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Meet the Best Applied Statistics Tutors Online

Meet the Best Applied Statistics Tutors Online

Like most other academic writing services, getting a legitimate and professional applied statistics homework help platform is not a walk in the park. One of the main reasons students get skeptical about online assignment help services is these platforms' credibility. Site reviews no longer compel students because some are just a prank or have questionable plausibility.

So the question becomes, "HOW do you identify and connect with the right applied statistics platform?" And the answer is simple--work with online statistics homework helpers with a demonstrated history of success, specifically in statistical subjects.

We are aware that this is a general unit done by students taking Engineering courses, computer science, Business, Pure Mathematics, and other university programs. And because the application in the different disciplines varies, we have expert tutors across these areas to ensure you get relevant solutions to your assignments.

So regardless of your academic level or area of specialization, you can be sure to get the best Applied Statistics homework help. Also, our services are affordable and reliable for every student. But before we get deeper, let's first understand the fundamentals.

What Is Applied Statistics?

As the name suggests, Applied Statistics is a subset of statistics that majors on solving real-world problems using statistical models. For the most part, this discipline finds wide application in non-mathematical subjects such as business and social sciences. Think of it as mathematics in practice.

That tells you this is not any other ordinary college subject that you submit an assignment and forget about it. You need to use actual skills in the real world. For instance, experts use different statistical software in applied maths to implement technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning.

When overwhelmed by your applied statistics assignment or homework, don't give up. Consult the ever-available online expert researchers and academic assistants.

Common Applied Statistics Topics Which Students Find Challenging

Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis in applied statistics focuses on providing evidence to an initially specified "truth", which is known as the null hypothesis. It basically aims to challenge or support the null hypothesis based on the contrary opinion (Alternative Hypothesis).

Steps followed in hypothesis testing.

  • Stating the null hypotheses
  • Formulating an analysis plan
  • Analyzing the sample data
  • Interpreting the results

Two common errors encountered when doing a hypothesis test

  • Type 1 error--When you reject a null hypothesis when it is true
  • Type 2 error--When you fail to reject a null hypothesis when it is false.

Statistical testing

Statistical testing in data science is a technique used to make decisions based on quantitative evidence. It's also used as proof to reject or hold a null hypothesis.

The following are the different statistical testing methods used in applied statistics.

  • Chi-square method
  • Binomial testing
  • One-way ANOVA
  • Paired t-test
  • Kruskal Wallis method
  • One sample & two independent samples t-test methods

Regression analysis

It's one of the critical concepts used in data analysis to find the relationship between different variables using a function described by a straight line equation.

There are two basic types of linear regression operations:

  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression

Even though most students believe this is a challenging concept, our applied statistics experts still believe it's not a hard course if you follow the theory behind it precisely.

Computational statistics

As the name suggests, computational statistics is the bridge between computer science and statistics. It combines mathematical concepts with computer programming to build useful software tools that aid in different data science operations.

Students may be required to use different programming languages like R, Python, Java, and Matlab or related packages such as Rapid Miner and SPSS. Since these are highly technical concepts, always consider engaging qualified experts in the specific applied statistics area.

Data mining

In Statistics, data mining involves everything from data collection and analysis to interpretation and presentation. Data mining focuses on obtaining data from large disorganized databases and formatting it in the desired format to ease how others interpret the information.

Professors may give you assignments to analyze data that require modern technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Since these are not concepts you understand in one sitting, always consider working alongside experts conversant with these applied statistics topics.

Probability distribution

In Statistical analysis, Probability Distribution is a function that shows us the range within which a random variable can operate and how data is distributed within a given range. For instance, in time series analysis, about 96 percent of the data assumes a normal distribution. The remaining 4 percent scatters outside the main range.

Based on their distributions, probability distributions are divided into four:

  • Normal distribution
  • Chi-square distribution
  • Binomian distribution
  • Poisson distribution

Applied statistics questions around these distributions are often confusing, and you may spend much of your time on research. Knowing what form of distribution a population takes can be quite challenging if you haven't mastered the basic concepts. For that reason, always reach out for applied statistics homework when you are overwhelmed.

The Applied Statistics Assignment Package Also Involves

  • Software tools like SAS, SPSS m PHStat, and Megastat
  • Biostatistics
  • Measures of dispersion such as Variance and standard deviation
  • Random variables
  • Analysis of covariance
  • Chebychev’s inequality
  • Combinatory and basic set theory notation
  • Possibility definitions and properties
  • Measures of central tendency such as Mean, Median, Mode
  • Principal components and factor analysis
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Statistical computing & Categorical analysis
  • multiple-item scales
  • Analysis of repeated measures
  • Binary logistic regression

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