Marketing Caricatures

Posted on: 16th May 2023


Every company faces a challenge choosing people for their marketing department. These choices are too often driven by imagined stereotypes rather than wisdom.

READ the following blog post considering the stereotype issue for Startups.

Respond to the following questions. As always, show that you thought carefully about these answers.

1.         Which marketer caricatures do you encounter most often — either in business classes or in mass media/entertainment? Explain why companies to pay the most attention to people who fit these stereotypes (regardless of validity)?

2.        In the post, I wrote that “…there is also a healthy tension between the startup mentality (bullish chutzpah which drives a “do or die” founderdom) and the more subtle, indirect temperament needed from marketers who will drive your startup’s success.”. Based on what you have learned in this class & elsewhere, in what ways does the need for a methodical marketing approach conflict with the “startup mentality”?

3.        In your own words, explain why lack of diversity has been found to reduce the chances for company success. (Remember that diversity includes racial, gender, neurodiversity and sexual preference as well as fundamentally different ways of thinking.)

4.        How do the marketer stereotypes lead companies to hire less diverse groups of people despite? Does business school education contribute to this? Why do these companies still insist that they hire diverse groups — like they don’t know, live in a bubble, or something else?

5.        I talk about the need to accept some discomfort. What can lead teams or companies to prefer comfortable marketing ideas so much that they ignore the successful ones? Please explain with an illustrating situation if at all possible.

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Marketing Caricatures


There are various marketing caricatures that I usually encounter most often. They include great communicators and TedTalk Gurus. I usually encounter them in business classes and mass media such as magazines, radio broadcasts, articles, newspapers, and published photographs. These marketing caricatures play a significant role in a company’s success. However, companies should also pay attention because of some reasons. First, companies should understand that involving great communicators in startups does not guarantee that a company will succeed. Instead, companies should also focus on other factors such as the 4p’s of marketing to develop a viable product that will remain competitive in the market. Also, companies should pay attention to TedTalk Gurus because they use theories claiming that marketing is easy. In the real situation, marketing is hard, and companies should always be ready to encounter risks.

Question 2

A marketer should always implement a methodical approach because the system helps in setting short-term and long-term goals. The approach is also essential because it helps determine the tools and resources that will be applied to meet those goals. Therefore, marketers should consistently implement a methodical approach to experience growth every year. In some cases, the methodical approach usually conflicts with the “startup mentality.” This is because the startup mentality is based on “do or die,” where the marketer struggles to work within a tight budget and think about how they can meet customers’ needs. A startup mentality requires the marketer to solve problems by maximizing effectiveness and streaming processes instead of solving marketing problems using money. Therefore, a startup mentality ensures that the company meets customers’ needs.

Question 3

Lack of diversity reduces the chances of a company’s success in various ways. First, it creates a hostile working environment within the company. This is because employees create negative opinions when working in a company that lacks diversity. As a result, the situation increases turnover because employees feel that they do not fit in, and a company’s success is negatively affected. Second, it is challenging to make fast and effective decisions in a company that lacks diversity. This is because the ideas provided cannot be applied in making effective decisions to meet the needs of all people. Therefore, the company’s success is affected because decisions are not made at the right time.

Question 4

Diversity plays a significant role in the business’s success. However, marketer stereotypes force companies to hire less diverse groups of people. For instance, many companies believe that marketing caricatures are the only people who can help the business to succeed. Therefore, they hire specific individuals such as good communicators, engineers, and financial analysts. However, business schools do not contribute to forcing companies to hire less diverse groups because all students are taught all the marketing strategies that can help a company to succeed. However, companies still hire less diverse groups because they live in a bubble where only specific people can help a company to grow.

Question 5

Many companies hire marketers who they are comfortable with instead of hiring marketers who can meet the company’s needs. For example, companies may choose marketers who like maintaining peace and do not ask hard questions. However, they forget that even those marketers they are not comfortable with can deliver success within the company. For example, companies can decide to hire an individual involved in technical activities because they can carry out practical activities. However, they forget that marketing also requires a dedicated person with other skills such as introducing new products and looking at other companies’ history. 

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