Cloud Computing of Netflix

Posted on: 14th May 2023


Part 2 (Final Exam)
You should make any recommended changes or updates you received in part 1 of the assignment submit both part 1 and 2 as one cohesive paper.

Failure to address feedback received in your midterm will result in a reduced score.

Your paper should have the following information:

Total points possible = 25

Paper includes part 1 (1 point possible)

Student made updates based on feedback received (3 points possible)

Virtualization (5 points possible)

Describe how virtualization works and what software you will require
Describe the technique(s) you will use for virtualization (example: Full, para, hardware assisted)
Describe the type(s) of virtualization you will deploy (data, desktop, CPU, etc.) and why these are needed
Cloud Computing Applications (5 points possible)

Identify and describe at least 3 cloud applications you will utilize (example mail, dropbox, etc.)
Usage Monitoring (3 points possible)

Identify and describe the tool(s) you will utilize to monitor and management storage and capacity (example: Amazon CloudWatch, PCMONS, etc.)
What service level agreements will you require the cloud provider adhere to? Why?
Security and Privacy (7 points possible)

List and describe at least 3 security/privacy concerns
Describe what techniques/tools you will use to mitigate these concerns (e.g. defense mechanisms)
Conclusion (1 point possible)

Summarize why the cloud is the best choice

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loud Computing of Netflix

Cloud computing gives modern organizations and companies like Netflix a wide variety of applications, including data backups, testing of new software and their development, virtual desktops, disaster recoveries, and much more. Its agility and elasticity make it the best option for this IT-depended company, Netflix. In addition, cloud computing provides room for other processes like virtualization and the need for advanced storage management.

Virtualization is the procedure of building a virtual version of a computer system in a layer separated from the true computer hardware. It allows the operators to run numerous operating systems of the computer on one server simultaneously. Server virtualization lets each virtual server create specific software to run its operating system and applications just like a specific physical device (Daniels, 2009). Since Netflix supports more than 100,000 servers, I will need Oracle VM Virtual Box to perform the virtualization processes successfully. The software allows the set up of multiple virtual systems which can be used simultaneously on one physical hardware.

I will use the hardware-assisted virtualization technique because it enhances compatibility and performance. This technique allows the hypervisor to trap sensitive and privileged calls automatically; hence, it removes the necessity of binary translation. Since translation is performed at the hardware level, performance is significantly improved (Chen et al., 2008, November). Because Netflix is an online entertainment company, server virtualization is the best option. It involves partitioning one server into many servers, which can be used by different users with distinctive configurations simultaneously since they run as physical machines. The process also reduces the hardware costs incurred for keeping the physical server as the host.

Dropbox is the best cloud application I will go for because it allows the users to share larger files and accommodates collaboration. Furthermore, it allows full incorporation of collaborative applications such as DocuSign. In addition, SaaS will be essential since its products can share data online and can be accessed easily from a browser on any device (Godse and Mulik, 2009, September). Also, Salesforce is a popular SaaS provider, and its cloud links artificial intelligence and data from the customers to assist the sales group in identifying potential customer needs.

Usage monitoring allows the host to review the statistics and utilization metrics of the network. Amazon CloudWatch is the best tool for monitoring and managing storage capacity because it collects raw data and processes it into readable form. It records the statistics for 15 months so that host can access the history and a better viewpoint on how the network is performing (Stephen et al., 2019). The multi-level service agreements will be appropriate since they are customized to cater to the customers' needs in line with the company's policy. It also lets the users incorporate numerous conditions in a single system to build a more satisfying service (Comuzzi et al., 2009). The agreement addresses the contract in three levels; corporate level, customer level, and service level.

For an online operating company like Netflix, curbing security and privacy concerns is a challenge. Data breaches are common security concerns since they expose sensitive and confidential information to unapproved people without permission. Netflix stores thousands of confidential data from its customers, including bank details, for subscription purposes, making it prone to data breaches. Accounts hijacking is another security threat. This happens when criminals get personal login information to customers’ accounts and use them maliciously. Also, malware injection attacks are other threats that hinder the regular operation of a network service. They happen when a cyber attacker injects a malicious application into the service's software with the aim of faulting the system's functionality (Hussain et al., 2017). Data breaches can be prevented by using vulnerability and compliance management tools and imposing regular reviews on security. Malware injection can be prevented by keeping all system software updated and regularly running scans and vulnerability assessments. Through solid data encryptions and stable firewalls, account hijacking can be prevented. Also, recommending customers to set strong passwords unique to them helps much in curbing these privacy threats.

In conclusion, cloud computing makes everything easier for Netflix. Cloud computing is manageable, secure and reduces the cost and time needed for organizing data compared to an old-school way. This makes it the best option for digital companies like Netflix. Through virtualization, tasks can be completed faster and efficiently. Usage monitoring helps display the company's progress and makes its analysis much more effortless. However, cloud computing is not well managed; it could be vulnerable to attackers.



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