People of Color are Responsible for gentrification

Posted on: 17th May 2023


answer the following questions using the topic while assuming you are using each of the following research approaches: a true experimental study, a causal-comparative study, a correlational study, a survey study, a grounded theory study, a historical research study, or an ethnographic study.

How would you develop your literature review?

Would you use a hypothesis or research question? Give an example of one.

Which kind of research design would you use? Describe it.

What might you expect in your results section?

How would you develop your discussion section? What might you say?

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People of Color are Responsible for gentrification

Literature Review

Given that literature review is a survey that provides an overview of current knowledge by allowing you to identify relevant theories and gaps in existing research. To develop a literature review that is vital given that I have a topic of discussion, I had to use a survey study. With the use of a survey to get data, I would be able to develop a strategy for defining my task. For instance, my topic of discussion is focused on finding if people of color cause the issue of gentrification; thus, I will develop a strategy that will enable me to get the best information concerning my topic. In addition, having found the source of information concerning my topic, I will use search tools such as Google and the library to gather accurate and objective information (Graduate Research, 2021). After I have located the information from various sources, I will analyze them to find which one is vital to my topic. For instance, I will rely on most of the library and google to come with information concerning gentrification and how people of color are responsible. Consequently, with the help of historical research studies, I will get data of past events, which will help me interpret and explain the cause of current events.

Research Question

Consequently, given that I aim to find out and give my work a clear focus and purpose of discussion, I would use a research question. With the research question, I will be able to make a plan for my research and foresee any potential problems, thus saving time and energy (Tully, 2014). For example, how did people of color cause gentrification? Moreover, having such kind of research question would help me get accurate data concerning the topic of discussion.

Research Design

The kind of research design I would use is descriptive. As a researcher, this design would help me to describe the situation under research study. Moreover, given that it is a theory-based design method, I would be able to gather, present and analyze data collected (Yin, 2016). But, more importantly, this design always provides the how and why of research. Also, given that the research problem is clear, a descriptive design will help me gather more information about the research question.

Result section

In my results section, I expected the exact finding of the research question without bias or interpretation and arranged it in a logical consequence. In addition, given that I did my research using a different methodology, I expect my result section to reject or confirm the problem underpinning my study. More importantly, I expect the result section to make me understand the problem from within, view it from a different perspective, and break it into pieces (Friedland, Folt & Mercer, 2018). For instance, given that the topic of discussion is” People of Color are Responsible for gentrification,” I expect the result section to address skills and knowledge of the research. The achievement of this section is measurable thus would help in evaluating my project.

Discussion Section

The discussion, most of the time, delves into the relevance and importance of the results. Thus, after my research, I would explain and evaluate how gentrification was a responsibility of people of color. Also, I will relate the research question and literature review to my finding. Therefore, building on this section would make me conclude if true people of color are responsible for gentrification. Therefore, I would say in this section that the research was done based on my knowledge, and the results of the findings can be substantiated.


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