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After dedicating your too much of your precious time in research to craft quality assignments and research projects, there’s still one step left—proofreading and editing. The last thing you want is to taint all that effort with petty mistakes that will cause you to lose marks unnecessarily.
However, we’re pretty sure you know how boring it is to read your own work, right? Sometimes you will even assume and bypass mistakes, resulting in duplicate errors. On other occasions, you will pull out one mistake, only to replace it with another. That’s why you should turn to a proofreading and editing service provider for professional help.

Note the difference between Editing and Proofreading

Writing a professional paper takes several steps in a specific order. That is—the actual writing, editing, proofreading, and finally, the intended use in that order. That tells you that editing and proofreading are two different stages when preparing your paper. So let us evaluate the differences considering different metrics of the paper.

By Definition

Proofreading is considered a surface-level check because you only concentrate on issues like spelling mistakes, punctuations, textual/numerical inconsistencies, etc. On the contrary, editing goes deeper than that. It pays attention to things like sentence construction and clarity to help improve your paper’s readability and tone.

Other Key Differences

Since proofreading is a surface-level task, it may not reduce the initial number of words significantly. But with editing, reformatting sentences to ensure good flow will definitely change the word count.
Proofreading may not take much of your time because the mistakes are pretty observable. On the other hand, some editing mistakes aren’t very clear; it takes an experienced editor to identify and correct them, hence more time-consuming.

Typically, They Go Hand In Hand

It’s almost impossible to separate one from the other. You know why? No professional proofreading and editing service provider will identify a mistake and leave it—because they’ve not been paid to correct it. In fact, most editors don’t even realize the differences we have just mentioned. All they want is to perfect your paper regardless of the service you opted for. And that’s exactly what our editorial team does.

Why Hire Professional Editing And Proofreading Service Providers?

As we have just highlighted, there are tons of reasons why you don’t want to edit your write-ups on your own. Whether you trust your skills or not, requesting to have an expert touch could give your paper an edge over what other students present. So let’s see why you need paper proofreading and editing services.

Giving Your Papers a Professional Appearance

The first impression always counts—an appealing structure can even give you some favor before your examiner to award you better grades. Note that structure is an examinable aspect of some papers like dissertations, theses, reports, and other research papers. And because you are writing to a human, you need to keep everything well-organized to give them an easy time navigating through your writing.
Professional editing and proofreading service providers are well-versed with different formatting styles to help curate your paper in the best way possible. Therefore, an expert touch goes a long way in boosting your performance.

Saves You a Considerable Amount of Time

Sometimes you are just overwhelmed by tons of assignments that you cannot manage to have a second look at a paper you already “completed”. In that case, you need someone to give you a hand in finalizing the remaining bits. That helps you save even more time and get engaged in other activities, still valuable for your general class performance.
It’s even more beneficial to have a paper proofreading and editing service provider dedicated and with a good track record of fast turn around. Fortunately, our editorial team at GradeWriters is swift enough to handle papers presented with short deadlines.

Eliminating Grammar Mistakes

Grammar is a key factor for any piece of writing. A slight mistake could mean miscommunication, which can have adverse effects on your grades. Did you intend to say “its” instead of “it’s”? And are you consistent in using English grammar in your specific locality? For instance, “favor” in US English and “favour” in UK English. A professional proofreading and editing service provider checks for all these to ensure your paper reads as supposed.
At GradeWriters, we have instructors from the US, UK, AU. And Canada, who correctly understand the different grammar from these regions. That tells any grammar specification is welcome.

Helps You Save Money

Are you a student engaged in other activities, like a part-time job? Well, you definitely need time to concentrate on that. And because proofreading may take much of your time, the best you can do is delegate the task to an expert. Note that these are people paid to do this as their main work—so you receive professional services.
The paper proofreading and editing service help you spend more time in your business and earn some more income while receiving quality papers—a double win! You even save more when you hire an affordable proofreading and editing company like GradeWriters.

Helps You Meet Deadlines.

Out of pressure from other classwork assignments, you may not have enough time to write and reread your work. That would be risking other classwork assignments. So, instead of running short of time, you better delegate the proofing work to professionals. The good thing is—they commit themselves to this as their full-time job, hence completing the task in a short while.
At GradeWriters, we offer the best editing and proofreading help online service USA to students from anywhere in the world. Our editorial team works around the clock to ensure you meet all deadlines to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Proofreading Tools May Not Be Very Effective

Currently, there are tons of editing and proofreading tools available online. Such include Grammarly, ProWriting Aid, Hemingway App, Ginger Software, WhiteSmoke, and PaperRater. These are great tools—they will help you avoid petty mistakes like punctuations, grammar, and sentence structure. However, note that the algorithms used cannot be exclusive to identify all errors—some errors require a human eye.
Fortunately, we have expert professional proofreading and editing service WSU. Besides having access to premium versions of these tools, our experts are well-versed in the dos and don’ts of the English language. So you can rest assured every mistake must be captured and corrected.

What Does Our Editing And Proofreading Service Cover?

We are aware that sometimes it’s not just about correcting grammar, punctuation, and sentence structures. Fact-checking is also very key in any professional paper. And that means you don’t assign a paper to anyone just because they’ve branded themselves “Expert Proofreaders and Editors”. That is why we have deployed editors from across all college disciplines in our editing and proofreading service to ensure anyone handling your paper is actually a specialist in that area.



Dissertations are research papers done at a doctorate level as a prerequisite to the award of a PhD degree. Even though the number of pages is significantly variable, most papers range between 100 and 200 pages. That means going through the entire document may need several weeks of serious dedication. But now that you have cheap editing and proofreading help online service at GradeWriters consider saving your precious time and engage in other activities. .



Like dissertations, a thesis has a similar format. The key difference is that Theses are for Master’s students while Dissertations are for PhD level. The average length of Master’s papers is also lower, ranging between 60 and 100 pages. Well, that’s also a pretty long paper. Therefore, consulting an expert in your field of study goes a long way in streamlining your paper, improving efficiency, and saving you time.



After every practical assignment, most colleges expect you to come up with a report of everything you did. Depending on the length and complexity of the practical exercise, the length is greatly variable. In most cases, reports involve more editing than proofreading because you have to evaluate the practical data against ideal values to ensure cohesion. Let the best editing and proofreading help online service USA help with this.


Term Papers

Towards the end of every term/semester, most colleges expect that you come up with a research paper about the key concepts you’ve been learning. The length and complexity of the term paper entirely depend on what you have covered within that period. While the writing may not be very easy, editing the paper to perfection becomes an additional headache. So, delegating the task to an expert helps you avoid unnecessary pressure.



Whether it is a website article, book reviews, commentaries, or any other type of article, it’s imperative to keep it perfect and professional. Petty mistakes like poor grammar and weird sentence structure are a big turn off for most students. The good thing is that our quick paper proofreading and editing service can help transform the turn-off article into a captivating piece. That helps leverage conversions from your leads—if it was a website article.



An essay is a common form of writing in colleges across all disciplines that require students to research and argue about the assigned topic. The length and complexity level is usually relative to the topic assigned and the instructor’s guidelines. At GradeWriters, you can either request to have the entire paper written or send us your already written essay for editing and proofing. In the former case, we offer free editing and proofreading services.

Why Should You Choose GradeWriters?

With so many online platforms offering similar proofreading and editing services like ours, why would you choose us? What do you stand to gain? And what’s so unique about us? Well, let us see the key strengths of our services.

We Are Perfectionists

Editing and proofreading services are some of those services that require an expert touch, if not absolute perfection. When you request our service, you are basically asking to have every aspect of your paper perfected. As we mentioned earlier, editing and proofreading are inseparable. Therefore, expect to have every mistake addressed to the core because we offer both as a package.

Instructor’s Guidelines First!

We don’t want to assume a rigid approach to the different papers you may need assistance in. We are aware that what may be correct in one paper could a grave mistake in another paper. Therefore, we go through the instructions first to understand exactly what the instructor is looking for. That way, we can leverage the key points and add our expertise to optimize your grades.

Quick Assistance

In most cases, students spend much of their time doing research and crafting the paper. Very few manage to meet the deadlines to have enough time for editing and proofreading. So, to avoid lagging, it’s good to request help from our professional proofreading and editing service. As experts who have been doing this for years, you can be sure of a quick turnaround.

Get an Experts in Your Specific Discipline

Unlike other platforms that just assign you a proofreader or editor without considering their academic background, GradeWriters is very sensitive about whomever we are connecting you with. For instance, if you are looking for a proofreading and editing theology dissertation service, you’ll get exactly that. Our writer system algorithms select for you the most qualified unomplyed professors from our team in that category.

We’re Affordable; We’re the Best!

Are you looking for an expert-level but cheap editing and proofreading help online service? Most likely, you won’t find that combination on other academic help platforms. It’s only at GradeWriters, where we deliver Pure Gold at low rates. Regardless of the amount you pay, all our services are top-quality because that’s what defines us—we have your interests at heart.
Whether you need editing and proofreading services at 2 am or 1 pm, our doors are never closed. Our writers are available 24/7, waiting for your message. And in case you need specialized help, our support team is also available all the time to respond to any queries.
So, why not let us streamline your paper?