Short Answer Responses

Posted on: 17th May 2023


Sociology 2

This section of consists of short answer questions. Answer 2 of the first 4 questions. Then answer #5. Some tips: Keep your writing clear and simple. Make sure to explain why the examples you are using are effective examples of whatever it is you are trying to illustrate. Use specific terms and concepts from this class in your answer. CITE.

ONLY class resources (text(s) and module lecture notes) needed and allowed. I am here to help - contact me if needed!

Choose 2 of the following 4 questions

Answer the question, “Does schooling matter?” In your answer be sure to address how formal education affects occupation and income and the effect social class background has on education.

Briefly discuss the cause and effect of mass incarceration in the U.S.

Discuss what factors influence key measurements of health, such as morbidity rates, mortality rates, and birth & fertility rates.

4. Why do we include research and analysis on the environment (physical, biological, and chemical processes) when this is a class on Sociology (people/human behavior)?

Everyone must answer #5

The following statements about “social problems” can be analyzed using critical constructionism. Describe the basics of critical constructionism, then explain why a critical constructionist would say that these statements reflect that the power elite are able to frame these situations in a way that benefits them. Choose one of the statements to thoroughly explain your main points.

Education is in crisis, therefore we need to throw out the old system and do something differently.

Criminals can only be dealt with through incarceration. They need to be punished in order to keep the rest of society safe.

We pay more in health care costs to ensure that we have the most advanced medical technology in the world.

The answer to problems associated with climate change is solely in changes to individual habits (such as recycling)

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Short Answer Responses

#1. Does schooling matter

Schooling is an essential process that renders learners to varied opportunities and future goals. Through education, learners develop critical thinking techniques that are pivotal in addressing gaps and challenges within their communities and across the globe. Depending on the career chosen and abilities, formal education nurtures still knowledge, skills and experiences that match workplace experiences and other undertakings. Occupations that demand a higher level of formal education and skills pay higher income than those that require little education and few skills. For instance, Engineering requires more formal education and skills than social work. On the other hand, formal education and social class are intertwin since students will receive economic resources after completing the learning process.

#3 Factors influencing measurements of Health

Birth rates are a measure that offers substantial information concerning community health. Therefore, health professionals monitor their rise or fall as they measure its trends to identify crucial changes and their impacts on the future of society. The fertility rate is a common measure for determining the population growth rate that entails a ratio between the number of live births per year and the female population of child siring age. The mortality rate offers a general measure of the overall health of a population. It assists health professionals in studying conditions that cause premature deaths, where timely and effective health care services can reduce the occurrence of deaths.

#5.  Education is in Crisis

 Education crisis in this current generation is common, even though several scholars argue that education paves the way for success. On the other hand, critical constructionists argue that real-world experience is key in impacting the future of individuals. However, most countries face a higher population growth rate, rendering many individuals jobless due to increased demand for job opportunities. Therefore, critical constructionists will opt for a change in older education system towards addressing the needs of the ever-changing 

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