Culture and Management

Posted on: 10th May 2023


Please see attached document Excercise 2a. Culture and management assignment You can use bulletin under each sections of excercise 2a. instead of writing essay format which ever one easlier for the writer. No preference neccessary.

I provide some reading material in the attached pages from the class text book.

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Exercise 2a. Culture and Management

From the analysis I have done on culture and management, it is evident that for the company to succeed in the current thriving global economy, managers need to understand the effect of culture within organizations. Based on my analysis, I have noticed that various country cultures have continued to play a critical role in operating. Also, from the reading, it is evident that cultural diversity has played a significant task in the current organization as it has created inclusion within the companies.



Core Value/beliefs

       It creates a culture of belonging and warmth where everyone is welcomed.

       Also, the company best believes in delivering their best on everything they do, making the management accountable for results.

        It is a performance-driven company that works based on the lens of humanity.

        The company workers always go the extra mile to connect with customers, thus fulfilling the company's mission.

       Unlike Starbucks, McDonald's value is to place customer experience first on what they do.

      It is a company that operates its business based on ethics.

         Unlike Starbuck, the company makes sure it gives back to communities.

         It is always driven to ensure it grows the business profitability and continually strives to improve.

         Having looked at McDonald's keenly, it is evident that the company has enjoyed its success because of its strong culture and focus on quality and cleanliness.

Behaviors and activities

         From my company analysis, the members need to demonstrate genuine love and passion for customers by offering them the best services.

       The company barristers perform different activities, including taking orders and other drinks for customer specifications.

         The behavior of company members is based on teamwork and maintaining positivity among the employees.

         In addition, the company's success is owed to its team functionality rather than an individual effort that indicates that teamwork among the members helped it thrive in business. 

Management Practices

         The company promoted equal opportunity among its member.

         Also, it created internal inclusion in terms of management.

         The management embraced diversification of culture to ensure that the company remains successful in the market.

         Unlike Starbucks, McDonald's management practices focused on placing customers' experience at the core as they believed customers were the reason for their existence.

         The company management embraced employees' motivation by making them motivated, thus helping achieve the company goals.

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