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Posted on: 16th May 2023


Please answer the follow questions:

Identify a quote that is reflective of you as a leader and explain why you selected this quote. 100 Words

Some say social media is superficial, with no room for expressing deep or complex ideas. We challenge you to defy these skeptics by describing yourself as fully and accurately as possible in the 280-character limit of a tweet.

Explain three things that are important to you and how they have shaped your perspective of the world. Elaborate on how these experiences have influenced your future ambitions and/or career choice. 400 -500 Words

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Application Essay

Question 1

“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and help those who are doing to do even better.” The quote by Jim Rohn is reflective to me as a leader as it shows everything that I have to do as a leader to help those who are doing poorly. I selected the quote because it shows what a leader needs to possess, something I believe is the essential quality given of leadership. More importantly, the quote has shown that as a leader, you need to be obedient to those you lead, something that I embrace as a leader.

Question 2

I am ambitious and thrive on challenges so that to meet my goals. The focus I have on life makes me strive towards success in life. Always not comfortable on settling rather looking for the opportunity to achieve greatness.

Question 3

The three things that have been important to me are morals, a positive attitude, and vision. The three have played an essential role in shaping my perspective of the world. Given that I wanted to be a greater leader in life, the three made me remain relevant and ambitious, something that has shaped my worldview. For instance, moral play a vital role in understanding what is right and wrong. Knowing what is right in life made me remain ambitious, thus achieving a lot in life. Moreover, knowing what is right and wrong in life, I could choose a career that I think would help me change society. Thus, it is evident that morals shaped my worldview as they changed my way of thinking and interacting with each other.

Another vital thing that has shaped my world perspective is a positive attitude that inspires and motivates you to work hard. Having a positive attitude made me ambitious about what I wanted to achieve in life. It gave me confidence and motivation to remain optimistic about life, and that pushed me to work hard. Additionally, having a positive attitude motivated me to choose my career, believing it was the best career to pursue. More importantly, with a positive attitude, I keep trying new things that can make me achieve my goals.

Also, the vision has played a role in shaping my perspective of the world. This is because vision creates desires to improve and grow, thus making me believe that nothing is possible and achievable in the world. With vision, I knew I could achieve anything in the world as long as I was focused. In addition, vision influenced my future ambition as it opened my eyes to see what is possible in life. Due to vision, I was able to choose my career of choice because it made me craft a mental image of the future.


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