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Posted on: 14th May 2023


Please write following two questions as early music (Historical Performance) major student.

1, Describe why majoring Historical performance (early music) is important in these days (because only few ppl are study for but someone should keep study) and difficult than other modern music major (such as, always recitals/concerts should be "Chamber" recital which contains at least one more musician who need to pay), it's not only performance but also relates with musicology studies and need scholarship to study and travel to lots of early music festival including Amherst early music festival. Finally write a direction as early music singer want to move forward. (250words)

2.Describe how “Early music study” stands to benefit from research as early musician .(150words)

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Early Music

Question 1

Importance of early music and historical performance to the contemporary society

Research denotes that there is only few people around the world who are currently studying historical performance major or rather early music. However, the major is still there despite the reduced number of learners. This is thus an indication that there are some of the advantages that can be associated with it. One of the reasons as to why majoring in historical performance is still important is because it offers a learner a career path for example, a career in musical research, music criticism and music publishing among many other benefits attained when an individual has a degree in music. Also, early music offers a background of some of the musical instruments that are still used within the modern music. Through historical performance lessons, music students garner the necessary knowledge in modifying modern music. Additionally, historical performance are integral in teaching learners about the cultures in which the melodies and harmonies come from. Substantial studies have ascertained that people can only play a harmony and sing a melody well enough if they have adequate understanding of how those melodies and harmonies are valued in their specific cultures.

Why early music is difficult compared to modern music major

When comparing early and modern music, it is apparent that early music is difficult that modern music major due to several reasons. The first reason is because early music is largely taught as theory and there is minimal practical since the early instruments have become extinct. Also, most of students studying early music lack scholarship as it is less valued while the ones studying modern music have scholarships.

Recommendations for early music development

For early music major to be developed, there is need for more studies to be conducted on musicology studies, the government and other non-governmental institutions should also increase the number of scholarships. The students who are currently studying early music ought to be accorded the chance to travel to different early music festivals around the world.

Question 2

Describe how “Early music study” stands to benefit from research as early musician

Drawing from the notion of an early musician and the studies within the subject, there are numerous advantages that early music study will benefit from research. One of this benefits is that research will create an awareness of the significance of studying early music major. Also, through research, the field of early music will gain aid such as scholarships and funding from the government that will make it grow into a much accepted major like the modern music major. Moreover, carrying out sufficient studies in early music will aid early music learners to gain an in-depth knowledge into the cultures of different instruments within different musical genres. Furthermore, it is only through research that early music learners will understand the different elements in early music and there transitions over time including motivating factors into different transitional and revival periods. In conclusion, there is dire need for numerous studies to be conducted within the field early music for development to be attained in the sector. 

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