Alabama's Black Belt sewage issue

Posted on: 15th May 2023


So basically for this letter we are required to write a formal letter to a high person of power such as a government official a CEO of a company or anything of the sort displaying concerns that we have with their company or them and what they should be doing I do have directions down below
Use Times New Roman font.
Single-space letters.

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Honorable Scott Harris

RSA Tower 201 Monroe Street

Alabama Department of Public Health

Montgomery, Alabama


Re: Alabama's Black Belt sewage issue


Dear Health Officer Scott Harris


As a long-time citizen of Alabama and a voter of this state, I am worried about and health and future of Alabama's Black Belt and adjacent communities. As a result, I'm writing hoping that you'll develop a strategy to solve defective sewage systems that are causing health issues in Alabama's Black Belt area and installing appropriate sewage treatment throughout the state.


Over many years, residents of the area have been affected by untreated sewage. Its consequences worsen day by day, yet residents remain hopeful that the problem will be identified and resolved. Aside from the bad odor of sewage, malfunctioning septic systems increase the odds of infectious disease outbreaks, jeopardizing the citizens' health. According to research, untreated wastewaters contain life-threatening pathogens such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. I've had cholera and typhoid multiple times, compromising my satisfaction while living in the area.


I am aware of programs implemented by students from the University of Alabama's School of Social Work collaborating with other non-governmental groups. However, due to the difficulty of the region's soil, more effort is necessary. Even new sewage tanks fail in Alabama fields since they are not properly engineered to operate in this dark clay soil. According to an article published on February 20, America Has a Sewage Problem, by Daniel C. Vock, there is still an underestimated danger of sewage in the area. In addition, some of the programs in place are failing.


Unfortunately, most households in the region are unable to gather cash to enable the purchase and proper installation of upgraded septic systems. Nonetheless, the state health office has not provided funding, meaning executives and accountable officials have been ignoring this issue for years.


I appreciate you taking the time to review my concern. Your contributions to the state of Alabama are much valued. Therefore, I request that you assist in launching a private investigation into Alabama's Black Belt sewage issue so that the individuals you serve can live a better life and be free of health-related worries.


Thank you,



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Jordan Barney

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