Assignment: Personal Statement

Posted on: 12th May 2023


A personal statement (500-800 words) discussing your work experience, personal and professional goals, advanced certifications you possess, any specific or unique attributes that you will bring to the program, any challenges or hardships you have overcome in pursuing your educational or work goals, or any other special consideration that you believe will make you a strong candidate for the program.

- Work experience: 9 years as an Instructional Designer for Southwest Airlines and Spotify. Currently flipping my career to medicine. I quit working for Spotify to become an Anesthesia Technician. I'm hoping to get admitted to the Molecular Biosciences major so I can continue to grow and work my way up the hospital.

-Special attributes: I'm creative, fun-loving, hardworking, persistent, driven, and curious. I have strong mental fortitude.

Challenges: I was dismissed from the University of Florida in 2011. I have since overcome failure by earning four internships, graduating with a Bachelors, having a successful career, getting married, and becoming the father of two boys. My outlook on life has completely changed from the former young and immature me.

A diversity statement (250-500 words) providing specific examples of how your educational and/or professional experiences, personal background or philosophy demonstrate your commitment to diversity and equity. How will you use these to contribute to the Molecular Biosciences program and the Bellevue College Community? As you move into the scientific community how will you strive to enact positive change related to diversity and equity?

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Personal Statement

Doctors are uniquely responsible for shaping society and helping it to grow. Healthcare is considered an elementary and fundamental human right. My past experiences resulted in me learning this the hard way. My medicine journey did not begin the typical way. In fact, it was not among my goals when I was growing up. Its importance hit me when sickness struck the person I loved most—my wife. It was until the second pregnancy that she developed a complication; what doctors called shoulder dystocia—a condition whereby the head is delivered vaginally, but the shoulder remains inside the mother. This prompted her cesarean delivery, something that she had never fathomed. Of course, I had to accompany her to the theatre for the procedure. My heart was beating fast, and my curiosity grew to the grim that I asked about every injection she got in the operation room. I had read that most pregnant mothers die on the operation table following surgical neglect; hence I never wanted my wife to be a victim. I was flummoxed by the anesthesiologist, who kept checking fluids and the monitor every two minutes throughout the delivery process. He became my inspiration and challenged me to quit my then career. I mean, it is amazing how a person can be put to deep sleep to the extent that she does not feel any pain when the surgical blades tear her skin and tissues. 

However, quitting my then 9-year experienced career as an instructional designer for southwest airlines and Spotify was not an easy task. Even though my wife supported it, I found it hard to try and adapt to a completely new career whose relation to my then career was completely out of the box. I must say, passion, curiosity, hardworking, and creativeness drove me. These are among my many special attributes. At some point, I thought of blending my career with that of an anesthesia technologist. I believe it's a good idea that needs to be supported. Hence that's the bag I am bringing to the table. I believe that my admission to the Molecular Bioscience major will create an avenue for my innovation once I understand how basic concepts of bioscience work. My creativeness and strong mental fortitude will blend into my new career to realize my innovation. It does not matter how long it will take, but all I know is that my persistence will allow me to persevere through all accompanying challenges.

I am good at overcoming challenges. Since childhood, I have faced great tribulations, one of them being dismissal from the University of Florida in 2011. This followed failing my exams three times in a row. Of course, getting a lower grade is not the worst thing in the world, but also, it is not something that anyone would want to get. In the past, laziness was part of me. Imagine going into a test woefully unprepared. I never used to do my assignments on time, only to do them on the last day of submission resulting in copying verbatim from the internet. The university administration was not too friendly to such practices, especially to those who had failed two previous exams. This was the worst experience in my life. I saw my four-year college going up in smoke, and my career had not even started. I remained with two options; either accepting my failure or studying hard to save my future career. Thanks to my mentor, Mrs. Rachel Scott, who gave me a reason to smile after seeing all was lost. She begged the school administration on my behalf, and I regained my admission. This time, I worked extra hard. I overcame my failure. Today, I have graduated with a bachelor's, earned four internships, and have a successful career. Besides, I have married and am a proud father of two boys. My former young and immature self has completely changed to an enthusiastic and determined present me.

Diversity Statement

I believe in teamwork collaboration in achieving life accomplices. That is to say, teamwork contributes to success in life. However, teamwork cannot be achieved without equity and embracing diversity. As I move to the scientific community, I will contribute to diversity by encouraging teamwork engagement and productivity while allowing for problem-solving abilities. Having an experience in a working environment, I am determined to bring inclusion a strategic priority for career success. This can be done through being aware of the existing unconscious bias and ways to change this perception, communicating the significance of bias management, promoting equity in the allocation of college resources such as the library, acknowledging holidays of all cultures in a bid to build diversity awareness and foster significant inclusivity, mixing different races in my teamwork, and tracking progress over extended periods. Lastly, I am determined to introduce a policy for honoring various cultural and religious practices, thus encouraging engagement and school productivity such as good grades and proper patient management.

Peter Seiyanoi

Peter Seiyanoi

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