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Meta Description

Overwhelmed by your assignments and looking for legal writing services online? GradeWriters has professional tutors offering quality legal research and writing help.

Freelance Legal Writing Services Online—Let Us Help!

Legal writing is never a walk in the park. Everything from the coursework, assignments, and essays is always hectic. That's why many students prefer assignment writing help from online legal tutors and attorneys for quality legal writing services. Seeking homework help law assignment tutors help to maintain a good track record in school and understand challenging legal concepts with minimal strain.

Legal writing skills ultimately play an integral role in determining your success or failure in your legal studies. Law is a complex and complicated field that only a few students make to the graduational list and eventually into the legal marketplace. A lawyer needs to prove in the assignments that they can communicate ideas, advocate opinions, persuade other parties, and instruct people.

At GradeWriters, we receive hundreds of legal writing orders in this field alone every day and know what students struggle with regarding legal research and writing. So, if you're overwhelmed with legal studies, be sure to request help from our legal writing experts. We have professional attorneys and professionals in law firms available 24/7 to offer assistance in any legal niche. 

Common Legal Practice Areas That Students Struggle With

Like any other discipline, the legal field has specific challenging areas. This is evident in the statistics we have on our database. A high repeat rate of students looking for help writing a legal document on a specific topic definitely implies they are struggling in that area, right?   

Writing a demand letter

You write a demand letter to someone who owes you money. For instance, if you need a refund on the security deposit you paid to your landlord, you should write an official letter to request cashback. The same applies to a service provider you paid upfront but has not delivered as promised. You should avoid emotions as much as possible and be sure to stick to the facts. 

Even though it’s well-nigh impossible to get cheap legal help for writing a demand letter from online academic help platforms, GradeWriters does this at really affordable costs

Writing a point heading

A point heading is a conclusory statement about a legal matter that summarizes the entire issue. So, it’s not necessarily a form of writing. It’s only that students don’t like getting it wrong because it carries the entire paper’s content. Typically, it consists of two sections—the primary and subsidiary sections, with organizational and persuasive functions to draw the reader’s interest to keep reading. 

So, if you're looking for homework help with point-heading help, be sure to get in touch with GradeWriters legal writing services. Our legal content writers have the experience you need to draft point heading and even the entire law paper.

Writing legal citations

Understanding the different citation formats for legal write-ups can be quite challenging. Note that legal citations and referencing styles—APA, MLA, Havard, and Chicago- differ depending on the instructions. And because these formats keep evolving with time, keeping up with the additional guidelines could be challenging.

In legal citations, you should cite authoritatively by sourcing scholarly sources, such as court cases, treaties, government documentation, etc. Sourcing the sites and referencing them—both in-line and on the ‘works cited’ page—is definitely something that needs experience. Fortunately, we have experts in these areas offering professional legal writing experts who can offer help with any citation type. 

Writing a letter of complaint

Letters of complaint are similar to demand letters from an objective standpoint—they both seek to address some deserved legal rights. Regardless of the type of complaint, directing this letter officially to the company puts it on record that you are serious about pursuing your rights. And just like a demanding paper, you should be neutral—not angry, threatening, or sarcastic. Be factual and concise.

When looking for legal help in writing a letter of complaint, be sure to connect with an expert with a good track record in this niche. With that, you're sure to receive professional papers that earn you good grades. 

Writing a statement of claim

A statement of claim is also referred to as the Points of Claim. It’s written and presented to the court by a party that owes you—explaining what the claim entails, and why they're making it. It's the document that initiates a court case. Once the plaintiff (the person you owe) presents it to the court, you (the defendant) are notified to appear in court for a hearing.

In the class context, instructors expect you to imagine a concept and write a statement of claim. If you can’t craft a good statement of claim for whatever reasons, our experts are here to offer you legal writing help.

Writing terms and conditions

Writing legal terms and conditions is perhaps one of the most boring areas in the legal field. Terms and conditions are very critical for law professionals. They come in handy in protecting service providers against unnecessary losses—because customers have to read and agree to the T&Cs before subscribing to the services. 

If you need to learn how to write compelling terms and conditions in your legal assignment, consider seeking homework help from our legal writers. Our global assignment help services can serve you anytime, anywhere. You only need to send us an email, call us, or live chat with our customer support team to have your legal homework paper written well and in time.

Other legal aspects you may request homework help in

  • Estate planning

  • Executing litigation roles of an attorney or lawyers in a law firm

  • Writing website content and SEO blog posts for a law company with good research

  • Preparing the different law documents used by lawyers, e.g., memoranda, affidavits, etc.

  • Explaining litigation laws in investment and giving the right counsel

  • Doing family law assignments

  • Affirmative defenses counterclaims

  • Interpreting summary judgment motions, pleadings, and briefs

How Does Legal Writing Help Law School Students?—the Challenges

Like every other first-year student, freshmen law students are always excited to join their dream careers. In the first lecture, you may think that your dreams are coming true—because everything looks simple and promising and that you’ll soon be graduating as a lawyer. However, it may not take the student to realize that legal studies are challenging and might be the hardest class you'll ever take in higher learning.

Challenging Law Concepts

Honestly, we’ve probably heard a thing or two about how undoable Law programs are, right? Well, while that is somehow exaggerated, we must admit again that it’s never a walk in the park. In the first semester, you have no idea what to study and what not to—it’s all confusing. 

As you advance, you meet concepts like Evidence and Constitutional Law, which complicate everything even further. That’s when you realize requesting help for legal writing is always the only option for most students. 

Need to boost grades

Perhaps you’ve heard of students who claim that getting help on legal writing paper is cheating. But honestly, that’s insanely wrong. Sometimes the worst comes to the worst; you have retakes staring at you unblinkingly, and the fear of dropping out creeping in every moment. At that point, it’s either you save your career or let it go. And of course, you cannot opt for the latter by risking writing the assignments on your own. In that case, the only guaranteed way out is a legal writer with good experience in the ecosystem.

Difficulty in interpreting instructions

In Law, you will encounter many professors who want to test how well you can read, understand, interpret, and implement what you understood. That’s because these are critical skills you need to master in this area if you want to be successful. For that reason, they twist the questions so that a slight mistake may cause you to miss everything. 

So in case you don’t understand the guidelines, don’t shy off from asking out online legal writers. It’s not a surprise to hear that a law student got an A in legal writing because they got outside help on papers. 

Strict deadlines

Regardless of your speed in attending to your assignments, deadlines will always catch up with you at some point. The excitement about your career in Law soon ends, and the only thing you are left with is tons of research assignments to handle, with strict deadlines. In that case, the only thing between you and failure is legal writing help platforms like GradeWiters. 

That’s why most students will always have that secret weapon to turn to in such cases. The good thing with online writers is that they are competent across all niches—they will always come through for legal research and writing help when you can’t meet deadlines. 

Desire to have a balanced life

It’s okay to desire freedom and spend time with your family and friends. After all, it is from these relationships where real success and value of life blossoms. Therefore, even when taking the most challenging exam, it is very important to keep in touch with people that add value to your life. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of incidences of a student reporting a classmate who got help with writing their legal paper. At GradeWriters, that’s the last thing you can ever expect. We have deployed a well-defined strategy to help keep your data safe from access by cybercriminals and other third parties.

Challenges with written English language

We are aware of students who are just perfect in spoken English but terrible at presenting ideas in written form. As we pointed out earlier, both written and spoken English are inseparable if you need to succeed in Law. You will notice that even the best books to help with legal writing skills may not solve this issue quite easily—you need to practice.

But with assignments piling up every day, it almost becomes impossible to get time for practice. And because you have to scale up your grades, all you need to do is contact our legal research experts to complete your assignments. 

Features of a Quality Legal Research and Writing Help Website/Company

Professional legal specialists

What’s better than getting assistance from legal writers who have gone through your curriculum, transitioned to the corporate world for practicing, and later come back to learn more as they help students? Our tutors are distinguished individuals with an excellent mastery of the legal field. Besides reading the self-help books in legal writing and analysis for lawyers, consider ordering inspiring papers from our tutors for the best grades. 

Native law writers for greatly written papers

At this level, you don’t really expect petty mistakes like poor grammar, incorrect punctuations, or weird sentence construction. Apart from using different programs to help with legal writing—like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and Ginger Software, writers should have demonstrated experience in the language’s dos and don’ts. But because—'to err is human', we have to screen the papers through the software to ensure precision, accuracy, and top-quality. 

Reliable legal paper writing services

Sometimes professors send assignments with a one-day deadline, and you have no idea what it is all about. In such a case, you cannot trust someone who has never served you before. But thanks to our new additions—you can now mark your first writer as “Favorite”. Next time you only send a simple message like, “I need help writing my law legal paper,” plus your guidelines. We also guarantee plagiarism-free papers to all our clients.

Professional attorneys and lawyers

While reading different books to help with academic legal writing is important, never underestimate the essence of consulting professional assignment help writers. As we have just mentioned, these are individuals with hands-on experience working with different legal firms. They have a lot they can share with law students. 

Highly secure legal writing services

Stories such as—a law student got an A in legal writing because they got outside help on papers—are commonplace in most colleges. That’s why we keep everything a secret between you and our tutors. We are professional enough to keep your papers safe from third parties who may be looking to taint your reputation or expose your secret weapon. We still insist that outsourcing your legal assignments might be the best decision you'll ever take.

At GradeWriters, We Offer affordable legal research and writing services

When looking for help in writing a legal document, you most likely evaluate the services against rates. As a student, we are aware you operate within limited budgets. And because you’ve chosen to use your resources wisely, the worst we can do is to exploit you with expensive services. That’s why we charge unbelievably low rates, plus amazing offers and terms of payment. Give us a call today and see your performance and grades in legal studies improve!