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“Please help me write my chemistry homework; honestly, I cannot manage tough chemistry assignments!”—Student Y.

Well, this is just a sneak peek overview of the hundreds of requests we receive from students every day here at GradeWriters. Literally every student—in high school or college—has that one topic that always perturbs them. Yes, even those taking post-graduate studies experience their fair share of chemistry assignment challenges.

Perhaps you wonder why a post-graduate student would request chemistry homework help while they have learned too much already? Well, the reason comes down to the fact that the human mind functions linearly and is inclined to conceive small increments at any given time. When learning a new concept, sometimes the brain gets strained, so you find it hard to understand. But with time, you wonder how ‘stupid’ you were not to understand something so simple!

And now the worst happens in college—students are bombarded with tons of assignments across all units to the point that they cannot understand even the simplest concepts. For that reason, the clever resolve to request assistance from expert chemistry assignment writers at least to suppress the pressure. And sure enough, it works!

Common Chemistry Topics Where Students Look for Assignment Help

As we mentioned earlier, we receive chemistry assignment help requests from students across all academic levels enrolled in different programs. That means we handle all chemistry assignments—from the basic concepts such as states of matter and atomic structure to complex concepts like electrochemistry and organometallic chemistry. However, we have some specific common areas of interest, which we will look at in this section.

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Organic and inorganic chemistry’s key difference is that organic chemistry deals with carbon-containing compounds, while inorganic chemistry deals with compounds without carbon atoms. Students learn the structures of these compounds, their properties, chemical composition, reactivity, and preparation.

Organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry are integral parts of chemistry. Students are equipped with the essential skills needed in cosmetics, plastics, agrochemicals, rubber, detergents, and fuel. But it all starts from understanding your homework assignments and other classwork concepts.

The Mole Concept

Most chemistry students have the notion that the mole concept is the hardest topic in chemistry. But honestly, Mole chemistry is the simplest concept if only you understand it. And interestingly, it’s the basis for the analysis of all chemical reactions. That’s what defines the difference between a good chemistry student and a poor one.

Everything in quantitative chemistry applies the mole concepts. For instance, in analyzing the amount of chemicals needed for certain reactions in titration, reversible and irreversible reactions. If you, too, believe it’s the hardest concept, perhaps connecting with homework assistants for professional chemistry homework help you see it from a different perspective.

Redox Reactions in Electrochemistry

Redox reactions in chemistry involve any chemical reaction involving oxidation and reduction. Oxidation implies the addition of oxygen into a component and the loss of electrons. On the other hand, reduction is removing oxygen from an element and, consequently, the gain of electrons.

In case you find these two confusing, we have some popular acronyms to help you remember.

OIL—Oxidation Is Loss – of electrons

RIG—Reduction Is Gain- of electrons

However, we advise you to dig deep and understand the reasons behind oxidation and reduction, not to memorize the processes. Only then can you understand the concept of electrochemistry well—because electrochemistry is all about the loss and gain of electrons. That is—oxidation and reduction. But of course, you can always request chemistry homework when overwhelmed.

The Concept of Equilibrium

Even though we still receive many chemistry assignment requests about equilibrium, we still believe it’s a pretty simple concept. For any two or more reactants that react successfully, we must get a product(s). A reaction can either be reversible or irreversible.

For an irreversible reaction, we obtain a single, permanent product. But for a reversible reaction, the reactants result in a single component which can also reform into the initial reactants under the same conditions. This condition is called a dynamic equilibrium state.

In most cases, students looking for help with chemistry homework are instructed to identify when a forward reaction is favored or when a backward reaction is favored. If both happen at the same rate, the reaction gets into dynamic equilibrium.

The Le Chatelier’s Principle on Equilibrium states

The Chatelier’s Principle is based on the concept that when you disturb a system at equilibrium, the system reacts in a direction that minimizes the effect of the disturbance. The disturbance can be introduced by changing the concentration of the reactants, pressure, temperature, catalysts, etc.

When starting, these concepts are often confusing. You may need to consult the chemistry experts around you or pay someone to offer you remote homework help to get better grades.

Optical Isomerism/Chirality

Isomers in chemistry refer to the compounds with the same molecular weight and formula, but they occur in different shapes. Isomerism is a topic under organic chemistry that analyzes how different isomers occur, their properties, reactions, etc. You need to know to identify an isomer because the functional group occurs at different carbon atoms, making all the difference.

Another concept under isomerism is Stereoisomers. Different compounds have the same structural formula, but the orientation of the carbon atoms in space is different.

E-Z/CIS/Trans isomers—They are isomers of double bond compounds that have three or four substituents.

Even though these concepts are pretty simple, understanding them for the first time is always tricky. If you find yourself in a twist when doing your chemistry homework, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone for high-quality chemistry homework help. A simple message like “Please do my chemistry homework” could save your grades big time.

Other Topics Where You May Need Chemistry Homework Help

We could explain the different concepts where you may need homework assignment assistance from experts, but the list is inexhaustible. So let us outline other common areas in the table below:

NMR Spectroscopy

S-Block Elements

salt analysis

Chemical Bonding


Periodic table

Benzene and Derivatives


Equations and Stoichiometry.


Heat Transfer

Alkyl Halides, Ethers, Thiols, and Sulfides

Chemical Forces And Energetics

Enols, Enolate anions, Enamines

Acid-base chemistry—pH

Liquid Solution

Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives

Units and Measurement

P-Block Elements

Ionic Equilibrium

Chemical Bonding

Atomic Structure

Organometallic Chemistry

Solutions and Mixtures

Analytical chemistry

Enthalpies / Thermochemistry

surface chemistry


Why Do Students Request Chemistry Homework Assistance?

Tough and New Chemistry Assignment Concepts

As we mentioned earlier, the human brain processes information linearly. Stuffing too much information outweighs its power, and understanding even the simplest concepts becomes tricky. But because this is what high-school and college curriculums force students into, students have no option but to consult elsewhere or hire a proficient person for help.

For instance, when most high-school students learn the Mole concept for the first time, almost everyone feels incapacitated. They are all over, sending “do my chemistry homework” messages to online chemistry assignment helpers or searching for solved chemistry homework answers online.

Inadequate Time to Complete Chemistry Homework

Students are human beings. They have families to spend time with, friends to hand out with, and constructive events to attend. They also deserve to have some movie nights once in a while, away from the classroom pressure. Unfortunately, professors won’t let them have all this juice. Assignments, homework, lab work, and research papers pile up to the point that they cannot take it anymore.

That’s why asking for help with chemistry homework becomes the solution for the moment. Smart students spend time working on what they don’t know—and delegate the simple assignments to our chemistry homework experts who are best at that. Call or Remember that all rights are reserved.

Need to Boost Low GPA

If you’ve been recording low grades in your past assignments and you are afraid of being kicked out of school, your solution is only a message away. It all starts from the simple assignments you ignore. Harnessing these few marks can give your GPA a significant boost.

In fact, you could even be surprised that those colleagues who are always at the top of the list always go for homework help from online tutors. So the magic message is “do my chemistry homework" search on the internet. Complete the order form by filling in all your chemistry assignment details, including subjects and courses, and leave a message regarding your chemistry homework with our support team.

Place your chemistry order today and watch your grades and overall GPA improve five-fold. Every chemistry writer on the GradeWriters website is well trained and assessed to offer high-quality chemistry assignment help. Improve your GPA today with GradeWriters homework help experts.

Low Language Proficiency in Handling Chemistry Homework

Whether you are a native English speaker or a non-native, sometimes putting words together to develop a compelling piece of writing is hectic. Paying a keen focus on grammar, sentence structure, paragraph length, and the actual content can sometimes prove quite challenging. That’s especially for involving papers such as case studies, lab reports, dissertations, and theses. So any time you need help, it’s always good to consult.  

Our homework help tutors can handle any chemistry class, paper, or discipline, so you can be sure you're working with top chemistry tutors drawn from some of the top universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Once our assignment support department receives your homework request, they'll immediately link you with professional chemistry assignment writers. You may also ask for free tips to perform better in chemistry.

Let Our Chemistry Experts Handle Your Homework Assignment

Regardless of your academic level, our tutors have something to tip into your grades. Send our support team a simple message like, “Do my chemistry homework,” or place your order directly and let us get to work. Our money-back guarantee applies virtually to every order, subject, discipline, and course. Reach out to us now to improve your grades and GPA.

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