Effects of Internal Recruitment on Employees’ Productivity

Posted on: 12th May 2023


This module's assignment is designed to help you prepare an outline for your term paper. The product of this assignment is an expanded proposal, including information on the references you are using. The proposal will help you:

Title: A concise statement describing your subject. It may be refined later.

Introduction: Provide the introductory section of your paper. In this section, state the purpose of the paper in succinct declarative sentences. The study will have a practical value and meaning for you and the study will be based upon the concepts learned in the course.

Discussion: Outline the remaining sections of your paper. What concepts from the course are applicable in each section? You must provide a sufficient description of each section so that I understand why the concepts cited are relevant.

Implications and Recommendations: Develop preliminary recommendations, based on your research and analysis.

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TOPIC IS: Internal Recruitment

make sure you clearly connect this topic to specific areas we are studying in the area of staffing: Connect your learning on the topic of staffing to the project you have identified. The questions you expect to answer in the paper are clearly articulated; however they need to be posed in the form of questions.

Please make sure you include a good balance of professional and academic sources on which you will build your paper!

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Effects of Internal Recruitment on Employees’ Productivity

The primary aim of this paper is to establish the effects of the internal recruitment process adopted by some organizations. Some organizations find it appropriate to promote their staff from within instead of external recruitment (Hamza et al., 2021). They consider various factors that play a significant role in an organization’s performance, such as costs, time, and talents. The paper will focus on various specific objectives of the study, including assessing how internal recruitment help the organization reduce hiring cost and determining the effects of internal recruitment on employee engagement. To establish the effects of internal recruitment on promoting organizational culture and determine the effects on shortening coping time. The study will focus on practical values that internal recruitment adds to organizational performance.


The literature review is the next section of the paper that will discuss various concepts such as hiring costs, employee engagement, the organization’s culture, and coping time. Hiring costs are expenses that the organization incurs in the recruitment process. Employee engagement is measured by how employees of an organization dedicate themselves to their job (Anwar & Abdullah, 2021). When employees realize that their work is appreciated by getting promotions, they will be more engaged in their jobs with the hope of changing positions in the future. Organizational culture is an idea that stipulates common beliefs and values determined through managers in the company (Karim et al., 2021). Onboarding time is the time taken by new employees to cope with the organization’s policies, values, and beliefs. External recruitment exposes the staffing department to various recruits drawn from different cultures.

Generally, after the introduction, the paper will focus on a literature review of the concepts identified for the study. The literature review will provide scholarly and theoretical perspectives on the concepts of the study (Coy, 2019). For decades, most of these concepts have been discussed in the human resource and staffing field. Therefore, the literature review will provide the research with significant knowledge needed to apply hiring costs, employee engagement, coping time, and the organization’s culture in data collection and analysis.

The next section of the paper will be the research methodology and results. These sections will highlight the research design, data collection tools, and analysis. Additionally, the results section will outline various findings of the topic under study. The results will get discussed in the analysis section of the paper (Coy, 2019). The discussion will focus on a comparative analysis of data collected from secondary sources and a literature review of the study. An in-depth discussion of how the concepts are relevant to the topic of study will be done in the discussion and analysis section. There will also be a conclusion section of the paper. The conclusion will summarize the entire paper by highlighting key concepts identified in each section. The last section of the conclusion will state the knowledge gap between information collected from secondary sources and the literature review.

Implications and Recommendations

Internal recruitment is a broad concept that cannot be exhausted under a single research paper and study. The paper will mainly focus on the effects of internal recruitment on organizational performance. After the study, there will be a need for further studies on the effects of internal recruitment on employee productivity. A specific study of how internal recruitment needs to be narrowed to employee productivity in an organization since it primarily affects them (Hamza et al., 2021). There will be a need to evaluate the value that internal recruitment adds to existing employees. Specific areas affected by internal recruitment are employees’ career growth and development, attitude toward their job, and loyalty to the organization. Additionally, there will be a need to assess the cost-benefit comparison between internal and external recruitment on the organization’s financial performance.



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