Why you should donate blood

Posted on: 12th May 2023


Following Monroe's Motivated Sequence.
about why you should donate blood.

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Why you should donate blood

General Purpose: The general purpose for this speech is to persuade.

Specific Purpose: This speech has been primarily crafted for the purpose of persuading its audience to donate blood from time to time as long as they feel and have been examined that their blood is in good condition to be transferred to other people who are in need.

Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Visual Aid: A picture illustrating a donation site

Claim: There is value in donating blood


1.      Attention Phase

A.    Attention Grabber: One fine chilly morning when Julius was relishing one among his favourite hobbies which is flying small kinds of airplanes, the airplane was involved in an accident and it crashed. The Pilot who is none other than Julius suffered injury and broke his bones. In addition to this, he endured serious burns nearly all over his body. He was then rushed immediately to a healthcare centre where he was treated and because of people like you and me, he is leading a healthy life.

B.     Purpose Statement: It is good to donate blood since it has the power of saving lives that could have been lost. Therefore, I urge people to go and donate their blood whenever they see fit.

C.    ID of Opposition: The idea of donating blood is voluntary. Many people might see it as a challenge facing the needles in the course of donating blood and since it might not help an immediate person to you, most people might render it unnecessary. However, consider the benefits presented here and make much more informed decisions.

D.    Significance: From people like you and me, Julius now leads a normal life, blood transfusion is a common thing within the contemporary society. The current society is faced with many diseases and accidents that one can fall victim. Also, no one is an exception, we can eventually be victims and thus it is better if we donate in time. According to an article written by Gonzales (2009), the new generation are the perfect group to donate their blood since they are the most prevalent category to blood transfusion.

E.     Credibility: Blood donation is important as presented in numerous studies and personal experience.

F.      Preview Statement: After highlighting on the importance of blood donation, I hope you will choose to donate blood

Transition: Let us begin with the importance of donating blood.


II. Need Step

A.    Gonzales (12) quoted that “the stress on the blood supply is increasing.”

1.      Blood donation is needed on a daily basis because accidents are unavoidable

2.      Blood undergoes a long process of tests before consumption

3.      Maintaining enough supply of blood is not easy

B.     Saldana (1) stated that “Before donating blood, ensure that your blood is safe

1.      It is better not to donate blood than donating an infected blood

2.      Despite the fact that Jim is leading a normal life, it is not that normal as he received Hepatitis contaminated blood

Transition: Since we are aware of the challenge, the next phase is the solution

     III. Satisfaction Phase

A.    My wish is that you understand why you should donate blood

B.     I have researched and discovered the safest process of donating blood and I will share with you

1.      Find out if you are qualified to donate blood

i)                   The least years for one to donate blood is 18 years, good health and must be weighing 100 pounds or more.

ii)                 Anyone infected with an illness should not engage in the donating process

2.      When one qualifies for donating blood, they should visit any nearest blood donation centre

a)      Questions will be presented which you will need to answer them

b)      If you answer all the questions presented you will be allowed to donate blood

C.     Numerous advantages come with donating blood

1.      First, you will be presented with cookies and crackers as a show of appreciation

2.      You will also be given a T-shirt

3.      When involved in a blood transfusing demanding situation, you will receive blood transfusion free of charge

Transition: Since I have presented you with both the challenge and solution, it is time for you to visualize

     IV. Visualization Phase

A.    All healthy individuals should donate blood

1.      Figure out a scenario when your family member requires blood donation

2.      Imagine of contaminated blood transferred to your family member

3.      Imagine your family member survives because of blood transfusion


Transition: As a result of the presentation, there is need for a rise in blood donation

     V. Action Phase:

          A. Summary Statement: Many people around the world need blood transfusion while the process for donating blood is simple. Saving life is the best thing that an individual can do.    

          B. Call to Action: I plead with you to donate blood. The services are offered on a daily basis during weak days in blood donation centres.

           C. Final Thought: The blood donation process is safe and simple. One does not have a reason not to donate blood.



Works Cited

Gonzales, Sonya. “Donate.” The New York Times. March 16, 2009.

Saldana, Sara. “Give Blood.” Weekly Reader, April 2010.

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