Controversial Issues Affecting the Moral Fabric of the Sporting Landscape

Posted on: 13th May 2023


Should…. You will be asked to identify controversial and debatable topics in sport, contemplate both sides of the argument, and then decide on the ethically superior side of the argument in your summary paragraphs.

Focusing on HOW Title IX has been executed/implemented is an excellent place to start, while Should there be Title IX is not. We agree that Title IX is important, and no one wants to argue the negative. We can debate the methods that have been used to implement Title IX, and if they were ethically questionable in following this law.

For this Assignment, you are charged with identifying 6 controversial issues currently affecting the moral fabric of the sporting landscape. After identifying these issues, craft a question that clearly sums up the topic at hand, (starting with Should……), and then write four paragraphs for each issue that describes your solution to the issue.

Please use the following format for each topic you select.

PGH 1: Describe the issue.

PGH 2: Support the negative (No there should not be a minimum PD. Why/why not)

PGH 3: Support the affirmative (Yes there should be…why/why not)

PGH 4: Conclusion (Your solution for the problem)

Make sure to support your statements with facts, and use proper APA format when citing your sources. the topic must have a minimum of two sources – no maximum.

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Controversial Issues Affecting the Moral Fabric of the Sporting Landscape

The Requirement of College to Play NBA/NFL

            In the US, the players in the national basketball leagues (NBA and NFL) are required to have a college education. This is one of the qualifications for the players to participate in the sports.

            Some of them argue that they should be allowed to play without any restriction, including education, as for some, college can be a waste of time. However, this could abuse their constitutional right to freedom.

            On the positive side, some people believe that college offers a time of maturity for the students and gives them time to contemplate the sport. The college requirement also enhances the cultural significance and heritage of the basketball game.

            Although both sides have a strong argument, the NFL and NBA should allow people to choose their careers in the game without discrimination based on college. However, the young players should be guided through a program of making good choices that can impact their lives positively besides the game (Lee, 2015).

The Need to Change the Name Redskins for the NFL Team

            A team in the NFL calls them the Redskins, which has caused an outcry of potential racism.

            The Redskins have a right to choose a name they are comfortable with, and that reflects what inspires them

            The team should be forced to change its name since it reawakens the sensitive issue of racism in the United States.

            There should be rules guiding the terms of the clubs and possible meanings that could hurt other players (Lee, 2015).

Instant Replay

            In the recent past, the era of technology has included virtual reality in games that allow referees to review a decision and decide based on instant replay.

            Some people argue that instant play takes time when reviewing decisions, which reduces the players’ energy and momentum. Besides, referees are suitable in most cases.

            The technology has helped administrate fair decisions and support the rightful teams to win or have fouls judged correctly in an instance where there is a controversy.

            Technology should be integrated into sports in the least disruptive way. For example, the more instant the replay is, the better for the game continuity (Lee, 2015).

Use of Steroids

            Steroids are banned in the sporting industry. After tests, any player found using the drugs to enhance performance is banned or disciplined through suspension.

            Some argue that steroids are just for building muscles and not improving performance. Some players, with or without the steroids, have outstanding skills.

            Athletes who use steroids enhance performance and make the competitions unfair. Therefore, they should be banned for fairness in the games.

            Although not all supplements improve performance, sports management needs to continue testing and regulating the nature of substances acceptable that would not give one a competitive advantage over other athletes (Lee, 2015).

Compensation of College Students beyond Scholarships

            In the US, talented sports college students are given free scholarships to the schools to play for the institutions.

            Some argue that scholarship is not equivalent to compensation, and the institutions utilize the high school students to make profits.

            Others say that the scholarships, including free boarding, tuition, and meals catered for the schools, are rewards and compensation.

            The athletes in colleges receive good compensation packages from most colleges in scholarships that enhance the need for an educated society despite the talent in sport (Lee, 2015).

Taking the Knee

            In 2016, one sportsperson refused to stand and instead took a knee when the national anthem was sung, protesting police brutality. Other athletes, especially those of black origin, have followed since then.

            Taking the knee is disrespectful to the American flag and should be illegal. Instead, some used it for anti-Trump protests.

            America has great diversity, and the knee is not a sign of disrespect to the flag but rather the humblest way of showing respect and advocating for the founding principles of equality (Félix, 2017).

            People should be allowed to protest in their way. The sign of the knee should be interpreted in its context of demonstrating against police brutality and racism, which is a right protected in the constitution. Misreading will only bring more conflicts.




Félix, D. (2017). What Will Taking the Knee Mean Now?. The New Yorker. Retrieved 19 April 2022, from

Lee, A. (2015). 15 Most Divisive Issues in Sports Right Now. Bleacher Report. Retrieved 19 April 2022, from

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