Mercedes: My Life Story

Posted on: 16th May 2023


Select one (1) of the characters listed below. Assume that position and create a narrative that respond to the questions.

Please note the following:

Write the essay in the first person (ex. "My name is Angela, and this is my story."). Pretend you are telling the story from that person's perspective.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on the mindset of those individuals mentioned below and try to answer why they have engaged in those drug-related behaviors.

You are free to be as creative as you wish.


1) Angela, a 28-year-old daughter of alcoholic parents.

What was her childhood like living with two alcoholic parents?

What concerns/worries did she experience as a child?

How has her parents' use of alcohol affected her own views about alcohol?

What long-term effects has her parents' alcohol abuse had on her life?

2) Mercedes, a 20-year-old pregnant woman from Mexico who is an illegal immigrant and is smuggling drugs into the United States in order to make money.

What circumstances made her do what she is doing?

How does she smuggle drugs into the United States?

What are her fears about smuggling drugs into the U.S.?

How does she feel about what she is doing?

3) Andre, an 18-year-old young man who sells drugs for a living.

Why is he selling drugs to make money?

How does he feel about his illegal activity?

What are his concerns, if any, about selling drugs?

Does he ever think about what impact his activities are having on his community and those who are buying drugs from him?

4) Jacqueline, a 37-year-old female executive who is secretly drinking daily to cope with her hectic life.

What role does her job have on her drinking?

How does she justify her drinking to herself?

What does she do to hide the fact that she drinks heavily?

What does she think about getting help for her alcohol abuse?

5) David, a 21-year-old college wrestler who is using steroids to succeed in his sport.

How has he justified using steroids to himself?

What are his thoughts about "juicing" or the use of drugs to enhance his performance? Does he consider it cheating?

What are his concerns (if any) about what steroids are doing to his body?

Does he have any worries about getting caught?

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Mercedes: My Life Story

My name is Mercedes, and I am 20 years old. I am an illegal immigrant from Mexico and also a drug dealer. The main reason why I came to the United States was to search for customers who could buy my drugs. Unfortunately, many drug sellers create more competition in my home country, and it becomes a challenge to make enough profit to sustain my needs. It was not an easy task to cross the borders of the United States because there are several legal documents required, and I did not have some of them. Therefore, I decided to look for other means of getting to the United States, where there are many potential customers. However, I have not made enough profits due to reduced sales in the last few months. I am currently six months pregnant, and the situation cannot allow me to work for long hours. Depression and stress have also affected my working moral because it is a rape-related pregnancy after being sexually assaulted by three men who pretended to be customers.

Various circumstances made me start selling drugs. I started the illegal behavior of selling drugs because of poverty. My parents died in a road accident when I was in high school, and we were left helpless with my younger brother. Therefore, I decided to drop out of school and find a job opportunity that could help us meet our basic needs. In finding a job opportunity, I met with one lady who promised to pay me some cash after delivering some goods to one of her customers. I did not hesitate because I needed money to buy food and pay school fees for my younger brother. Eventually, it became a daily routine, and she continued sending me to deliver her goods to various customers. That lady lived a luxurious life, and one day I decided to ask her the secret behind her success. I was surprised when she told me that she gets money from selling drugs and could also help me start the business if I am interested. Due to a lack of self-discipline, negative peer pressure, and greed, I decided to start the illegal business of selling drugs.

Smuggling drugs into the United States is challenging due to a thorough drug checkup carried out within the borders. However, I have my strategies for smuggling drugs into the United States. I have a good connection with some of my colleagues in Mexico, and their main role is to make sure they have crossed the border while carrying drugs without being identified. After they have crossed the border, we usually communicate through phone calls to decide on a secure place where I can meet with them and collect the drugs for selling to the residents of the United States.

Despite having several years of experience as a drug dealer, I fear being arrested and jailed. The United States is a developed country that protects every individual’s life. Therefore, they have professional securities who coordinate with worldwide partners to prevent the illegal smuggling of drugs into the country. I also fear that one day will be arrested and get deported back to Mexico since I do not have legal immigration documents. This will be a challenge because I do not have ready customers in my home country. Being a drug dealer was not my dream, and I always regret what I did. My career dream was to become a social worker in the future and educate teenagers who engage themselves in health risk behaviors such as taking drugs. Today, I am a drug dealer busy destroying the lives of those teenagers I was willing to help after completing my studies. I miss that day when God will enable me to return to school and fulfill my dream of becoming a social worker.

Peter Seiyanoi

Peter Seiyanoi

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