Executive Briefing Summary

Posted on: 17th May 2023


-This assignment requires you to create an executive summary for the Governor. In this summary, you will synopsize what you have determined and accomplished thus far and what you anticipate discovering and accomplishing in the future.

-For this paper I am taking the role of CHIEF OF POLICE.

-I am attaching two documents.

The first attachment has all the instructions and a sample paper in how it should look like for this Executive Briefing Summary. The second attachment has 6 issues I have worked on in a past paper, you can choose 2 or 3 for this paper.

*500 words (no more than 515 words!) THIS INCLUDES THE COVER PAGE.

Module 5: Directions for assignment: 

Let the governor know what is happening!

Now, here is your opportunity to communicate concisely through a very focused executive briefing to the governor. Remember what you learned in this module about what happened, why it happened, what was the outcome, what you have done, and, what you still need to do. 

This assignment requires you to create an executive summary for the Governor.  In this summary, you will synopsize what you have determined and accomplished thus far and what you anticipate discovering and accomplishing in the future.  

 *Please refrain from citing in your paper!  The governor does not want to read about or hear about research articles!  That was part of your Literature Review, and I don’t want to re-read your past papers, in essence.    

 Make this a summary of all you have been working on and make it simple!!     

You will submit a 500-word executive briefing encompassing all of the items mentioned in the above paragraph. Remember, as we have mentioned throughout this course, pay particular attention to proper APA formatting.

(Minimum of 500 words, including Cover page, and no more than 515 words max!)

I have highlighted (in green) the five areas that you need to answer in your paper.  As you can see, it is quite straightforward, really!

Submit your assignment to the Chalk & Wire link no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment folder is also linked to Turnitin.) What is an Executive Briefing?

Your paper should follow the guidelines below:

*The Cover page will be page 1 in your document


*The Executive Briefing Summary will begin on page 2 and go through page 3

 The entire paper should be 500 words.  “Paper” means the entire document from the beginning of the Cover sheet through to the end of the reference page!  500 words minimum, 515 is the max!  <500 words or >515 words and points will be deducted.

**Please make sure to Double-space everywhere in the paper.

Never use all caps anywhere in the paper.

Please check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Use normal-sized font (12-point).  Use either Times New Roman or Arial for all papers.

 -Please write your paper with complete sentences!  

**I don’t want bulleting, numbering, or lettering.  No #1, 2, 3 or a. b. c., etc  

 Simply answer the questions in each paragraph just like I have the Sample paper set up. Thanks! 

Templates that most students use are found in the Tool Bar of MS Word (see



Please do not use these!!  Thank you!     

When finished, please upload into the Week 5 Chalk & Wire Assignment link in the course shell.

(View Sample Paper below…)

 Executive Briefing Summary

Student Name

Saint Leo University CRM 499

Dr. Nancy Santiago June 12, 2022 Executive Briefing Summary

As the (state your role: Chief of Police / Special Prosecutor / or Captain of Investigations) of Courtelaney Pass, I want to let you, the governor, know what is happening here in our city with our investigations.

Our objective in Courtelaney Pass is to address these issues: (here you should identify 2 or 3 of the important issues you have been writing about and researching in Courtelaney Pass!  You only need to list 2 or 3 issues.  Be specific!  A 10-year-old reading your paper should understand and be able to cite what your issues/ objective is!  You should list 2 (or 3) of the issues that you named in your Week 2 Issues paper and wrote about in the Week 4 Literature Review!)

As (state your role), my recommendations as to how to resolve these issues includes the following: (name and describe your recommendations.  Simply state the problems the above-named issues present and what you propose to do to alleviate these issues.  You may have touched on this in your Issues paper or maybe in your Literature Review, but again, NO CITING, just use your own words and tell the

Governor how you plan on addressing these issues.  *Remember: a ‘recommendation’ from you, the (Chief, Investigator Prosecutor) might not be accepted by the Governor.  You can recommend anything you wish though in this section that you believe would help improve Courtelaney Pass in the areas you have introduced in your 2nd and 3rd paragraph.  This should be the longest part of your paper.       

In conclusion, I hope that the issues I have stated and the solutions I have proposed (end your paper with a suitable conclusion as to what you hope will be resolved within Courtelaney Pass.  This only needs to be a few lines – whatever you need to make your entire document 500 words (no more than 515 words!)     

(The green highlight is just to show you the main information needed for each of

the 4 required sections: Role, Objective, Recommendations, Conclusion).


Since citing is not needed for this type of paper, a Reference page is not


necessary so do not include one!    



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Executive Briefing Summary


As the Chief of Police of Courtelaney Pass, I wish to let you, the governor, know and understand the issues and occurrences in our city concerning investigations.


Our key objective at Courtelaney Pass is to address and tackle the following pressing issues: bias or prejudice against the black community members by the police and the high crime rate. 


As the Chief of Police, my recommendations for resolving these issues include: Instilling the values of racial fairness, equality, and justice among the members of the police force under my command, promoting the security of the residents by cracking down on criminals and controlling drug trafficking that fuels crime, and protecting the rights of undocumented immigrants through enhancing their safety, and ensuring that they receive fair treatment from the police service.

The issue of bias expressed against the African Americans or the black community by the police officers at Courtelaney Pass contributes to racial tension in society. Indeed, excessive force on the black community leads to low self-esteem among African Americans since they view themselves as persons of an inferior race. Further, the prejudice subjected to the young black males through uncontrolled force leads to the emergence of revolt and delinquency as the young people unite to protect their rights violated through ill-treatment from the police. As the Chief of Police, I focus on promoting fair and equal treatment of all the persons and communities within Courtelaney Pass, regardless of their racial or ethnic origin. In this case, I plan on resolving the racial-bias menace by instilling the values of racial equality, fairness, and justice among the police officers in my team through training and capacity building. 

The high crime rate- due to increased levels of drug abuse- at Courtelaney Pass has interfered with the state of security in the municipality, hence risking the lives of the city's residents. The community members at Courtelaney Pass encounter constant attacks by criminal gangs who terrorize them and steal their valuables. Indeed, the robbery incidents lead to the loss of lives of the victims due to the violence and brutality. The young persons who have fallen into the social trap of drug and substance abuse have been the main suspects in these robbery incidents that have resulted in skyrocketing crime rates. Therefore, the city's state of peace and tranquility declines due to the criminal acts of drug users and traffickers. As the Chief of Police, I envision and purposefully resolve the combined menace of crime and drug abuse by cracking down on the criminal gangs, drug traffickers, and users within the municipality. To achieve the goal, I plan on equipping the Narcotics Unit in the police department through practical training on drug-abuse control and crime management


In Conclusion, I hope that the concerns and issues I have raised and the recommended solutions will make Courtelaney Pass a better and more secure municipality. Thank you for the excellent opportunity to address you, my governor. I look forward to your continued support in our endeavor to create a peaceful and just society.

Andrea Gibson

Andrea Gibson

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