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Quality CPM Homework Help | Why Students Need CPM Homework Help

CPM homework help service tutors know how stressed out some learners are when faced with CPM assignments. The fact that students don’t look forward to such assignments is rather unfortunate because the developers of CPM actually intended to make the program achieve very lofty goals. While math has generally been a difficult subject for most learners, it was hoped that CPM would make the study of the subject more interactive and enjoyable. Many things make students struggle with CPM, but they can overcome it with the right guidance from an experienced tutor. Before addressing the common challenges that CPM homework poses and why homework help is necessary, we first need to understand what CPM is.

What Is CPM?

CPM, abbreviated as College Preparatory Mathematics, was started with grant funds from President Eisenhower. Today, the people behind the provision of instructional materials for this program are CPM Education Program, a nonprofit organization based in California. The CPM educational program requires developing strategies that will improve the learning and retention of math by students.

While learners pursuing the CPM Educational Program act under instructors' direction, the curriculum is more interactive than the traditional methods used to teach mathematics. As a result, CPM has enjoyed widespread acceptance, and many learning institutions have adopted the curriculum.

Many factors make CPM attractive, and they include:

Encouraging Students to Work In Small Groups

A major requirement for success in CPM is the student's ability to work as part of a group. Unlike the traditional methods used to teach math (where learners are mainly passive), CPM encourages learners to develop mathematical skills through collaboration with fellow learners.

Increasing Student Engagement

For a student to succeed in the CPM educational program, they need to have the ability to handle non-routine projects. The curriculum encourages students to play a proactive role in seeking solutions to math problems rather than just waiting to be told what to do by the instructor. At its core, CPM requires students to develop various strategies to solve a problem. To do this effectively, the learners are required to recognize how one mathematical concept is and to be able to explain such relationships clearly.

Encouraging Teacher Facilitation

While student engagement is high under CPM, the teacher is not left out of group discussions. On the contrary, the teacher plays the crucial role of a facilitator. The teacher is therefore supposed to supervise group discussions and offer guidance and explanations when necessary. This means that the teacher is still in the driving seat and could customize the curriculum using ideas obtained from the discussion.

The facilitating role of instructors helps ensure that all the group members play their part in group discussions. In addition, the ability to involve everyone in seeking solutions to math problems means that the learning process is never passive. Contact our expert assignment tutors for help with your CPM homework.

CPM and Core Connections

The CPM educational program consists of problem-based lessons that are structured around a core idea. Therefore, the curriculum aims to help students see the connections between various concepts. Over a 5-year course, the learner will be required to undertake several core connection courses. Thus, the learning is progressive and below are examples of core connections that the student will have to deal with:

Core Connection 1 (CC1)

Core connection 1 is the first course in a 5-year program and some of the problem-based questions that the student will be required to solve include linear equations and inequalities.

Core Connection 2 (CC2)

Following core connection 1 is core connection 2, which cements the learning acquired in CC1, especially in geometry.

Core Connection 3 (CC3)

CC3 aims at helping the student apply what was learned in CC2, and some of the problems that the student will be required to handle here include making statistical conclusions.

Core Connection Algebra

Algebra in CPM is covered in two courses. These are advanced mathematical courses and continue through calculus. The first course in core connection algebra is algebra 1, and some of the topics covered here include algebra tiles and slopes. Following algebra 1 is algebra 2, which covers more advanced topics, including polynomial functions and the factoring of quadratics.

Other core connections that the student pursuing the CPM educational program has to cover are core connection geometry and core connection integrated calculus.

Why Learners Struggle with CPM and Why They Need CPM Homework Help

If you are a student who is struggling to complete your CPM homework, it’s important to know that there are online assignment help providers of CPM homework help that you can turn to in your hour of need. In creating the CPM educational program, the program developers envisaged a situation where every student would have an equal opportunity to participate in group discussions. Equal participation also means that learners should clearly show that they understand the logic behind writing their responses. Yet this does not always happen for various reasons.

Lack of Trust

For CPM learning to be effective, it has to be conducted in an atmosphere of trust. Trust in a discussion group is lost when some members of the group intimidate others. An average student who finds himself in the midst of extremely smart colleagues might feel intimidated, which will hamper learning.

Poor/Inadequate Teacher Supervision

While teachers are supposed to exercise control over group discussions, instructors who fail to facilitate students' studies will hamper the learners’ efforts.

Poor Organization of Course Material

Many students fare badly with their CPM homework because the materials they use are not organized logically. Excellence in mathematics is achieved when a student can clearly see the connections between various concepts.

If you looked at algebra 2, for example, you’d find that students who did not get a good grounding in algebra 1 will have a hard time understanding algebra 2. Even when students feel they have acquired proficiency in a particular course, important materials such as textbooks used in a particular unit might be needed later.

To make sure that you have adequate reference materials when you need them, make sure that you retain all the textbooks you have used in the past. And should you have obtained some material online, subscribing to the organization's newsletter that produced the e-book you used would be a great idea

Inadequate Practice

Unfortunately, one of the biggest homework problems students face is a lack of adequate time to carry out the necessary practice. Even if the CPM educational program requires plenty of group work, the student still needs time to practice alone, and instructors will usually assign some practice problems to individual students. As usual, students who encounter challenges are most likely to lose interest in a subject, and the result is that their grades will suffer.

Get Online CPM Homework Help from Experienced Tutors

When you need any math homework help, some experienced tutors are ready to immediately provide the assistance you need. These professionals know the struggles that CPM students go through and have helped other students in a similar situation. Therefore, they are in a position to provide the support you need to remove the pressures from your CPM homework.

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