Research of Raleigh-Durham International Airport Fixed Base Operator

Posted on: 27th May 2023


Research/Evaluate Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) Fixed-base Operator (FBO) Signature Flight Support. 

The focus of your report should include: 

                    FBO location                             Market served              Services provided

                    Facilities available                    Future plans                  Level of customer


Point Structure

Research Detail







Strong introduction of the topic’s key terms and

concepts. Clearly identifies subtopics to be discussed.


Body of Paper



Strong evidence of a logically organized paper with strong transitions


                     Information system used         Business org.                Flight operations

                     Maintenance activity                Fuel services                 Exposure to risk

                    Competition                                Problem areas              Operating licenses


*Also include areas of potential improvement in each of the above areas


You will be graded on how adequately you cover the above listed areas. You will also be graded on creativity and professionalism  

How you will be evaluated:



linking each section.

Supporting arguments are well linked to the

introduction. Supporting arguments include

interpretations and critical- thinking statements.





Conclusion provides a strong review of the key points outlined in the paper.


Length Requirement



Paper meets or exceeds the outlined word requirement.


APA style, Mechanics, and grammar




Accurately uses APA formatting consistently

throughout the paper, title page, and reference page.

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Research of Raleigh-Durham International Airport Fixed Base Operator

It is fundamental that fixed-base operator at RDU aviation earns a high ranking in national surveys. According to Kramer and his colleagues (2018), FBO is a corporation that concedes the authority of an airdrome fraternity to supply and utilize physics services like fueling, craft rental, flight instruction, aircraft sales, and craft maintenance (Kramer et al., 2018). In most instances, FBOs are found on the ground of public-use airports providing general services to aviation operators. Supporting the discussion of this paper, the first fact is accepting that location for FBO is wherever the airport is smaller or is settled in a tiny community. The FBO services like the provision of parking and fuel, in most cases, are usually provided by the city or airdrome authority. Further, a fixed-base operator in large airports like RDU is a significant element that helps boost the aviation craft’s competition. It has also been indicated that FBO features have a tremendous economic advantage for any country because it generates a financial gain for several voters and rustic exchanges. Therefore, this paper aims to evaluate Raleigh-Durham International Airport Fixed-base Operator by focusing its report on factors such as FBO location, market served, and others.

FBO Location

The main target of this paper is to appraise and analyze a set Base Operator. The RDU aviation FBO is one of the significant fastened base operators that has been in progress since 1938. The placement of the RDU aviation is found in North Carolina, U.S. It is clear that RDU, on its establishment, was supported by Northern Carolina General Assembly and commenced within the year 1939 (Wilson, 2018). Although RDU aviation is headquartered in Northern Carolina, its vital operation is in Canada. In recent years the company has been trying to expand its operations to different parts of the world, such as Canada, Asia, and South America. More importantly, RDU serves the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina with more than 240 daily flights to 40 non-stop destinations. 

Market Served

It is significant that RDU mainly serves two main arch markets: flight support and aftermarket. The aftermarket services the aviation company offers are support engines and region engines. On the other hand, flight support offers to deliver different services to business and industrial aviation markets. The vision, values, and mission of the RDU aviation authority are all focused on ensuring that it delivers its market objective of a world-class airport experience (Kramer et al., 2018). Although there is other world’s fastest-based operation aviation, RDU has been doing good in the market, thus making it the largest FBO network for business and general aviation users with more than hundreds of locations in America, Canada, and other parts of the continent.

Services provided

From the evaluation of RDU aviation, it is clear that the company’s overarching objective is to provide exceptional services that include pilot amenities complete with snacks, Best Jet Fuel Costs, net affiliation services, and TV. It also provides charter flight services, sales of craft elements, and supports other businesses that are in partnership with the company in business. The RDU also acts as a flight training center, offering pilot coaching, among other services.

Facilities Available

RDU aviation has numerous facilities where composite services are offered. It is clear that given that the company is operating both in Canada and the United States, it has facilities in these places. For instance, the new signature flight division supports the RDU aviation network of FBO and customer services. It is clear that signature Flight support has been able to meet the need of consumers in different locations in the world with exceptional services offering.

Future Plans

RDU aviation has significant plans going in the future that include the construction of a consolidated rental car facility, expansion of parking lots, and expansion of both terminals to add gates. In cooperation with FAA, RDU is conducting an environmental assessment for its significant infrastructure project. Also, there is a suggestion that due to the increased number of passengers, RDU is considering taking back the parking lot near its general aviation terminal to be used for general public parking. But this plan has faced harsh criticism from some companies operating out of the airfield. Also, still, on the RDU plans, the aviation is also focused on rebuilding its runways 5L/23R to a length of 11,500 feet in the northwest of its current position. Therefore, RDU aviation FBO is meant to ensure that the airport connects the triangle to the globe.

Level of Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to the level of consumer satisfaction, it is significant that the quality and satisfaction of services have improved. The company has been offering good services to the client, which has made it pride itself and made its clients feel RDU aviation FBO is on top of and on the far side to serve those who go through the facility. Client satisfaction and quality services ought to be the corporation’s main focus because RDU knows the consumers are drivers of the business growth. More importantly, collecting client information always facilitates the company to know what is operating well and what it needs to enhance and amend fully.

Information System Used and Business Organization

It is fundamental that RDU aviation has an associate in the economic system, which plays a vital role in the operations of all FBO, both externally and internally. From the evaluation of RDU, it is clear that it has utilized its personnel in order to handle the knowledge system of the FBO. For instance, the most recent analysis indicates that RDU FBO has been evaluating critical factors and key growth drivers that can help stakeholders create a current selection for the long run. The literature analysis shows that RDU aviation has numerous market segments, which assure the notable company returns in future years.

Flight Operations

Due to signature flight support, RDU aviation company has been able to commence its operations at FBO effectively. As a hub, RDU is connected to different airlines in Dallas, Chicago, and Miami, among others. Also, it is significant that in the United States, RDU aviation is operated technologically, which has made it offer effective services to its consumers in the market. Signature Flight Support has been playing a vital role in supporting different aviation companies in flight operations. It has made it modify the operational transitions of RDU aviation as the company continues to shed its business outside FBO operations.

Maintenance Activity

Also, from the analysis of the FBOs, it is clear that they may be operated and maintained by either a personal company or a native town. The traditional services in aviation always vary from helping with supply to providing the activity, such as transcription for business and amenities for the crew and passengers ((“Raleigh-Durham International Airport,” 2018). Also, semi-annually, signature space managers meet with senior managers to discuss problems and challenges they face, thus coming up with a solution on what has to be done to maintain the company’s positive performance (Zhao et al., 2018). Further, the managers in the company conduct safety conferences daily in order to ensure that there is no incident of mismanagement. For RDU aviation to remain competitive in the market, it is also essential to ensure that workers receive a financial bonus that will inspire them.

Fuel Services

It is fundamental that FBOs and airports trust World Fuel Services for its reliability and unbranded fuel, which build their business. It is clear that WFS offer knowledgeable jet fuel solutions that are reliable 27/7 for RDU to rely on. Also, the fuel services enhance mounted base operations by leveraging the aviation breadth of resources and services (“Raleigh-Durham International Airport,” 2018). But the most significant fact is that RDU depends on World Fuel Service because it provides ground instrumentally necessary to run economical FBO. Moreover, the good-priced energy provided to RDU aviation makes it offer convenient and reasonable pricing of goods and highly transformed services such as free refreshment and Wi-Fi.

Exposure to Risk

There are numerous risks that FBO’s is exposed which can incorporate into their decline. It is clear that in most instances, FBO interact with services, which exposes them to liability in many instances. For instance, fuel services to maintenance and ground operations are some of the liability risks FBO’s are exposed. But to avoid this risk, Aerospace aviation insurance underwriting consultants can work closely with aviation to help avoid the challenge FBO’s face. Also, RDU aviation is exposed to other alternative risks, such as terrorist attacks. This means that terrorists can invade FBO on a plane and harm the passengers or bomb the total officers. It is also significant that aircraft themselves are exposed to an accident that causes destruction to the population at FBI landmarks.

Competition and Problem Areas

The fuel increase cost significantly contributes to competition during an FBO. From the different research on aviation, it is clear that FBOs face different competition, whether in a constant flying field or nearby. Also, wherever bordering a state corporate with lower fuel tax, FBOs always meet a variety of alternative challenges.

In addition, the problem FBOs may face is that the current fuel brander can economically threaten FBOs, which could have a desire to feature mogas. It is also significant that any business entity that needs to invest in aviation is allowed as long as it meets the aviation terms, thus building competition for the FBOs.

Operating Licenses

It is important to note that licensing framework of an aviation company like RDU is developed on a stratified basis. Given that apart from transport services, RDU offers different services which need it to have the World Health Organization square measure commissioned as FBO. This means that the company offers other services apart from that services-based operators. Also, the entities need the license of the services or network it intends to offer and operate.


In order to remain competitive in the market, RDU aviation relies on World Fuel Services for its unbranded fuel and knowledgeable jet fuel solutions. Additionally, FBOs are exposed to various risks that can impact their business operations, but fortunately, they have access to risk management services. Finally, RDU aviation faces competition from other FBOs and businesses that are looking to invest in aviation. However, they have the necessary licenses and permits to operate their business.


Kramer, L. S., Daniel, J. P., Moore, M., Moroney, M., & Shafer, G. (2018). Airport Operator Options for Delivery of FBO Services (No. Project A11-03, Topic S01-15).

Raleigh-Durham International Airport. (2018, January 16). Fixed-base operator at RDU earns high ranking in national surveys. Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Retrieved June 16, 2022, from 

Wilson, D. (2018). State of the FBO industry, 2018. Professional Pilot.

Zhao, Z., Zhang, M., Yang, C., Fang, J., & Huang, G. Q. (2018). Distributed and collaborative proactive tandem location tracking of vehicle products for warehouse operations. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 125, 637-648.

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