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Professional Excel Assignment Help from Top Online Excel Tutors

Professional Excel Assignment Help from Top Online Excel Tutors

Have you been endlessly looking for Excel homework help to help you with your Excel assignment? Well, don't worry - GradeWiters is here to help you.

Expert assistance and guidance can help you build confidence and inner credibility whenever you are handling Excel assignments. However, most students feel embarrassed to ask for Excel homework help because of various reasons.

Finding valuable and relevant content that matches your homework tasks can be really time-consuming. Which why we have created this detailed article on everything you need to know about Microsoft excel.

Having problems constructing tables and graphs in Excel, drawing Excel sheets, adding rows and columns in your spreadsheets, or using the Excel spreadsheet application? Then, get to work with the best Excel experts if you want to get good grades in your Excel projects. We provide quality assignment writing service at an affordable price and within the deadline.

What Is Microsoft Excel?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet or software program developed by Microsoft to organize data using functions and formulas. The programs can work in Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Other than calculation tools, the spreadsheet features:

  • Pivot tables
  • Graphing tools
  • Macro programming language is known as Visual Basic for Application (VBA)

Since Microsoft introduced the fifth version of MS Excel in 1993, this program is widely accepted by institutions of higher learning and various organizations.

The main uses of excel include:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Management
  • Accounting
  • Charting and graphing
  • Task management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Financial modeling
  • Programming
  • Financial Analysis

Our online assignment experts can handle any questions in Microsoft Excel. Just contact us today to get the best excel assignment help and see your grades improve. You can also call us for Excel project help. Above all, our Excel homework help experts offer plagiarism-free papers.

Macros in MS Excel Assignment - VBA

You may have come across excel assignments on Excel Macros. So what are exactly are Macros in Excel?

Excel Macros is a playback and record tool that records excel steps, and the macro plays the recorded steps as many times as one may want. It is a programming code that usually runs in the Excel environment.

The good thing with VBA Macros is that it's not a must that you understand coding to program your macros. However, you need to have some basic VBA knowledge to modify the already created macro.

As such, VBA macros helps you save time because they automatically repeat tasks.

Sometimes you might think what you were taught in class is not the same thing that is tested in your Excel project or Excel assignments. For example, you may have learned how to use simple functions such as SUM and AVERAGE, but what you get in your excel homework is totally different.

For instance, you may be required to use Macros in solving various excel assignments. Therefore, you need Excel homework help from tutoring and assignment experts who have several years of experience in such a case. At GradeWriters, we have a team of professionals who will help you find solutions to your Microsoft Excel homework and help you understand how to solve similar problems in the future.

The Most Powerful Excel Functions and formulas

Almost all excel assignments require that you use a few functions to perform various tasks. Since it's a known fact that excel helps small, medium, and large businesses store, manage and analyze data, students must understand how to use the Excel spreadsheet.

Here are a few Excel functions and formulas you are likely to use in your excel assignment:

The TEXT Function

This function lets you change how numbers appear in your Excel spreadsheet by applying formatting to it. In short, the TEXT function returns a number format as text.


TEXT(the number you want to convert, the format you wish to use)

Reach out to GradeWriters for quality excel homework help.

The 'IF' Function

The IF function is the principle formula behind all logical formulas in MS Excel. It executes various commands based on a given set of commands.


To put a pass at 80 and above, you can use the function

=IF(A1>80, "PASS", "FAIL")

You test more than one condition by using the nested IF function.


The Vertical LOOKUP and Horizontal LOOKUP help users look up specific information within a set of data. Once the two functions are applied, they pull the specific information and show it in a new table.

The VLOOKUP will search information throughout a column and return a value from a given row, while the HLOOKUP lets you search a row and return values and return a value from a given column.

Get expert help from our Excel assignment help online experts for the VLOOK function and other Microsoft Excel assignments.


Allows you to find the average of a set of data based on one or more conditions.


=AVERAGEIF(choose the cell, condition/criteria,[Average_range])

The average_range is optional in this case.


This is the easiest way to determine the number of instances a set of data meets certain criteria.


=COUNTIFS(range, condition/criteria)

INDEX & MATCH Function

The combination of INDEX & MATCH functions lets you work around the limitations associated with VLOOKUP.

The MATCH function identifies a value in various cells and returns the exact position or cell where the value is found.

The INDEX function returns a value based on a provided position.

Here's the syntax:

=INDEX(values list, MATCH(whatever you may want to lookup, the lookup column, the sorting identifier))

Get in touch with our support team via live chat, WhatsApp, or email to work with the best Excel assignment help experts. Our assignment experts offer high-quality Excel assignment services at affordable prices. Furthermore, all our assignments are plagiarism-free and will certainly improve your grades in linear programming, descriptive statistics, and other assignments.

The SUMPRODUCT function

The function multiplies an array of components and returns a sum of the products. SUMPRODUCT also allows you to extend the functionality of SUMIFS or COUNTIFS functions.


This is one of the most powerful and easier-to-learn formulas in MS Excel. The function is used in excel assignments to combine numbers, text, and dates from different cells.


CONCATENATE (select the cell you would like to combine). For instance = CONCATENATE(E2:F3)

CHOOSE Function

The choose function allows you to select up to 254 options or values on an index number. The CHOOSE function is mainly used in scenario analysis in financial modeling.

RIGHT, and LEFT Functions

They help extract static data from several cells. In your online excel assignment,

=LEFT: returns some characters from the start of a cell

=RIGHT: returns some characters from the end of a cell.


LEFT(select the cell, number of characters). For instance, = LEFT(A3, 5)

RIGHT(select the cell, number of characters). For instance, = RIGHT(A4,2)

Get Affordable MS Excel Homework Help today

If you're facing any difficulties in your excel assignment or homework, we'll gladly help you every step of the way. Our excel homework help specialists have several years of experience teaching data analysis using Excel and other software such as Python, SPSS, STATA, R, SQL, and more. Feel free to contact us today.

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