Importance of the Article

Posted on: 10th May 2023


The essay should have the following five subheadings:
1. Why, in advance, I believed this article could be important (or interesting)
2. With respect to the topic question, what does the article conclude?
3. What forms of evidence or rationales are invoked to support these conclusions?
4. Why might we need to question or be cautious about these conclusions?
5. My overall evaluation of the contribution this article makes to the topic question.

The first step in preparing your essay during the term is to generate an outline, of one page only in length. This is just an outline (or abstract) of your initial points: Since it is due a few weeks before the actual research-paper essay, the minimum requirement is only that you address the first two subheadings above, although if you address more than just those two it helps you to get you more useful feedback (likely to make your eventual paper better). It should all fit on one page (1 side of 1 sheet of paper), but it can be single- or double-spaced.

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Research Paper Outline

Importance of the Article

 The article is important as it presents the truth about the impact of political worldviews on both economic and social dimensions. In other words, the article states that social and political ideologies lead to stereotyping of other groups across different political groups. The importance of this is that it will assist policymakers, activists, governments, thinkers, and political leaders in devising suitable ways of solving the vice of prejudice that mainly affects minority groups.

Conclusion of the Article based on Research Question

The research question is whether social and economic ideologies cause prejudice between various political formations. Besides, the research also seeks to determine whether social issues are more divisive than economic ones. The article concludes that negative intergroup stereotypes and worldview conflicts occur due to certain specific dimensions, including the social and economic dimensions. Besides, it also finds out that the social dimension causes more political conflicts than economic dimensions hence supporting the hypothesis.

Evidence/Rationale to Support the Conclusion

The research employs five different studies with a sample size of 4912 where three competing hypotheses are tested (Crawford et al., 2017). The hypotheses include dimension-specific symmetry, social primacy, and social-specific asymmetry. The latter proved that social conservatives are characterized by more prejudice than social liberals. Social primacy suggested that the social dimension leads to more prejudice than economic. Finally, dimension-specific symmetry concluded that economic and social dimensions predict prejudice differentially between political groups. More importantly, the research also utilized an in-depth literature review to support the conclusion.

Why Question the Conclusion

We could question the conclusion because it generalizes political formations, grouping them into liberals and conservatives. Nevertheless, there might be remarkable differences between people forming these political groups, leading to disparities in prejudice.

Overall Evaluation

Nevertheless, the article still contributes to differential prejudices between political groups due to differences in social and economic ideologies. The information can better inform political groups’ policies to avoid such stereotypes.



Crawford, J. T., Brandt, M. J., Inbar, Y., Chambers, J. R., & Motyl, M. (2017). Social andeconomic ideologies differentially predict prejudice across the political spectrum, but social issues are most divisive. Journal of personality and social psychology112(3), 383.

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