The penny should be disposed of.

Posted on: 16th May 2023


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Dispose of the Pennies


Pennies in this era are worthless; people walk past pennies nowadays compared to the 1980s, where pennies were worth both time and effort. People worked and earned pennies for their effort, and picking pennies on the road was a sign of good luck. The value of pennies has dropped with change in times. Today, pennies have no value currency-wise; and are used as ornaments and subjects in wise sayings. With their value drop, they should be removed from circulation.

Pennies are Trivial

Pennies have dropped in Value

In the early years, pennies were worth someone's effort; in early 2000, they were used to buy packing tickets, ice cream, and candies (Picchi 2). Of recent, their value has dropped, and it's not worth a thing.

Pennies are Valueless Currency

The aim goal of currency is to buy, sell, and general exchange. As of now, pennies are incapable of carrying their intended role, rendering them useless (Picchi 4). If an object does not serve its purpose, then what is the use of having it around.

Pennies Lead to Wastage

Logically speaking, pennies are manufactured to do nothing in this age. Why produce something that is not needed or does not aid in anything? People throw-away pennies, and others throw them on the ground. Americans throw pennies worth $62million in the garbage (Picchi 6). The cost of producing pennies is more than their worth.

Negative Effects on the Environment


Pennies are 97% zinc, so they are made of zinc. To get the zinc to manufacture pennies involves mining. Mining sites contain 3- 11% of zinc; so, a larger area has to be covered to get enough zinc to produce pennies, hence detrimental to the environment (Spector 45). A more significant part of the land is destroyed, and still, it's not worth the effort and after-effects.

Harmful Metals from Zinc Ores

Zinc ores contain harmful metals like lead and cadmium. These metals have a detrimental effect on the environment since they contaminate natural resources such as soil and water (Spector 50). When these metals find their way to water bodies and underground water, they are harmful to humans and animals.


All these resources used in the processing and production of pennies should be directed to other courses that are beneficial to human survival


Pennies are a waste of resources and bring harm to the environment its habitats. Doing away with pennies as a currency will save the nation millions of dollars (Spector 60). Conservation of the area will be critical; even though people suggest that eliminating pennies will suffocate charities and the economy, it will be a smart move to stop pennies circulation.



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Picchi, A. "Americans Throw Away $62 Million in Coins Each Year." 2016, P. 1-6.

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Dispose of the Pennies

       I.            Introduction

A.    The penny was the first currency of any type to be authorized by the government of U.S. Ever since then hundreds of billions of pennies have been made and designed differently. Abraham Lincoln, the first U.S president adorned a coin as the first president (Spector 45).

B.     Pennies are becoming worthless and making a single penny is costly more than the value it holds. The lack of use of pennies practically has led to them being thrown away. Despite the impractical usage of pennies, the U.S mint still makes them in large amounts every year.

C.     Many countries have already gotten rid of the one-cent and other coins of low value entirely due to the fact that they are more concerned of the environmental effects cause by the mining of the minerals used in making these coins. Today, coins are being used as objects for ornaments and with the way their value has dropped, they should therefore be eliminated (Prescott 7).

     II.            There exist several controversies as to why pennies should be eliminated. They are becoming worthless. The reasons for getting rid of pennies are both practical and financial.

a.       Pennies have dropped adequately in value.

i.                    Their worth is so little and they are becoming obsolete. In the 1980s, penny had some value but today there’s almost nothing that can be bought by a penny.

ii.                  Pennies have become difficult to spend that people barely bother about them. Their purchasing power is too low.

b.      Pennies are costly to the government.

i.                    It is costly to taxpayers to produce that the worth it actually brings. Whenever the U.S Mint is producing a penny, money is being lost on the deal.

ii.                  The labor and cost of distribution of pennies is expensive and since consumers often discard or lose them, the Mint always produces excess of them which is costing more of the taxpayer’s money while it is the least valuable form of currency.

c.       The utility of pennies is limited.

i.                    Vending machines and toll booths do not accept pennies. Moreover, transactions with cash are fast and does not have to deal with coins that are of low value (Prescott 7).

d.      They have hazardous effects on the environment.

i.                    Pennies are made from earth mines. Toxic pollution is caused through copper and zinc mining.

ii.                  Approximately 110 million pounds of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. These effects are undesirable especially while considering that the pennies being produced have extremely low utility.

  III.            Even though pennies are considered worthless and useless in this era, there are still substantial arguments that favor preservation of pennies and as per old superstition, finding a penny along a side walk is considered good luck. There exist practical reasons why pennies should not be disposed of.

a.       Preservation of pennies is economical in maintaining the prices low and eliminating pennies means that rounding off of all transactions and manipulation of prices by stores whereby transactions will be rounded up and not down as always.

b.      Charity donations depend on pennies. The fact that they have a little value makes it advantageous to charities since many people are happy to donate them.

c.       Pennies are a way to honor Lincoln. He is the most revered president of U.S and that his image is bearded on the coin. Eliminating the coin will mean disrespect to his memory (Spector 45).

 IV.            Conclusion

·         In circulation, coins have become scarce since they are being used by few people. The argument on whether to get rid of pennies is growing stronger every decade.

·         With the existence of the several reasons to ditch the pennies, it is evidently clear that they will be eliminated hence, stopping their circulation.




Prescott, Brian, and Oz Shy. "The Burden of Cash and the Penny Policy Debate." Available at SSRN 3822693 (2021), p.4-9.

Spector, Daniel. In Pennies We Trust: But Should We?. Northeastern University, 2019, p.44-46.



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