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Posted on: 15th May 2023


Vision and effective communication skills are essential parts of effective leadership. Write a paper on this issue. Include: your concept of vision and why you think it is important;how/why communication is important in the creation of a vision and working toward its reality. Include Covey’s thoughts about shared vision and communication to support your positions. You may add your own research to these resources

1. Describe (in one paragraph) connections you identified between an element of leadership vision from Ndalamba et al. (2017) and conditions of empowerment in Covey (1991).

2. Identify and briefly discuss a current educational problem; share your vision for solving it; and describe the communication strategies you would use to garner support from your colleagues towards developing and fostering a shared vision.

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Shared Vision and effective communication elements of leadership vision

Leadership vision is crucial in strengthening the ability of leaders to serve people working with them and guide their organizations and societies. However, leadership vision is perceived as a multi-faceted and complex moral duty due to the interplay of several elements such as effective communication for its success. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss the shared vision and effective communication strategies as part of leadership vision and their contribution towards effective leadership.

            Shared visions being the key elements of effective leadership. It paves the way to develop potential opportunities, common goals, and ethical sensitivity. Consequently, converting vision to real existence calls for effective communication skills and determination (Ndalamba et al., 2017). According to Covey (1991), empowerment is witnessed when effective vision and power are nurtured through constant information sharing, teamwork, and cooperation.

            Even though education is crucial in nurturing creativity and innovation, several public schools in the United States fail due to a lack of diversity in talented education. During the onset of elementary grades, Talented and Gifted (TAG) programs bring separation among peers due to personalized learning initiatives making them seem unattractive in the American public schools. As a leader, I will focus on ensuring district schools develop the best ways of identifying varied learning talents and foresee beyond the notion of talented students. Respecting other individuals' views is a communication strategy that paves the way for dialogue in social media campaigns to achieve a suitable solution. On the other hand, addressing a specific problem effectively convinces my colleagues and relevant education stakeholders regarding my shared vision (Men et al., 2020). Therefore, my major role is to sharpen their understanding of particular student body makeup and innovative ways to enhance inclusivity in Talented and Gifted (TAG) learning initiatives.

            In the final analysis, the success of shared vision is determined by the best communication strategies embraced while developing and fostering them. Consequently, achieving effective leadership requires integrative leadership vision elements to the relevant parties and the public.



Ndalamba, K. K., Caldwell, C., & Anderson, V. (2017). Leadership vision as a moral duty. Journal of Management Development.

Covey (1991). The relationship between Covey's principle-centered empowerment theory and Herzberg's motivator/hygiene theory of job satisfaction-dissatisfaction.

Men, L. R., Yue, C. A., & Liu, Y. (2020). "Vision, passion, and care:" The impact of charismatic executive leadership communication on employee trust and support for organizational change. Public Relations Review, 46(3), 101927.

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