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Whether you are a high-school student or a university student, getting reliable help with academic writing can be invaluable. As a smart student, spending too much of your time on a topic you do not understand is not worth it. Just let professional academic writing service providers into your world and experience the peace you so deserve.

As a high school or college student, most of your struggles revolve around time, and you want to make sure each minute in front of your computer counts. Unfortunately, sometimes you can stare at your computer for hours, only to draft a few sentences that maybe cannot earn you even a single mark.

So, why not let our academic experts do what they do best as you concentrate on delivering the best? We provide quality essays and other academic papers to both domestic and international students. Get in touch with our academic writing services experts today to improve your grades and general GPA.

Academic Writing at Its Best

We offer professional academic writing services to students across all levels of study and disciplines. Note that we do not just provide academic papers that earn students excellent grades. We focus on delivering a well-written, self-explanatory, and plagiarism-free academic paper that any student can follow along and understand independently. That helps you boost your overall grade as well as understand the working/concept behind it.

Features of an Ideal Academic Writing Service Provider

Today, if you search “academic writing service website”, it will throw back billions of sites offering the same services. Taking a closer look at a couple, you will realize they all claim to be experts. Well, let that not deceive you. You need to evaluate that yourself before trusting them with your precious academic paper. But how exactly do you choose site X and leave out site Y?

How does academic writing service provider onboard their tutors?

First things first—remember you will be working with an individual academic writer. So it is imperative to know how exactly they made their way to the platform. Excellent academic writing sites always have very stringent measures to ensure only the crème de la crème writers are absorbed.

The best academic writing platforms will always be particular on the quality they are looking for—and they don’t mind sharing the steps involved in becoming part of their team. So before proceeding to ask for their writing help, take a snapshot overview of what they demand from their writers.

For instance, at GradeWriters, our onboarding process is public—take a look at who an ideal Gradewriter is. Note that one of our main concerns is geographical location. We are very specific that our online writing team should be native English speakers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Besides the writing skills, we want to ensure they are conversant with your dialect.

For instance, we all know the USA, the UK, Australian, and Canadian grammars have some differences. So, when you place your order, we only assign it to an expert from your location or in your preferred dialect.

How secure is the academic writing platform?

Before placing your first order and sharing your payment credentials as you pay, make sure you do a background check on their encryption technologies. The last thing you want is to get frustrated by cyber criminals because the platform leaked your credentials.

You'll love about GradeWriters because we use third-party platforms like PayPal, whose security is guaranteed to ensure all your details are 100% secure. In fact, not even our tech guys or customer support can access your credit card or PayPal credentials.

Besides that, cybercriminals cannot use cookies to impersonate you online. That’s because we don’t need your cookies or any personal information from you—so we never ask you to share. That way, you are assured of safety as you place an order.  

Using an end-to-end encrypted chatroom, GradeWriters academic writing platform ensures that no third party can access your information. No cybercriminal can break in and share your academic papers. This is a serious concern, especially for postgrad students who hire our academic writers for Dissertations and Theses. Every student takes full, legal ownership of all academic papers submitted.

What is their refund (money-back) policy?

As a student, money is an integral part of your life. And because you’re most likely not earning yet, you want to make sure every single buck you pay counts. So, that extends to even the academic writing service you are hiring.

What happens if they do not deliver the top-quality paper they promised? What if they deliver the paper past the deadline—when it has already costed you? What if they don’t follow the guidelines as required by your professor? Sometimes it is even possible to get a plagiarized paper. Have they mentioned something about that?

Looking at our money-back policy, you will find all these specifications outlined. But let me explain a few. The two main reasons where you can confidently ask for a refund is when—we submit substandard work or the paper is never submitted or is submitted past your specified deadline.

As a legitimate online academic writing platform, transparency is one of our fundamental values. Even though the two cases above rarely happen, we do not mind refunding you—contact our customer support.

How does the academic writing platform deal with plagiarism?

Plagiarism, whether intentional or accidental, is a crime. Note that there are different types of plagiarism, some of which are sometimes assumed but have grave consequences. For instance, in essay writing, you should reference all the sources you got inspiration from. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget or cite wrongly.

And because professors always assume you know all the plagiarism don’ts, they have no mercy when penalizing you. If it is too serious, you may even get prosecuted for copyright infringement.

At GradeWriters, our rules are clear—give credit where it is due. Copy-pasting other people’s work or failing to cite them correctly is among the things we do not discuss. Our academic writers know all papers MUST be plagiarism-free.

That is part of the reason our academic writing online platform has an editorial team to check proofread all papers before submission and run a plagiarism check. The team plays a crucial role in helping us deliver high-quality essay papers.

Academic Writing FAQ: What Puzzles Most Students About Academic Writing Services

Is academic writing illegal?

A quick answer is—NO.

Some people claim it is, but let’s face it. Is consulting an expert to explain a concept you have an idea about a crime? Does it mean a student should write a crappy essay simply because the professor did not do their job well?

Logically, that is a big NO. Since most students learn from online sites, it makes sense to request essay writing help, or any other form of assistance, from the experts they trust. Get the best academic writing services and learn how to write an essay from subject matter experts today.

Can I hire someone to write my assignment paper?

Sure, go ahead!

Whether it is a research paper, term paper, an essay, dissertation, or any other academic paper, do not let student life be so tough. Let experts chip in and help you get the top grade you are looking for. After all, the most crucial thing in the university is—understanding concepts and applying them. Connecting with the best academic writing platform helps you create time for PRACTICING.

What are the best sources to use in academic writing assignments?

As we mentioned earlier, referencing your research paper or any other academic paper correctly saves you from many unforeseen disappointments. But not every site is worth drawing insights from.

The Academic English for UK advises students to consider using scholarly journals, professionally reviewed books, and conference papers in their academic write-ups. In addition, the online writing experts suggest that websites like .edu, .gov, and .ac are legitimate sites to consult. Tutors offering our academic writing services are all conversant with these sites.

Is writing money for an essay illegal?

Like any other job, online tutoring is legal, and so is the money. Therefore, all academic writers legally deserve their pay. So if you are looking to become one, welcome to our club!

How can I improve my freewriting?

The best way to improve your writing—whether freelance or for your academic papers is by getting your hands on it. Since experience is the best teacher, you will learn the ropes best by doing. So get started. Again, depending on the writing you are doing, there are tons of online resources to get tips. USE THEM.

How can I improve my academic writing?

If you’ve decided to specialize in academic writing service, you must HONE YOUR SKILL. Students looking for academic writers who actually understand their disciplines can help complete their assignments correctly and professionally. As we mentioned earlier, this is a career. Add value to your career.

Is academic writer free?

From a moral perspective, when someone offers to help you accomplish the most distressing issue in your life, don’t they deserve some appreciation? You got it. Therefore, paying your fee honestly keeps them moving to help even other students.

The good thing is, the charges don’t have to be too much—especially at GradeWriters. We offer our academic writing services at very affordable rates. Not believing yet? Here is our pricing chart.

Think GradeWriters, think high quality, affordability, and good grades. Contact our customer care team to link with the best academic writing experts on the internet. As mentioned, we offer different types of academic writing services. Whether it's a term paper, essay, project, research paper, dissertation, or any other academic paper for that matter, our professional assignment writers will ensure that you get an assignment that meets your expectations.

Place your order right away, and let’s get started.