Child Development Pamphlet (Teen Pregnancy)

Posted on: 15th June 2023


A local social service agency has asked you to create a pamphlet or PowerPoint Presentation to educate the community about an issue related to Child Development. Using research in the lesson material as your main source, plus at least two additional resources, put together an informational guide about any issue from the lesson material that has to do with Child Development. Some examples are teen pregnancy, challenges and tips for parents during a stage of development, (prenatal, infancy and toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence), peer pressure, kids and social media, children with special needs, etc.

Prepare a pamphlet or PowerPoint that covers the following:

Start off by introducing the issue. Give a brief summary about it that includes facts, statistics, etc.

Who is affected by the issue and how?

What theories/concepts from the lesson material can help parents, caregivers, and/or professionals better understand the issue?

What can parents, peers, and/or professionals do to help with this issue?

What resources are available in your community to assist with this issue? If you can't find anything locally, broaden your search to state and national services. Share at least 2 resources that offer help for the issue. Make sure to include the name of the agency, a summary of the services they provide, and contact information.

Provide a brief conclusion of your presentation or informational pamphlet.

Provide a summary for your instructor. You may share what you learned by completing this assignment, any challenges you faced, any information you didn't agree with, and/or any other relevant information you'd like to share.

If you make a pamphlet it should be 1-2 pages in length. While graphics are appreciated, they shouldn't be your focus. Your pamphlet needs to clearly cover the required material.

If you make a PowerPoint it should be 10 slides minimum (not including a Title and Reference slide) and include notes at the bottom to clearly explain the bullet points.

Do NOT copy the information from your sources. You must summarize the information and provide citations in the body of your presentation/pamphlet in APA format. Your project will automatically be submitted to

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Child Development Pamphlet (Teen Pregnancy)


· Teenage pregnancies continue to be a global challenge, especially in marginalized countries. They are also one of the leading factors contributing to maternal morbidity and mortality.

· It affects children aged between 15-and 19 years. For many of these adolescents, these pregnancies usually occur unplanned and are often unwanted. This prompts them to have an unsafe abortion which puts their health at risk.

· However, according to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been positive progress, showing that the teen birth rate in the US has been declining since 1991. 17.4% of teenage pregnancies were recorded in 2018, and 16.4% in 2019 (Mohr et al., 2019).

Effects of Teenage Pregnancies

· It affects adolescent girls aged 15-19 years who face significant health risks and maternal complications due to their immature bodies and age.

· They will also be forced to drop out of school. Babies born to adolescent mothers also face substantial health risks such as being born prematurely, underweight, congenital anomalies, birth asphyxia, and other fetal complications (Modesto, 2020).  

· These girls also face stigma, violence, and rejection from their parents and peers, which may trigger mental illness and health risks such as abortion.

· However, teenage pregnancies also affect the families of these girls and the community overalls since it has undesirable social and economic effects.

Concepts from the lesson material

·  Setting realistic goals and addressing the community based on their understanding while sharing ideas and connecting.

· Interactive sessions in the learning process by allowing the parents and caregivers to ask questions will help promote learning.

· A shared learning process where community members share teenage pregnancy experiences helps deepen collective knowledge (Modesto, 2020).

· Community health volunteers are vital in addressing the issue since they understand how it has affected the community and how it can be resolved.

· Also, they help deliver essential information in the community's native language for better understanding.

How to resolve teenage pregnancies

· There is a need for community collaboration in preventing teenage pregnancies by reducing mortality and morbidity rates. Some of the approaches are;

· Utilizing community programs such as schools and churches to ensure the social development of adolescents (Budiharjo et al., 2018).

· Teaching responsible sexual behavior to their parents, peers, and professionals emphasizes the need for abstaining from contraceptive use and condoms to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

· The parents play a crucial role in engaging their adolescent children in open, confidential, and non-threatening communication on reproductive health and sexual behaviors.

· Also, pregnancy prevention should be linked to preventing sexually transmitted infections during counseling.

Community resources to assist with the issue

· Youth development programs such as camps, educational forums, and rallies should target psychological and social skills that are applicable and necessary in avoiding high-risk sexual behaviors (Hadley, 2018).

· Community social development projects such as the Seattle development project are designed to increase students' social skills.

· Advocates for youth is a national movement that educates wholly and also provides quality sex educations programs and education. Phone: 202-419-3420. Fax: 202-419-1448.

· Schools also have counselors and counseling sessions integrated into the education curriculum. Sessions on behavior management and comprehensive sex education are offered to help in teenage pregnancy reduction.


· Teenage pregnancies are a significant health concern to adolescents, families, the community, and health care professionals.

· Therefore, addressing the issue means a significant burden on maternal mortality and morbidity has been lifted.

· By completing this assignment, I have learned that teenage pregnancies can be resolved with effective interventions, especially in the community.

· Some of the challenges I faced included the lack of community programs exclusively meant to address teenage pregnancies.

· Teenage pregnancy education has been integrated into most resources, such as in schools. It is essential to develop a program that purely addresses adolescent pregnancies.  


Mohr, R., Carbajal, J., & Sharma, B. B. (2019). The influence of educational attainment on teenage pregnancy in low-income countries: A systematic literature review. Journal of Social Work in the Global Community, 4(1), 2.

Modesto, O. P. (2020). Understanding Factors Linked to Adolescent Pregnancy: A Review of the Literature. Research in Higher Education Journal, 38.

Budiharjo, D. N., Theresia, E. M., & Widyasih, H. (2018). Factors influencing to the incidence of teenage pregnancy. Jurnal Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak, 12(2), 124-128.

Hadley, A. (2018). Teenage pregnancy: strategies for prevention. Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine, 28(4), 99-104.

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