Interaction between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Posted on: 11th May 2023


Discussion: Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Nature offers many examples of specialization and collaboration. Ant colonies and bee hives are but two examples of nature’s sophisticated organizations. Each thrives because their members specialize by tasks, divide labor, and collaborate to ensure food, safety, and general well-being of the colony or hive.

Of course, humans don’t fare too badly in this regard either. And healthcare is a great example. As specialists in the collection, access, and application of data, nurse informaticists collaborate with specialists on a regular basis to ensure that appropriate data is available to make decisions and take actions to ensure the general well-being of patients.

In this Discussion, you will reflect on your own observations of and/or experiences with informaticist collaboration. You will also propose strategies for how these collaborative experiences might be improved.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the evolution of nursing informatics from a science to a nursing specialty.

Consider your experiences with nurse Informaticists or technology specialists within your healthcare organization.

By Day 3 of Week 3

Post a description of experiences or observations about how nurse informaticists and/or data or technology specialists interact with other professionals within your healthcare organization. Suggest at least one strategy on how these interactions might be improved. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain the impact you believe the continued evolution of nursing informatics as a specialty and/or the continued emergence of new technologies might have on professional interactions.

Learning Resources

Required Readings

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2022). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Chapter 25, “The Art of Caring in Technology-Laden Environments” (pp. 595–607)

Chapter 26, “Our Expanding Realities” (pp. 611–624)

Mosier, S., Roberts, W. D., & Englebright, J. (2019). A Systems-Level Method for Developing Nursing Informatics Solutions: The Role of Executive Leadership. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 49(11), 543-548.

Ng, Y. C., Alexander, S., & Frith, K. H. (2018). Integration of Mobile Health Applications in Health Information Technology Initiatives: Expanding Opportunities for Nurse Participation in Population Health. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 36(5), 209-213.

Sipes, C. (2016). Project management: Essential skill of nurse informaticists. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 225, 252-256.

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Interaction between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Within the healthcare sector, nurses’ informatics interact with other specialists to improve quality of patients care. From my analysis, human who evolved from ape, nursing has moved from novice to expert. Nursing is one of profession an individual can succeed without an approach of collaboration. It ensure there is better service delivery within the healthcare facility. Nurses should be focused and use nursing informatics when taking of the patients in order to deliver quality services (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2021). The nurse informaticists work as developers and educators of information system. For that case, they always interact with other healthcare workers to support patient wellbeing. For instance, on the visit to health care facility patients first meet customer care who listen to their needs, correct their personal details and direct them to the respective doctors. Looking at contribution of nursing informatics within the healthcare, I can say healthcare organizations needs the input of informaticists to provide a technological perspective of care. The interaction of other healthcare specialists with nurse informaticists needs to involve educating them on how to apply diverse systems to improve quality of patient care. Based on my observation, the role and interaction of nurse informaticists have helped to add value to the quality of care. Also, their interaction with other specialists have provided refresher training something that have improved quality of patients’ outcomes thus eliminating medical errors.

My observation from the nurse informatics I have interacted with is that they are keen when it comes to health concerns and patient care. I learned that nursing professionals are attentive to information they get from other specialist in the healthcare sector. Due to their nature of work nurse informatics ensures that they apply different knowledge to deal with data and communication in a health institution (Mosier, Roberts & Englebright, 2019). Therefore, it is from this observation that I concluded that informatics in nursing is fundamental element because it helps to solve the daily problems, changing the way nurses operations in patient care. Also, from the observation I made it is true that having skills in both technology and nursing is an important concept that allows them fill the gap connecting technical advancement and clinical staff.

In the health care sector, issues such as sugar levels and blood pressure are very significant and for that reason they need to be monitored within triage before doctor attends to patient. This means that strategy issues on how to improve technology and interaction in the nursing profession needs to be effective as that will help to eliminate unnecessary delays and speed up the process of patient treatment thus reducing the loss of lives (Ng, Alexander & Frith, 2018). Another strategy I propose for how collaboration experiences might be improved is to have effective online transmission of patient data so that to eliminate delays and smoothen delivery of health care services to patients. It is clear that nurse informatics continues to advance the operation of healthcare facility something that seems to bring brighter future for the nursing practitioners. They should eliminate manual patient recording system and enhance collaborative interactions among nurses within the healthcare facility as that will help to reduce costs and improve quality of treatment and make it more productive (Sipes, 2016). With technological advancement, it means professional collaborations enter new level of interaction and service delivery within the healthcare facilities will improve. Following technological advancements, professional interaction is bound to enter new level where processes of healthcare treatment will be executed in the shortest time hence overall improvement in service delivery. The nurse informatics and other specialists will continue delivering better services to the clients within the healthcare facility.


McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. (2021). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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