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Posted on: 11th May 2023


A Business Proposal for the Opening a Non Profit Café hiring a chef that will teach high functioning Autistic Adults how to cook and serve meals. The Café will be serving guests from 9-4 and also offering Speech and language, OT and PT to families that do not qualify to receive SSI benefits until 7:00pm. I would want to have my own transportation for the company to transport the individuals to and from work

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Business Proposal for Opening a Non-Profit Café; Autism Cafe to teach high functioning Autistic Adults how to Cook and Serve Meals

Executive summary

For many years, autistic patients have been neglected in our society. Many people have formed the notion that people affected with autism cannot be of use to the contemporary society. However, the following business proposal creates an opportunity for these kinds of individuals to have an opportunity and a chance to make a better living by earning from their work. The business proposal is about opening a Non-Profit Café whose staff will be made up of entirely autistic adults. The proposal identifies the statement of the problem, the technique used to gather data, my qualifications, schedule and benchmarks, costs that will be incurred and benefits that are going to be ripped out of this business proposal.

Statement of the problem

In everyday life, people have to eat. It is very hard for people to eat at their homes nowadays. The reason for this challenge is because the contemporary employment is so demanding and many people end up eating in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Therefore, it is a guarantee that opening a café will garner customers no matter the market environment or the situation of the business at the time. Also, as time goes by, economic challenges continue to be paramount, and many people are facing hardships sustaining the current economic conditions. This café will provide different kinds of meals at a lower price since the workforce will be garnered at a lower price since the staff will be hired at more competitive price. In addition to this, research shown that many patients who have mental conditions are neglected, the majority of the employers perceive this kind of people to be unfit working in their premises. Therefore, providing a business opportunity for people with autism seems to be a very good idea as it is going to offer a business opportunity to a marginalized group in the society.

Schedule and Operation of the Business

Since the business is entirely non-profit, its operation will be wholly based on helping people in the society. The autistic patients will be taught by a chef that will hire by the organization. The chef will strictly teach the high functioning adult patients enduring the autistic condition. The Autistic adults will be trained on how to cook and serve meals to the customers. The café will be operating from as early as 9 am to 4 pm. Moreover, the café will be offering other services to the community such as speech and language, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy to the members of the community and those in particular unable to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


The business is not very costly. The only capital required for this specific business proposal is money for hiring one chef, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist. The initial capital will be used only during the first two months of paying these professions. However, from the third month, the business will have garnered enough to pay for its entire staff. Therefore, it is a request that the proposal will require $50, 0000 to kick off. The remaining  capital will be used for buying the equipment and renting the room.


Through this business proposal, a number of things will be attained. First, a job will be created for the Autistic adult patients. Secondly, people unable to receive SSI will have access to both occupational and physical therapy. Lastly, this café will offer the cheapest and delicious food options for people living around the environs. Therefore, it is imperative that an initiative is taken and the business is implemented for it is a productive and a unique kind of business.


Jordan Barney

Jordan Barney

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