Peers Response

Posted on: 9th May 2023


Post two replies to other students' statements: 5-6 Sentences each.

Discussion is a critical element of our learning environment. While the lectures, readings, and videos can help you learn information, it is through discussion that you can more fully analyze that information and develop a perspective that you can clearly articulate to others. You are expected to be well prepared and approach discussions with respect for others ideas. Your participation in discussion sessions for this class, whether live or on the discussion board, is evaluated using a 3-point scale as follows…

3 Points = Full Participation: Comments and questions are relevant, demonstrate a thoughtful consideration of the topic at hand, and encourage a richer dialogue with others. All applicable minimums for number and length of relevant posts are met.

2 Points = Partial Participation: Comments and questions are mostly relevant, but demonstrate a limited consideration of the issues and/or engagement with others. Minimum number of relevant posts are met, but some may lack the required length.

1 Point = Minimal Participation: Comments and questions have limited relevance, show little consideration of issues, and do not meaningfully support a dialogue. Posts lack the number and/or length to meet requirements for full credit.

0 Points = No Participation: Comments and questions are non-existent or not relevant to the discussion.

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Peer Response

Tatyana Williams Discussion A

As from the Williams view, it is significant that all Indian dances have outstanding forms and cultures. Even though different dances of Indians have their different origins, they are still unique, which has attracted Tatyana to embrace their dance movements and culture. Interestingly, only one sex can dance, but the student has not explained why one sex does the dance. Consequently, from the student's view, it is evident that the Indian dances have embraced the culture, something that has attracted his attention to like them. Different factors such as stories, dance, and the key concept of the dances are significant factors that make Indian dances great and more interesting. Although the students have indicated that the stories and dance style are what make him attracted to the dance, he has failed to tell what the dances teach the society or the moral lesson he has learned from the dances.

Makenzie Gifford Discussion B

Gifford's main aim of comparing Zar and Sema's dances was to find how the two are ritually effective. Among the two songs, he took the time to give Zar a comprehensive part of the discussion, such as giving the benefits of the dance. For instance, Zar is important because it provides a place of refuge for its followers. On the other hand, Sema pursues elevating the mind and leaving the soul. It is significant that the benefits of those two dances have contributed to why they are effective in building the community faith. From the view of students, it is evident that the songs help the community leave in peace with each other. 

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