Executive Summary of Strategic Operational Plan Proposal (SOPP)

Posted on: 10th May 2023


Part 1

Prepare a final Strategic Operational Plan Proposal (SOPP) based on the scenario given and the SOPP template provided. Incorporate any useful feedback from your instructor and peers. Complete sections I thru III using research previously conducted in the first 3 phases as well as the scenario information. You must also provide the strategies you recommend for countering the identified threats (entry points in Mexico as well as possible targets for Chicago).

The special agent in charge of the multi-agency Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) tentatively approved your plan and has asked you to submit an Executive Summary of 600–800 words for your SOPP for submission to the Deputy Director of the FBI, as well as an update to your SOPP with any edits or new information, as needed.

page 2

esearch how data are used in the criminal justice system with regard to the issue of marijuana legalization. Your discussion should include the following:

The costs (time, wages, personnel allocation, logistics, and so forth) expended on processing suspected marijuana offenders through the court system.

The costs (time, wages, personnel allocation, logistics, and so forth) dedicated to the imprisonment of convicted marijuana offenders.

Investigate the crime rates in cities in which marijuana is legal. Compare that data with the crime rates in cities where marijuana remains illegal.

Include your opinion on whether or not marijuana should be legalized and decriminalized.

( please label part 1 and 2)

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Executive Summary of Strategic Operational Plan Proposal (SOPP)

Part 1

Most of the time, terrorism scenarios are linked to organized crimes. Organized crimes are a group of individuals or an association well-coordinated to carry out crimes regardless of time or jurisdiction. In most cases, they obtain power for associating with varying clans and religions that led to their development in different forms (Bjørgo, 83). Both organized crimes and terrorist groups have different things in common as they take their activities in different forms, such as complex communication mechanisms, violence and money laundering. It is evident that the authorities in Chicago currently have developed cooperative and joint measures intended to prevent terror attacks and serious crimes that can be intended to take place by organized crimes organizations as per the strategically developed plan developed.

The Director of National Intelligence should take a significant part in making sure that they monitor any organized activities of organized crime in the Country by identifying the criminal groups' members and their location. Also, they should monitor the method money is being laundered and channels that are involved in laundering. After comprehensive findings of the information by the Director of National Intelligence concerning the terrorist and organized crimes, they submitted to Central Internal Agency from other relevant sources and SIGINT, which helps in the investigation.

In addition, National Security Agency is a significant body of the Country's as it helps in keeping constant monitoring of SIGINT so that to get necessary information concerning the terrorist and organized crime that is relevant in ensuring that it can fight the terrorist in the Country in a strategic way (Bjørgo, 85). Therefore, the collaboration between CIA and NSA regarding the delivery of explosive devices is essential because, on their return, they will help produce reliable information that will guide the Department of Homeland security in the Country to increase its alert status.

Also, Drug Enforcement Agency is an important security factor because it helps establish the source of narcotics penetrating the Country by the organized crime in Chicago by dominant leaders. The agency will also go forwards in helping to identify the middle man in Chicago that the leader uses to distribute the drugs to the end-users. Basically, from the case scenario, the collaboration between Drug Enforcement Agency and Chicago FBI can indeed help determine the entry point of the drugs in the United States and the steps that can be undertaken to mitigate such kinds of crimes in the Country.

Part 2

Given the effect of terrorism and organized crimes in the country, it is evident that there's a huge cost associated with marijuana offenders in the United States who are facing criminal justice. Based on the data collected, it is evident that the amount of money spent by the intelligence agency in the investigation of Marijuana is high (Dills, Angela K., et al., par 7). Different states in the United States spent different amounts of money investigating and processing marijuana offenders through the criminal justice system. For instance, the average amount different states in the United States uses for each arrest of Marijuana offender in the United States is around 750 dollars.

In addition, the effect of Marijuana in the Country has made the United States spend a lot of money on the imprisonment of convicts with Marijuana. Based on the data, a million and half of arrests for non-violent drug violations in the United States are for Marijuana, indicating that the United States spent a lot of millions on Marijuana-related cases.

Moreover, in 2012 the cities of Colorado and Washington legalized Marijuana in their state law. Since then, other cities like Oregon, Alaska, California, Nevada, Maine, Michigan and Illinois have followed suit (Marijuana arrests & punishments, par 7). However, since the legalization of Marijuana in the above cities, there has been significant growth of crime compared to other cities where Marijuana remained illegal. Therefore, based on my view, Marijuana should be made illegal in the Country because it harms the users and the Country's economy.



Bjørgo, Tore. "Incapacitation—Eliminating the Capacity of (Potential) Terrorists to Cause Harm." Strategies for Preventing Terrorism. Palgrave Pivot, London, 2013. 81-85.

Dills, Angela K., et al. "The Effect of State Marijuana Legalizations: 2021 Update." Cato Institute, Policy Analysis 908 (2021).

Marijuana arrests & punishments. American Civil Liberties Union. (2017)). Retrieved January 19, 2022, from https://www.aclu.org/other/marijuana-arrests-punishments

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