Various Aspects of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Posted on: 16th May 2023


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Sheth, J.N., Sisodia, R.S. and Sharma, A. (2000) The antecedents and consequences of customer-centric marketing. Journal of the Academy of marketing Science, 28(1), pp.55-66.

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Various Aspects of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Most of the time, marketing is about anticipating potential customers' requirements and wants and ensuring that you fulfil them better than your rivals in the same sector. Pharmaceutical marketing involves marketing medical devices and drugs to consumers and healthcare professionals. Thus, looking at the products that pharmaceutical marketers take to the market, it is significant that in order to succeed, they need to define consumers' needs and find solutions to meet their needs. For instance, the target consumers of the pharmaceutical industry are classified as follows; pharmacists, distributors, prescribers and pharmacists. It is clear most pharmaceutical companies, in most instances, spend more on the marketing of their products than on their development. This indicates that there are most presently organized and comprehensive marketers that ensure they meet the need of consumers in the market by ensuring they are updated about availability, efficacy and techniques of using medicines. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss the various aspects that help to make pharmaceutical marketing successful in the market.

Characteristics of the Market

Given that medical marketing helps make consumers more aware of their health, marketers need to know the characteristics of the market. The aspect of market characteristics is vital to pharmaceutical marketing because it is a market with a large degree of administrative oversight and regulation and multiple decision-makers. This constraint restricts the marketing of pharmaceutical products and services in some ways. It is evident that innovation cannot be overstated, as medical businesses utilize it to develop new medicines that provide enhanced clinical benefits over existing therapies (The Pharma marketer, 2017). Given that medical marketers are focused on ensuring that they make profits, they need to be aware of market characteristics. Understanding of the market is critical for pharmaceutical firms, which require product distinction in both B2C and B2B markets.. Based on this aspect, it is clear that pharmaceutical marketers can know manufacturing patterns, therapeutic patterns, and competition, thus thriving to achieve their market value and profitability (Willis and Delbaere, 2022, n.p). It is also significant that marketing characteristic makes the pharmaceutical companies understand the needs of the consumers in the market.

 Product Positioning

It is fundamental that pharmaceutical marketing is competitive; thus, the aspect of product positioning is important because it makes the medical companies remain profitable in the market. It is necessary to distinguish a pharmaceutical brand and service in order for a company to obtain good market acceptance in comparison to competitors' goods when marketing a pharmaceutical brand and service. However, this implies that the firm must conduct market research in order to figure out which product and marketing approach is most likely to succeed. Pharmaceutical marketing requires a distinct set of skills than other types of marketing. The goal is to make the product stand for something and how to assess it. This involves establishing the company's brand position (Lawson, 2021). The aspect of product positioning is essential to the pharmaceutical in making the consumers satisfied with their products and giving them a competitive advantage in the market. For instance, medical companies use the aspect to position their services and products based on four variables: price, service quality, product quality, and fulfilment time. Further, using positioning, the pharmaceutical organization can define the product strategy, which has made them remain profitable in the market. In pharmaceutical marketing, product positioning articulates a drug's unique selling proposition. Therefore, it is clear that medical organizations have been using this aspect to ensure that it remains competitive in the market and meets the consumers' needs. The view Foucault's Power Theory indicates that where there is power, there is also resistance which this aspect of product position has tried to encounter by showing that strategizing on how to maintain competition is essential in marketing. 

Pricing Factors

Another aspect of pharmaceutical marketing that is vital is pricing because, as indicated by Foucault's Power Theory, the sovereign power existing history is essential. This aspect is important to medical companies marketing because it helps plan and develop effective pricing of the company product. Pricing is important in the pharmaceutical business since it aids in the recognition that each company and marketing plan is not isolated. As a result, pharmaceutical firms are able to compare pricing with their marketing message. The broad market value ensures that pharmaceutical marketing establishes the proper use of medicines and lower drug costs due to the industry's competition. Using this aspect, the firms can develop drugs that meet the patients' needs (Lawson, 2021, n.p). Like Foucault's Power Theory, pharmaceutical marketing is the last element of the information continuum where the information is made more useful to the health system. It is true that medical companies use this aspect to set policy that determines products and service price, discounts and extra charges payments for goods and services of the pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical marketing uses this aspect in most instances to manage its prices by taking into account the preferences and possibilities of the consumers, thus maintaining a profit.



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