Healthy Communities

Posted on: 17th May 2023


The intervention activities must be linked to your impact or outcome objectives which is:

a.                   Impact Objective (Learning): Following attendance of 2 nutrition education classes, 55% of participants will be able to create at least 1 healthy meal using MyPlate. 

b.                  Impact Objective (Behavioral): By December 2022, participants will have a 12% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption. 

c.                   Impact Objective (Environmental): By November 2022, increase the number of free nutrition education classes offered to LA county residents by 15%.

d.                  Outcome Objective: By February 2023, decrease average A1C of Latinos with diabetes in LA county by 20%.



You have to Select a planning model to guide the development of the intervention, and explain your choice. The model you select should emphasize the processes that are most relevant to your health topic and population (e.g., needs assessment, implementation, evaluation) and fits the needs of your stakeholders (e.g., health agencies, planners, “consumers”). (1-2 paragraphs) . These are 3 intervention that I chose:

Intervention Activity #1- Nutrition education workshop

Intervention Activity #2- Health screening event where participants have their blood drawn (A1C), BMI/weight

Intervention Activity #3-Physical Activity Workshop (focus on at-home exercises)




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Healthy Communities

 A healthy community is where all residents have access to a good education, healthy homes, adequate employment, and nutrition. The health of a community not only depends on the residents but also on the environment where those individuals live. Therefore, a healthy community ensures that the people are protected from diseases by being vaccinated and can easily have access to medical care and healthy food.

Although there’s no single way of creating a healthy community through a healthy communities’ approach, communities can use a guideline to determine their preferred vision for the future. The communities need to develop their own action plan that will see them improve their quality of life based on the community’s specific needs and characteristics (Domlyn et al., 2021). It is true that people cannot achieve full potential for health mentally and socially unless they can be part of decision-making that impacts their wellbeing. In addition, a healthy community always makes sure that its members interact to exchange information about resources, work together to achieve common goals, and engage in the decision-making process that affects them. Basically, any community that enables its people to play a useful part in their lives will be healthier than those where people face deprivation and exclusion.

Also, to make a community healthier, all sectors have to be involved, including community service, voluntary sector, government, health, and business. This is an indication that the health of a community is the work and business of everyone who wants to make sure that the community is healthy (Domlyn et al., 2021). For instance, local government has a key role in the wellbeing of communities’ health but cannot play that role alone unless supported by other stakeholders within the community. The members of the community, therefore, discuss their measurements and how they can prevent such disease. A variety of physical activities at home have been known to be effective in a community. Therefore, it is essential to keep our community healthy because it promotes healthy living, prevents chronic diseases, and brings health benefits to a high number of people.



Domlyn, A. M., Scaccia, J., Lewis, N., Ebony Coleman, S., Parry, G., Saha, S., ... & Ramaswamy, R. (2021). The community transformation map: A maturity tool for planning change in community health improvement for equity and wellbeing. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry91(3), 322.

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