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High-Quality Critical Appraisal Essays from the Best Essay Writers on the Internet

High-Quality Critical Appraisal Essays from the Best Essay Writers on the Internet

Critically appraising an essay is one of the most challenging things to do for nursing students. When handling a critical appraisal essay, students or nurses should evaluate the validity and usefulness of the study findings by pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of the research article. At GradeWriters, we have a team of professional writers who can assist you in writing a critical appraisal of a research paper. Contact us today for quality critical appraisal essays.

Let us first learn the basics of critical appraisal essays before we help you with writing the assignments.

Why Critical Appraisal Is Important

Although many research studies are available on databases such as EMBASE or Medline, they vary in quality. Different studies differ, not only on the content but also on their strengths and weaknesses. A critical appraisal can enable you to identify evidence-based research papers to use in your nursing practice. Here are some of the reasons why critical appraisal is needed:

  • Identify Relevant Studies

Not all published research articles contain the information relevant to your study. The only way to know if a certain study is applicable in your study is through critical appraisal. You can assess research questions, results, literature review, and other important paper sections to determine if they are relevant. 

  • Eliminate Weak Studies

Researchers release thousands of papers every day. However, some of these studies may not be strong enough, maybe due to the use of very small sample size, wrong study factors, or wrong conclusions. Considering these factors during the appraisal may help you eliminate weak studies and concentrate only on the strong ones. 

  • Identify Potential Bias

Some researchers are unable to do unbiased research leading to the wrong findings. The appraisal can help you identify potential bias in the research questions or the selection of the participants. Consequently, you may have to avoid such sources when dealing with evidence-based practice as you may harm the patients. 

Though some studies may have groundbreaking findings, it is important to consider their validity. The validity of a nursing research article may be affected by population characteristics, data collection method, and research environment, among other factors. Appraisal of a research paper can enable you to determine if you will use it or not when treating patients. 

How to Critically Appraise a Paper

Some general rules can successfully examine and evaluate the article when writing an appraised essay for qualitative research. If you are unsure of how to handle this type of assignment, our professionals can help you in any way. Here are some important issues you should consider in this process. 

  • The relevance of the research questions to your field.
  • New or additional information about the study in your field.
  • The structure of the research questions in terms of components.
  • The appropriateness of study design concerning research questions.
  • How the researcher addressed bias.
  • The relevance and validity of the research study.
  • How the data support the study findings.
  • If there is a conflict of interest.

Critical Appraisal Checklist

Sometimes determining the best outline to use when handling appraisal tasks can be challenging mainly because it depends on how the researcher has presented different parts. Our expert writers can assist you with any critical appraisal task. Here is one of the many ways in which you can structure the paper.

1. Introduction

In this section, you should provide detailed information about the study to be analyzed. In addition, the section should introduce the readers to what the study is about by presenting the thesis, approach, and other important details in the paper.

2. Summary

The section should help the reader to understand better how the study was done. It would be best if you discussed the research, its purpose, and methodology. It would help if you also highlighted important findings. 

3. Discussion

Here, you are supposed to evaluate a research paper using certain criteria. Be sure to show the qualitative research paper's weaknesses or strengths based on how the researcher handled the various parts, such as the study aim and data analysis. 

4. Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize your review. Whatever you discuss in this section should be based on your assessment. The view on the significance and reliability of the research paper should not miss in section.

The Importance of Writing a Critical Appraisal

Governments and other organizations spend a lot of money annually to finance research. Many researchers, scientists, and laboratories rely on funding to conduct research. Unfortunately, some of the studies are poorly done and are of low quality. A combination of errors and biases in data collection or research design negatively affects the final results' correctness.

Critical appraisal papers are important because they help in identifying errors in research studies. This is done to prevent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals from making mistakes that may harm the patients. Overall, students and writers who write these papers help distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ research papers. And that is based purely on research evidence.

Critically appraising an article enables other researchers to use only credible data. That may aid in verifying a theory proposed in such research and reduce the chances of patients being harmed when such information is used in their treatment. Reach out to GradeWriters critically appraisal writers if you want to get good grades in your assignments and homework.

Why It Is Important to Review Surgical and Medical Papers

Research works assist healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses in knowing the reliability of a drug before giving it to a patient. They need to use evidence-based studies for the best results. If they rely on a ‘bad’ research paper, they may harm those struggling with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or another ailment. They rely on the reviews by other medics to see if they approve the research study on a given drug or treatment process.

Surgeons are always looking for new ways to improve surgeries and reduce patients' resulting injuries or deaths. Medical papers act as a good source of this new information. Unfortunately, without reviewing these papers, the surgeons may not make informed decisions to improve surgeries.

Without appraisal of a study, there are chances of doctors harming patients by relying on wrong findings. A review of medical papers enables the researchers to identify even the smallest errors that may cause irreparable damage.

Why You May Need Assistance When Writing Appraisal of a Research Paper

Before using any qualitative research, it is important to determine if the results will enable you to manage your patients. Your decision to use or discard such studies should be based on the evidence presented by the researcher. Writing a critical appraisal nursing essay is not easy, even for those in the nursing practice. Here are some of the reasons you should consider using our academic writing services. 

Lack of Enough Time

Nursing practice is one of the most demanding professions. Some nurses may not have adequate time to critically appraise a qualitative research paper due to their busy schedules. An expert at GradeWriters can assist you in accomplishing this task at a reasonable fee while you concentrate on nursing care. The writers will help you to complete this nursing essay within the provided time.

Inadequate Skills

Although nursing is an evidence-based practice that requires reliable research articles, not everyone in the nursing practice has the necessary skills to review these studies. If you have not completed any critical appraisal skills program, you may not handle this type of writing. Our writers have experience in writing reviews for different papers. When you use our services, you are assured that an expert will handle the paper.

Language Difficulties

Many universities that admit international students in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada require them to submit papers in the English language. Unfortunately, some of these overseas students, especially those from non-English speaking countries, struggle with these types of assignments. Our writers are proficient in English and will review any qualitative research and ensure the paper is error-free.

Why You Should Use Our Writing Services

If you are a nurse looking for people to assist you in reviewing a research problem, you need to determine their reliability. Although many online companies claim to provide writing services, some are unreliable and only target unsuspecting nurses. Here are some of the reasons you should try our nursing essay writing services.

Qualified Writers

A qualified nurse should only handle your critical appraisal essay. Our homework help writers have excellent research skills that enable them to review the articles adequately. They will consider the research aim, research question, selection of the participants, and other factors to determine the reliability of a research study.

Reasonable Charges

Some people charge nurses exorbitantly, yet they do not match that with quality services. We will consider the complexity, urgency, and the number of pages of your nursing essay to determine the amount to charge. Our charges are inclusive of a title page, abstract, and referencing list. We do not charge our clients for revisions.

Customer Care Services

If you feel that the writer has not properly reviewed the interviews, approach, or literature, you can reach us at any time. In addition, our customer care agents are available 24/7. Therefore, you are assured of reaching the researcher who worked on your paper at any time.

If you want a professional writer to complete your critical appraisal essay, then visit GradeWriters online assignment platform. Go to the order form, submit your assignment details, and let one of our experienced writers review or write the research paper for you. Alternatively, you may speak to one of our customer support agents via live chat, WhatsApp, or email.

Place your order now. 

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