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Proficient Machine Learning Homework Help

Proficient Machine Learning Homework Help

With machines fast changing the world, many universities are increasingly introducing machine learning courses in their programs. However, even though machines learn faster, it may take a programming student hours to master basic machine language concepts. And that is where GradeWriters comes in handy to offer machine learning assignment help.  Our tutors make sure that you understand each concept fast and easily.

Students pursuing machine learning courses need close tutors or instructors who can guide them through the machine language and concepts. GradeWriters has for many years connected students with machine learning experts. Our experts are well acquainted with machine learning knowledge and skills. They help students master the course and become professionals by the time they graduate. Therefore, as a student pursuing this course, you no longer need to struggle with your machine learning assignments, contact our academic experts, and they will help in understanding each concept.

Why Machine Learning Is the Future

Computers have paced from large machine frames to PCs (and personal PCs) to the cloud. More surprisingly, you only need to feed a query in a search engine for millions of results to pop up. That means that we are living in perhaps the most defining period of humans and machine learning. Come back later, and the machine will remember the date you visited the site and the data you entered.

Although humans write machines, they undergo training to function independently without the explicit intervention of man. Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, said it better, “Google’s self-driving cars and robots get a lot of press, but the company’s real future is in machine learning, the technology that enables computers to get smarter and more personal.” And this might be the beginning of astonishing computer systems and technological advancements that are to come.

What Is Machine Learning?

In the simplest words, machine learning is a computer's ability to learn, act, and improve like humans do without being programmed. It focuses on developing computer programs that access statistical data and use the data to learn and improve. Accordingly, a machine learning course is a branch of computer knowledge studied at college or university.

Types of Machine Learning

There are three main categories of machine learning: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

Supervised Learning

This is the easiest machine learning and is designed to learn by example. This technique provides training, input, and output patterns to the system and predicts results based on example input-output pairs. Once the system is trained properly, the learning algorithm identifies new data and label based on known data.

Unsupervised Learning

This is a self-learning technique that uses machine learning algorithms to classify, evaluate, analyze, cluster, and organize unlabeled datasets. It is the opposite of supervised learning and does not use white labels. These algorithms discover hidden patterns, data groupings, feed data sets, and assign the right tools without the need for human intervention.

Reinforcement Learning

This learning model uses the trait and hit method (collaborative filtering) to interact with the environment and deliver the best results. For example, when surfing the Internet or watching YouTube videos, the learning model might recommend Netflix or any other thing you love watching or reading.

Machine Learning Process

As a data analysis or programming student, you are expected to understand the machine learning process before you can sit for assignments, an exam, and pursue a career. Here is the countdown of the steps that a machine follows during its learning process

  1. Identifies appropriate data set and prepares for analysis
  2. Selects an adept machine learning algorithm
  3. Develops an analytical model as per the selected algorithm
  4. Trains the model on the available data sets prepared for testing
  5. Runs the model to generate a solution

Contact our customer support if you need help with your machine learning assignments.

Commonly Used Machine Learning Algorithms

Linear Regression: It uses continuous variables to estimate real values, such as total sales and house cost. Here, you use the best fit (regression line) to establish the relationship between dependent and independent variables- Y=a*X+b

Logistic Regression: It uses independent variables to estimate binary or discrete values, such as true/false, yes/no, and 0/1. That means that logistic regression predicts the probability of an outcome or occurrence of an event.

Decision Tree: This supervised learning algorithm helps to classify categorical or continuous dependent variables. Here, you split two independent variables to make distinct groups.

Naive Bayes: This is a simple classification algorithm that assumes independence between predictors in large data sets. The predictors are unrelated even if the samples or sets have similar features. Naive Bayes can help calculate posterior probability- P(c|x) from P(c), P(x) and P(x|c).

kNN (k- Nearest Neighbors): This is an algorithm that stores all available cases and categorizes them by a majority vote of its nearest k neighbors. For example, if K=1, then a new case is assigned to the next nearest neighbor.

K-Means: This is an unsupervised algorithm that helps to solve clustering problems. In simple words, it classifies given data sets through clusters (k clusters).

Other machine learning algorithms include random decision forests, support vector machine (SVM), and gradient boosting algorithms. 

Machine Learning Assignment Help

Admittedly, machine learning assignments are a tough nut. To score grades in machine learning assignments, you need time, effort, knowledge, and skills. GradeWriters understands students’ troubles, and that is why we offer quality machine learning assignment help. So if your assignment is due soon or you did not understand certain concepts, reach out to us for instant homework help.

Our online machine learning assignment help experts can cater to any subject, topic, and demand to ensure you get a good grade. We are not just about grades. We also make sure that you understand every concept in your machine learning assignment to prepare you for the future.

Key Applications of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a wide and complex subject with varying applications in myriad areas. However, there are applications where it is mostly used, as shown below.

Forecast Accurate Sales

Businesses use machine learning to predict future sales accurately. By knowing future sales, a business can alter some of its strategies to ensure they are on course to achieve their targets. Also, a company can use the data from ML to promote its products and services.

Data Entry tasks

Data duplication and entry are a nightmare for many organizations. Accordingly, businesses have to spend lots of time and resources to automate their data entry processes. But with machine learning, it becomes easy to undertake time-intensive tasks and leave workers to focus on core business activities.

Medical Diagnosis and Anticipation

With corona and other pandemics ravaging the world, machine learning has never been so important. Doctors, pharmacists, lab technicians, and other experts use machine learning to study the cause, spread, and possible treatments for diseases.

Machine learning also aids in tracing a patient's history and scrutinizing patients' records with the same symptoms. Hence, it is easy to diagnose a patient and make anticipations about a disease. Other fields of machine learning include:

  • Computer vision
  • Speech recognition
  • Material inspection and board game programs
  • Social network filtering and machine translation
  • Bioinformatics, drug design, and medical image analysis
  • Natural language processing and audio recognition

Machine Learning Assignment Topics

As mentioned earlier, machine learning applies to a diverse array of fields. We offer tutoring services in the following popular machine learning topics:

  • Pandas & NumPy Assignment Help
  • Kaggle Fundamentals
  • Exploratory Data Visualization Assignment
  • Programming Concepts with Python
  • Data Cleaning and Analysis
  • Deep Learning: Fundamentals
  • Data Visualization in Python
  • Processing Large Datasets in Pandas
  • Data Science Assignment Help in Python
  • Matplotlib Assignment Help
  • Natural Language Processing
  • APIs & Web Scraping
  • Spark & Map-Reduce
  • Machine Learning Project
  • Text Processing in the Command Line

Online Professional Machine Learning Assignment Services

Do you need to write and submit your machine learning homework in a few hours? Or maybe you want to answer your machine learning assignments in a way that you master what you learn in class. GradeWriters online machine learning tutors are just a call away. Let us help you get apt knowledge in machine learning and improve your performance both in class and at work.

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