week 7 assignment

Posted on: 11th May 2023


Think about the benefits of the ethical risk management approach in forensic settings.

•Select three risk management strategies to use for this Discussion.

Risk Management Strategies

Risk management involves managing the risk of engaging in professional practice that might be considered unethical. Forensic psychology professionals may be accused of unethical behavior or even have an ethical complaint filed against them. There are procedures in place to handle such matters, but risk management strategies may help lower the chances of an ethical breach occurring in the first place. The goal is to use risk management strategies to prevent ethical breaches rather than reacting to ethical violations after the fact. Approaching ethics from a risk management perspective is one way to protect the rights of both the patient and the practitioner in forensic settings.

•Consider how the strategies you chose might reduce risk of breaching ethics.

•Think about the advantages of using risk management strategies.

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Forensic psychologists face lots of ethical questioning situations in the course of their duty. As a result, it is proper for them to apply risk management strategies. The term risk management is used to entail managing the risk of engaging in professional duty which might be deemed unethical. In many occasions, forensic psychologists have been accused of unethical behaviors and in worst situations prosecuted for such deeds (Zapf, Hart & Roesch 2013). Therefore, risk management strategies will play a significant role in curbing the problems involving unethical behaviors in forensic settings before they even occur.

Risk management strategies for preventing unethical behaviors in forensic settings

According to Plante (2013), there exist several risk management strategies that can be applied in forensic settings. First, it is important for forensic psychologists to ensure that they are conversant with both ethical practices involving clinical psychology and forensic psychology. This is even more imperative for individual shifting from clinicians to practice forensic psychology. Understanding and gaining insight in both ethical standards of the two fields is crucial as the two differ in various notions (Plante, 2013).

Secondly, it is good for forensic psychologists to practice only one field rather than multitasking in different fields of forensic psychology. A Study carried out by Zapf, Hart & Roesch (2013) has indicated that different fields require a different application of knowledge. Therefore, it is suitable for a forensic psychologist not to get in multiple tasks such as being an expert witness and at the same time being a therapist or a consultant (Zapf, Hart & Roesch 2013).

Another risk management strategy is avoiding ethical dilemmas no matter how tempting the situation. An example of this is in scenarios whereby forensic psychologists are tempted to teach an examinee on how to answer psychological questions (Plante, 2013).

In conclusion, many pros are accompanying the practice of risk management strategies. Reducing the chances of forensic specialists getting involved in ethical breaches is one of the major advantages of employing risk management strategies (Zapf, Hart & Roesch 2013). Also, it protects the rights of the clients and the practitioner too in a forensic setting. Lastly, applying risk management strategies is of paramount importance as it helps attain justice for victims in the court of law.




Plante, T. G. (2013). Contemporary clinical psychology. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

Zapf, P. A., Hart, S. D., & Roesch, R. (2013). Forensic psychology and law. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

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