Coursework Prompts

Posted on: 12th May 2023


Please answer each of the prompt clearly and completely utilizing 2 resources for each prompt. Use each prompt as a heading to clearly separate responses.

Prompt 1

Choose a recent natural disaster, mass shooting, or similar event to analyze. What was the immediate and long‐term response(s) of the local, state, and federal governments? What in your opinion could have been done differently to ensure better health outcomes for the victims? Be specific in your response in order to support your position(s). Your references for this post can be from news media sources as long as they are recognized reputable sources.

Prompt 2

Leaders must be able to cast a vision before followers to lead effectively. What is your vision of nursing in the year 2025? What strategies would you employ to engage your followers in working with you to reach that vision? What barriers do you anticipate? How would you approach and overcome the barriers? How would you measure success in achieving your vision?

Prompt 3

Choose one exercise for your discussion post.

Make a list of people who have mentored you during your personal and professional life, and list the issues they've helped you deal with. Reflect on these mentors in your discussion. Were the relationships intentional mentor relationship? Did you seek the mentor out? Was it professionally arranged? What perspectives or advice have carried forward in your professional and personal life?

Prepare a formal agreement and meet with a potential mentor. Draft a statement about what you hope to gain from the mentor.

Create a discussion about your professional development plan by answer the following questions:

What gifts and skill do I possess?

Where are my deficits?

What am I passionate about?

How did I get where I am?

What's my ideal job?

Where do I want to live?

What are my target companies?

Ask a couple of trusted colleagues to describe what they think you are best at doing, especially in a leadership role. Then ask them to tell you where you could use some coaching. At the same time, write down what you perceive your strengths and deficits to be. Did your perceived strengths and weaknesses match those that your colleagues identified? Pay attention to discrepancies as areas for further focus.

How does your current resume differ from the first one you created out of college? Ask a colleague or mentor to critique your resume and reflect upon ways to improve it. Do you consider the resume to be a living document that captures your greatest strengths?

Go to a professional or social reception. Look at the list of attendees in advance and identify people you would like to meet. After you attend the event, reflect on the experience. What did you gain? Was the experience helpful?

Prompt 4

Effective leadership is a prime determinant of work satisfaction. The presence of strong leadership sets the tone for achievement in the work environment. How do you think the work environment can be helped by a strong leader, and how do you think it can be hindered by a weak or ineffective leader?

Please provide 2 resources to each prompt.

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Coursework Prompts

Prompt 1

Disasters always occur with little or no control by human efforts to mitigate them. California floods are among the recent natural disasters that left many residents unanswered questions. The floods came amid drought such that nobody expected such occurrences. Yet, in January 2021, California had water running through the state and its streets, which resulted from the outburst of rivers that draw their water from the Pacific Ocean (Lewitt & Berkowitz, 2021). The local government immediately intervened in the floods by developing bypasses, dams, seawalls, and levees. These structures approach aimed at controlling the spread of floods into the communities. On the other hand, the local and state governments established long-term policies to mitigate floods in the future (Guirguis et al., 2020). Such long-term interventions include land-use policies which aim to minimize flood damage. Land-use procedures ensure that land activities do not give room to the accumulation of floodwater.

Additionally, the government adopted a natural flood plan that ensures undeveloped land absorbs water before reaching developed areas. The government can ensure that a drainage system gets established to provide the swift flow of floodwater. The government should also settle residents of flood-prone areas to higher grounds to avoid future disasters.

Prompt 2

My vision for my nursing career in 2025 is to couch upcoming nurses using my long-term nursing experience. I realized that most young nursing professionals struggle to familiarize themselves with the medical field due to constant changes in the operating environment, such as new infections like covid-19 (Kim, Lee & Lee, 2022). To achieve my nursing coaching vision, I will work closely with my current followers by observing their performance. In addition, there will be a need for consistent research and publications on the current trends in the nursing profession to ensure that all my followers adopt the industry trends.

However, barriers such as a change in technology used in the nursing field and the emergence of new infections previously not studied in nursing college would be barriers. Overcoming such barriers will require me to work closely with other nursing professionals to learn how they approach their barriers (Ndalamba, Caldwell, & Anderson, 2018). I will also engage in ongoing studies to establish ways used by nurses to overcome barriers in their field. Finally, my vision’s success can get measured by setting key performance indicators that I will refer to as my balanced scorecard.

Prompt 3 Exercise 5

My current resume differs from the first one I created when I came out of college in terms of knowledge and experience gained, exposure to different working environments, and changed career objectives. My resume reflects my career development journey from graduating from nursing college until now as a nursing practitioner (Hicks et al., 2020). A colleague thinks that my resume should list all my achievements since I started working as a nurse. My current resume only outlines work experience but with no corresponding achievements in my career. My resume can be improved by listing my achievements in every work environment that I have got exposed to (Jilk et al., 2018). Generally, the resume captures my successful journey in the nursing career to imply that it reflects my greatest strengths.

Prompt 4

A strong leader can help the work environment by setting standards that all employees need to follow. Strong leaders can provide a sense of direction that guide the activities of everyone in the work environment (Rakhshan et al., 2019). They can also set an attainable vision to help the organization achieve its short and long-term objectives. Additionally, strong leaders set the pace for others by showing an example of what needs to get done in the work environment. However, weak leaders can stall the organization’s objectives by not setting the right direction to be followed. Ineffective leaders can also encourage laziness in the organization since their followers follow their deeds (Khan et al., 2020). Additionally, weak leaders can drain motivation from their followers and cause them to approach their jobs with slothfulness.



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