Amish People Lifestyle

Posted on: 16th May 2023


The task for this assignment is to research the lifestyles of one of the Amish.

Find and read at least three sources

(academic journal articles / book chapters / magazine articles)

about the selected group. Think about differences and similarities

that you notice between the lifestyle of the selected group and

your own.

Prepare an essay, where you will:

o Describe the origin of the group

o Describe its practices and beliefs

o Describe its way of life

o Answer the following question: What are the similarities in lifestyle of the

selected group and your own?

o Answer the following question: What are the differences in lifestyle of the

selected group and your own?

o List all References. Include all sources you used for this assignment using ASA style.

You can find more information on ASA citation style under the following link:



Word limits: between 500 and 600 words


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Amish People Lifestyle

Societies worldwide have continued to lead a hectic life where they are considered a recluse in the modern age when one does not make abrupt decisions and responses. However, exploring the Amish lifestyle demonstrates a society that lives with freedom and utmost simplicity that some world societies can only crave but cannot achieve. The Amish society is also called Amish Mennonite, which comprises Christian Grouping in Northern America. Amish settlement is unique as it comprises an autonomous congregation of 75 members. The members meet in each other homes since they do not build churches; hence no mission group or conduction of general conferences.

Belief and Practices

The mainstay of Amish society in the context of beliefs and practices is that they are religious and adhere to the biblical teaching on humility. The Amish traditions and culture are crucial aspects of their civilization that retain the values of their kingship. As a result, the Amish people do not ascribe to the radical changes that have changed the world in the name of civilization (Anderson & Anderson, 2016). For stance, Amish women and girls are supposed to wear modestly and to conceal what God ordained to be concealed from the world. Their lives and customs are stipulated by codes of behavior referred to as Ordnung. Formal baptism is only allowed to people who are baptized. After that, they are admitted to the congregation. The Amish adhere to conservative beliefs and are usually reluctant to engage in adapting to electricity connection since it is viewed as a way to join the technological world. The traditions of the Amish people emanate from religious divisions that separated in the 1500s.

Way of Life

The Amish society is an enigma since most communities are closed to the outside world. Amish people enjoy horse-drawn power compared to the modern fats -faced power machines. The centered family life is a unique and viable fascination of Amish society. The children learn in schoolhouses where they are educated up to eighth grade. Their worship services are held at the end of every week. For Amish society, socialization is an essential aspect of their life (Anderson & Anderson, 2016). As a result, the people in this society possess a strong sense of communal spirit and help each other in need. The neighbors can freely offer their expertise and skills to help each other. The Amish people hold that taking photographs is forbidden through the Biblical prohibition of making graven images (Stein, 2017). Their unfettered devotion to community and family depicts intense work of morals and ethics that large societies can emulate.

Differences and similarities

The difference in lifestyles of Amish people and my society is that we have adopted the technological world while the Amish people still hold to the ancient traditions (Stein, 2017). We also have adapted the new mode of dressing while the Amish people maintain their modesty culture. The only similarity is that my society believes in God and family, just like the Amish people.


Therefore, the research s demonstrated that the Amish are plain people who lead simple lifestyles. Their lives are not influenced by the modern advancement and technological conveniences that have been granted to the majority of world societies. The lifestyles of Amish people are founded on their religious beliefs and are usually devoted to adhering to the biblical guidelines. As a result of the modern world, the Amish people are a glare since their dressing methods, using of horse-drawn buggies, as well as unassuming manner, appear like a back step to uncivilized simpler ages. Their lifestyles seem unimaginable to the outside world, but it is a culture and life they fully embrace.



Anderson, C., & Anderson, J. (2016). The Amish Settlement in Honduras, 1968-1978: A (Half) Failed Attempt to Develop an Amish Understanding of Mission. Journal Of Amish And Plain Anabaptist Studies, 1-50.

Stein, R. (2017). The Amish: A Concise Introduction By Steven Nolt. Journal Of Amish And Plain Anabaptist Studies5(2), 270-272.

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