Middle East politics

Posted on: 13th May 2023


Identify five major component that have characterized the Middle East politics from world war 1 to the present. Then trace how these elements have contributed to the political crises in each decade from world war 1 to the present day. You should have at least one paragraph for each decade for a total of 4-5 pages

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Middle East Politics

There are several factors that have characterized the Middle East politics from the period of the World War 1. The end of the World War 1 saw the Middle East undergo irreversible changes. At this period, the Ottoman Empire fell and it was then divided into six states. The states comprise of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon and Transjordan. Later, there emerged other states such as the Saudi Arabia and Yemen. All these states did not like to remain under colonization from Great Britain and France since they are the ones who led to the divisions of the states. Since all of the countries were not interested with Great Britain and France rule over their terrorism, they started rebelling and fighting back. It is due to their differences that there continues to be crises between the territories and Britain nations up to the present moment.

Later, the aftermath of the World War II was followed by the birth of the nation of Israel which led to intense conflict between Middle East countries and even abroad countries such as the United States and the early Great Britain. The formation of Israel is remembered for leading to five wars and more than one million refugees in the Middle East. The world super power countries were then and still are interested in controlling Israel basing on the tactical military that the country has. It is thus due to the formation of Israel and the interest that superpower countries that there continues to be wars between the middle east countries and western countries because most of the countries in the middle east are not happy with the relationship that Israel has with the western countries such as the United states.

The cold war period is considered as a significant period for the Middle East countries even though the Middle East was only a theatre for the super power countries to showcase their powers. The countries which were mostly affected by these conflicts were Turkey and Iran since they are the ones that are immediate to the Soviet Union. The United States facilitated the two countries following a threat from the Soviet Union to continue colonizing the countries. The United States is also known to have offered full support to turkey when the Soviet Union wanted to claim the Turkish territory. The United States also supported Iran when they launched complains to the United Nations regarding Soviet Union’s treatment. Following these disagreements there has been conflicts among the countries that still continue to prevail even within the contemporary society.

During the 90s, there emerged a conflict between Israel and Palestine. This conflict continues to reverberate and has spread globally. As a result of the conflict, the 1990s saw a peace treaty known as Oslo that aimed at restoring peace between the two countries. However, with this peace treaty, there have emerged political crises such as the one whereby the Israeli prime minister was assassinated by a citizen of Israel resulting to division among Israeli citizens. The Oslo peace political differences were also experienced in Palestine. It is as a result of the divisions brought up by this peace treaty that people of Palestine tried to end Israeli domination and establish a Palestine state that is independent. It is can be deduced that the contemporary conflicts between Israeli and Israel are as a result of the war and the Oslo peace treaty.

The 21st century too has seen a memorable period with roots in Middle East. The September 11th 2001 attack on American soil by the al-Qaida has brought bad blood between the Middle East and the United States. Due to this attack, there is hardly business transactions that is being transacted between the united states and Saudi Arabia which is considered to be the source of the 9/11 attack. Furthermore, the united states later invaded Iraq and brought down Saddam Hussein which has resulted to political differences between the US and Iraq even in the present day. 

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