgent assignment. Our unemployed professors are disciplined to meeting deadlines, plus our management works to ensure they really do—no point in waiting for the last-minute rush.
In the same spirit, we always advise our students to act responsibly—to place orders with reasonable deadlines to ensure they receive well-thought-of papers.

Very safe.
Over the period we’ve been in this industry, we have encountered frustrated students. Some who bought papers from cheap academic writing service providers and later found out they are used elsewhere. Now, this is pretty unethical and unfit for any decent academic writer.
At GradeWriters, we have a team of diligent academic professors online who have your interests at heart and cannot resell your papers to third parties. In case we realize such a case, we dismiss the writer without a blink.

Once you place an order, we assign you one of our best academic professors and subsequently connect you to our chatroom to facilitate easier communication. You can then discuss more on your project, share resources, request an outline from the writer, and any other relevant information.
The only caution is that you shouldn’t exchange contact details with the writer. GradeWriters aims at keeping you safe through our secure platform. There is much risk in dealing with an assistant without a mediator. So, try to avoid that as much as you can.

This is a YES and NO question.
YES because we have a highly competent team that understands the ins and outs of most academic works. NO, because we are also human—some very short deadlines cannot just work.
Therefore, it zeroes in to the questions—how soon is the assignment due, and how complex is it? Again, this is why we always encourage students to evaluate their tasks early to give our online academic paper professors enough time to craft masterpiece papers that actually add value.

We accept PayPal and bank transfers.
The first step is to create a GradeWriters account, so you have a wallet where you can deposit. After that, fill in the order form and follow our academized wizard to complete your order. When requested for payment detail, you can either choose PayPal (default) or a MasterCard if you have one. In case you haven’t created one, be sure to create one and deposit some funds to the account.

Once you purchase a paper from our academic writing services, we transfer all the ownership rights. You are now the bonafide owner. So you can produce them anywhere for educational purposes and claim ownership. That’s why we are also responsible for any breach of papers from our platform by third parties.

First of all, we rely on our competent team to craft original papers that need no screening. However, to ascertain it is actually authentic, we check it using premium plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and attach a plagiarism report to our final copy. That’s part of why most students believe in our professional academic writing services.

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