Social Problems

Posted on: 9th May 2023


For this activity, I'm going to open up this Discussion Forum where for the rest of the semester, you and I are going to search news headlines about any of the following social 'problems':

Voter fraud


Single moms

Public Education

Street Crime or Corporate Crime





There may be others as we go along

I'll post headlines, you'll post headlines, and all of us will respond to each other about what we've found. What we will find is that most mainstream media most often use news headlines about social problems that blame the individual, don't express the structural reason why this problem is occurring, and/or distract us from the root cause (which more often than not stems from inequality or other causes that contribute to the 'us vs them' mentality that exists).

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Social Problems

Poverty as a social problem involves more than just lacking income and resources to sustain livelihoods. It manifests as malnutrition, hunger, limited or no access to education, and other basic factors like clothing and shelter, social discrimination and exclusion, and inability to participate in decision-making, especially in society. Limitation of resources results in low living standards that cannot meet and fulfill their necessities. Poverty is often perceived by society as an issue that affects an individual and results from bad decisions made by the person. However, it results from poor structuring of the country's economy, especially in the distribution of resources, making it a social problem. Poverty is the root of other social problems such as crime, drug smuggling, and abuse, leading to the prison system.

Drug addiction is perceived by society as individualistic and solely affects the user. Individuals abusing drugs use the excuse that they are not hurting anyone but themselves to justify their addictive behavior.  However, it is not an individual problem. It affects both the life of the user and those of the people around them. It is, therefore, a social problem affecting the individual, their families and the society at large. Drug abusers can neglect their responsibilities hence negatively affecting their career life, children, family's financial stability, friends who rely on their companionship and the community members. Most drug users end up homeless and needy, and there is always a family that bears the economic and emotional burden of that person. Social problems resulting from drug addiction include family conflicts, loss of employment, and an increased likelihood of divorces. 

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