The Youth Diabetes Prevention Program in Laguna Woods

Posted on: 16th May 2023


Poject Description:
In order to create a sustainable health care system that provides affordable and high quality care (safe, effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely, nondiscriminatory, and equitable), we need to fundamentally change the ways we deliver care. In the new health care environment, organizations need to transform and adopt a new business model. Population health management approaches require organizations to optimize the health of their population (beneficiaries, employees, patients, etc). With your team, please do the following steps.
1.Decide what type of organization you work for (e.g., health department; community-based organization) and where it is located (e.g., Long Beach, Riverside, Whittier).
2.Identify a population health problem your organization must address.
3.Choose one population health strategy based on models discussed in class.4.Define your project’s goals and objectives.
5.Identify measurable idicators (based on measurable objectives).
6.Identify potential challenges and provide a strategy to address the challenges

*This is a theoretical exercise grounded in the literature and evidence-based interventions/best practices in population health. You are not expected to conduct real life intervention activities. Your intervention timeline should not exceed 12 months (outcome evaluation can be conducted post-intervention).

Below is my outline. Please go into detail.

Intervention Description (Scope of Work; Implementation Plan):

The American Diabetes Association's Prevention Program in the city of Laguna Woods offers awareness opportunities in delaying the progress of diabetes by obesity, explicitly targeting the Laguna Woods community among youths at an early age. In addition, the program teaches weight management as a lifestyle choice, learning strategies for eating healthier, and making other changes to improve overall health and well-being. The one-year, group-based program consists of weekly and monthly sessions to facilitate a small group of youths with similar goals. Therefore, the program's ultimate goal is to see a 5% decrease in diabetes among Laguna Woods children through the Youth Diabetes Prevention Program.

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The Youth Diabetes Prevention Program in Laguna Woods

I will work for a prevention program because I desire to provide affordable and high-quality care. The aim of choosing to work with prevention programs is because it always helps improve a community's social health and well-being. In addition, with the prevention program, I will be able to offer awareness. The main aim is to promote protective factors for the health problem in Laguna woods, a city in orange county in California. Moreover, it is easier to develop highly valued programs and services that will help community members with the program. Therefore, given that I aim to strengthen health services in Long Beach, working with the organization will play a significant role in advocacy that aims to strengthen the area's health system.

The health problem my organization must address is youth diabetes targeting the Laguna Woods community. Diabetes has been the leading cause of death in Laguna Woods and the United States as a whole. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and prevention, it is evident that more than 25 million people have diabetes, both undiagnosed and diagnosed. This is evident that the diseases negatively impact youths at a young age (Meyer, 2021). Also, given that the disease has harmful effects on youth at a young age, the prevention program will help create an environment that can support healthy youth development at an early age. More importantly, the problem of diabetes among the youth in Laguna Woods was due to social and economic challenges in the area. Thus, improving healthcare programs that facilitate youths with sessions about prevention will help mitigate diabetes among Laguna Woods children to a certain level.

In addition, given that I want to create a sustainable health care system that gives high-quality care to the children in Laguna Woods, I will have to initiate a population health strategy model that makes children get access to quality health care (Shetty, 2012). Given that I want to make a change in the healthcare facility, I will use a holistic model so that to bring change in the healthcare delivery in the community.

The youth diabetes prevention program will ensure that a 5 percent decrease in cases of diabetes among Laguna Woods children is the primary goal. The prevention program will help children living with diabetes and other individuals at the Laguna Woods to practice diabetes management behaviors. The prevention program will ensure that individuals will understand the importance of healthy eating in the reduction program. Also, the program will assist the children at Laguna woods in conducting better physical exercises to prevent and manage diabetes. Finally, the program will assist children in understanding how to take diabetes medication at the Laguna Woods.

The measurable indicators of the organization include outcome, which refers more specifically to the intervention of the program towards mitigating children's diabetes. This can include training health providers so that they can manage the effect of diabetes among children. With these indicators, I will measure the extent to which the target population has benefitted from the prevention program. Therefore, the outcome indicator is vital because it lets me know whether my organization was moving towards achieving a positive healthcare outcome.

On the other hand, the youth diabetes prevention program at Laguna Wood will incur several challenges during their performance since the growing burden of diabetes affects roughly 29.1 million people, which is 9% of the population. This figure reflects almost 20 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes and 8.1 million people who have diabetes. Have not been recognized; of diabetics in the Laguna Woods. Moreover, there are also rising cases of health costs. Diabetes is linked to various illnesses and diseases that demand more attention. Preventing and treating them provides a significant issue for the American Diabetes prevention program when it comes to delivering healthcare promotions and preventions, especially given the rising healthcare expenses.



Meyer, H. (2021). Medicare Diabetes Prevention: Enrollment Short of Projections: Article described the Medicare diabetes prevention program.

Shetty, P. (2015). Public health: India's diabetes time bomb. Nature485(7398), S14-S16.

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