Posted on: 10th May 2023


Discussion: Ethics

Consider Power Point #4 and what stood out to you about our conversation.

1. What stood out to you re: ethics from the ethics power point? (powerpoint will be attached for review)

2. What stood out to you re: the the case scenarios we considered in class? (scenarios will be attached for review)

3. What do you think is going to be the easiest ethical standard to maintain?

4. What do you envision is going to be your greatest challenge re: ethics in your professional practice?

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From the PowerPoint, I discovered that ethical dilemmas are situations where choices between two or more action courses may be considered good or bad. The choice will likely depend on the individual’s values, experience and education (slide 4). The choices may be legal but unethical, illegal but ethical or illegal and unethical. The individual’s intent makes the difference between an ethical dilemma and an unethical decision.

Secondly, what stood out from the case scenario regarding Tom and his family was protecting life. Carla should not disclose the information Tom has shared with her in this case. Tom is a minor, and she needs to protect his privacy. The only exception would be if she believed that the child was being abused. She needs to report this immediately to the appropriate authorities. To determine whether or not abuse is occurring, Carla needs to evaluate the situation and ask herself some questions.

Moreover, the ethical standard that would be the easiest to maintain is confidentiality. Confidentiality is an ethical standard that has the most clear-cut approach, in my opinion (Loreggia, Mattei, Rossi, and Venable, 2018).  It is a concept that most people understand and readily agree with. In this case, it would be wise to keep Tom’s information confidential and look for ways to handle the situation amicably. If Beth knows during the early stages, a conflict might ensue.

Lastly, the greatest challenge I will face in terms of ethics in professional practice is not working with clients with ethical issues. As a professional, I am always trying to do my best for my clients and never do anything unethical or would damage my client or my career. However, as I have already experienced, it is difficult to know what to do when a client has an ethically questionable issue.


Loreggia, A., Mattei, N., Rossi, F., & Venable, K. B. (2018, December). Preferences and ethical principles in decision making. Proceedings of the 2018 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (pp. 222-222).

Powerpoint. NASW Code of Ethics.

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