Agency Report of Partnership for Strong Families

Posted on: 15th May 2023


In this paper, you should demonstrate the ability to articulate organizational understanding and environment.

I have attached a lot of the needed references, however, the site which you will be referencing all of this information and can use to cover all components of the paper is

-------------------------------PLEASE USE LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Headings--------------------


A. Formal Structure

1. Mission statement

2. A detailed history of the development of the agency and its programs

3. A detailed description of all of the services provided by the agency; and information about community resources available to the agency; competitors/cooperative relationships; governmental/legal restrictions

4. A description of its operating budget; sources of operating revenues (Remember: budgets may be sensitive information)

5. Copy of agency annual report

6. Formal organizational structure (Organizational Chart) including Board of Directors/Trustees’ composition: representative of population served: sources of community influence; committee structure; turn over

7. A description of how policy is formulated and a description of existing decision-making processes

8. Description of existing loci of control

9. A discussion of the value base of the agency, including an analysis of the extent to which the agency adheres to ethical standards for human service workers.

B. Planning and Program Evaluation

1. Describe the existing planning structure.

2. What are the long-range plans for the organization?

3. What is the future of the organization? Will it have one and why/why


4. Are services systematically evaluated? (Yes)

5. How are the results of these evaluations used?

3. Personnel Assessment

a. Determine staff attitudes toward personnel assessment

b. How is it used? (To reward/punish?)

c. Describe grievance procedures/sexual harassment policies

2. Informal Structure

a. It exists; find it. (e.g., is there a low ranking staff member who is on a

First name basis with the Director/Executive Officer?) (Director: Shannon Moser) (All Interns)

b. How important is it? (i.e., how does it help/hinder daily operations of

The organization?)

3. Personnel Assessment

a. Determine staff attitudes toward personnel assessment - Answer: Positive, expected to promote growth

b. How is it used? (To reward/punish?) Answer: reward

c. Describe grievance procedures/sexual harassment policies (see attachments)


B. The Agency, Social Problems, and Social Policy

1. To what extent does the agency address Social Problems?

2. To what extent does the agency promote social change?

3. To what extent does the agency attempt to influence social policy?

D. Supervisory Conferences

1. Have you been sufficiently oriented to the agency?

2. How much independence and consultation is required for your


3. What are the qualities of an effective supervisory conference?

4. To what extent can you actively participate in the conference?

E. Applying Theory to Practice

1. What theory (ies) form the basis or rationale behind human service

Practice at the agency?

2. What therapeutic approaches are used at the agency?

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Agency Report of Partnership for Strong Families

Level 1: Agency Structure and Organization

Formal Structure

Partnership for strong families agency's mission is to ensure that the community is built on the ability to protect and nurture children through building and constantly improving a network of family support services. Based on the agency's mission, its key mandate is to provide all children with a safe environment by strengthening their families.

PSF, which was founded in 2003, is the primary community-based organization for Florida Judicial Circuits 3 and 8. It is purchased by the Florida Department of Children and Families to provide comprehensive child welfare services to children who have been neglected or abused. It also works with at-risk families to prevent child abuse and ensure that children from these families do not face the risks associated with the out-of-home care system (Partnership for Strong Families, 2022). In addition, it collaborates closely with community organizations to connect families with needed resources, preventing child neglect and abuse.

The PSF was established to ensure that child abuse is preventable in the community. It is clear from the agency's core principles that it offers different services to boost the well-being of children in the family. For instance, the services provided by the agency include parenting, strengthening families, problem-solving, problem-solving, and assisting in establishing safety and permanent homes for children and their families. The available community resources include churches, the Florida Department of Children and Families, and others. Also, the agency has competitors, which include Camelot community care, child saving Institute, and EmberHope Youthville.

The organization's total operating budget for 2021-2021 is as follows; the total revenue is 41,922,922.43 shilling in one financial year. Also, in the financial year 2021-2022, the agency used a total operating expense of 11,438,06.59 shilling. The sources of operating revenues of the company include government funding and other contract income.

The official pattern of the PSF leadership structure is embedded in the design that meets the need of agency goals. For instance, Stephen Pennypacker is the agency's CEO who, prior to joining PSF, served as Assistant Secretary for Child Welfare for the Department of Children and Families. It is clear that Pennypacker is someone with grateful leadership skills, which ensured that PSF achieves its goals as an agency (Partnership for Strong Families, 2022). Further, PSF is led by a board of passionate and dedicated individuals that have ensured they help the agencies create a brighter future for local families and children. The team was led by Kathryn McElhaney as chair of the board, among other members, including Ester Tibbs and Muthusami Kumaran. 

The policy that the agency uses is formulated by the executive leadership led by its president Stephen Pennypacker and other leaders. PSF already has an existing process based on Rights and Responsibilities regarding the decision-making process. For example, if you refuse to participate in the agency's initiatives, the family care counselor will notify you of the possible consequences.

As an agency whose mandate is to ensure that children and their families are not neglected and abused in the community, its loci of control are control orientations and parenting behaviors that are shaped through education programs and care. It is also true that the agency has been focused on promoting healthy parenting within the larger community to control the issue of child abuse and negligence.

From the analysis of PSF, its value base is to be recognized as a leader in protecting and strengthening through evidence-practiced and innovation. This indicates that the value of the PSF agency is to provide and prevent children from abuse and negligence by involving its employees and community as partners (Partnership for Strong Families, 2022). But, more importantly, it is also ethical because the fundamental value of its work is respecting the dignity and welfare of all people in the community.

Planning and Program Evaluation

The existing planning structure of the agency is to deliver comprehensive child welfare services to children that are victims of abuse and neglect. It is clear that the agency is currently working based on its mission and vision, which are all focused on ensuring that children are protected from abuse. The long-range plans of PSF are numerous such as ensuring that children live in their homes safely. Also, to make sure that it achieves its numerous core principles that include providing a safe environment for all children in the community.

Although the organization has not indicated its future plans, looking at its vision, it is significant that the main focus going in the future is to be a recognized leader in protecting children and strengthening their families. Further, the agency's main goal is to prevent child abuse by promoting intervention and prevention programs focused on diversifying resources in the communities.

Yes, the agency evaluates its services systematically to ensure that it establishes safe and permanent homes for the children and their families. Also, it ensures its services are evaluated systematically so that its partners can learn in order to maintain offering effective, efficient, and equitable services to the abused children in the community. The agency uses the results of the evaluation to make improvements to its services.

Informal Structure

In the agency's executive leadership, a low-ranking staff member called Deborah Schroth, the chief legal officer. The ranking of workers within the agency does not hinder its daily operations because they are all qualified and work as a team (Partnership for Strong Families, 2022). Although little information is given about all organization staff, it indicated that they all work under one strategy of ensuring that they bring a difference to the community.

Personnel Assessment

The staff of the PSF agency is led by passionate and dedicated individuals focused on helping create a brighter future for local children and families. From the analysis of the staff, it is clear they have positive attitudes towards personnel assessment because all of them are qualified professionals. Thus, having a personnel assessment of the staff helps the agency get competent individuals, thus helping the agency achieve its mandate.

The PSF agency has used the personnel assessment to reward individuals based on their job qualifications and experience. For instance, the agency's executive leadership is given jobs based on their experience and qualification; thus, the procedures and policies of the agencies are that as staff, you must understand the community and make them feel satisfied by treating them well.

Level 2: Student Service Provider Activities

From the agency's analysis, it is clear that it has addressed the social problem affecting the community in a wide range. For instance, it has ensured it provides a safe environment for all children and prevents them from negligence and abuse. In addition, the agency was committed to ensuring that it delivers services that bring changes to the community.

To a large extent, the PSF agency has been able to promote social change by creating a mission and vision that was oriented toward bringing change to the community. It is true that through the agency's vision, it has been able to ensure that children are protected, and families are strengthened (Partnership for Strong Families, 2022). Looking at the mandate of the PSF agency, it is true that it has a great influence on social policy as it ensures it addresses how societies respond to challenges to child abuse and negligence. As a result, it ensures that the families in the community are strengthened, and the likelihood of child abuse is reduced.

Supervisory Conferences

Yes, I have been sufficiently oriented with the agency because it is focused on helping in solving the social problems affecting society. For instance, the agency works with at-risk families to prevent child abuse and reduce negligence. Further, the service to the community is something that, as an individual, I would like to do; looking at how PSF has ensured that children are not abused is something that has made me sufficiently oriented with it.

Much independence and consultation are required for this assignment because I need to know the value of having this agency in the community. Also, consultation is essential because it will enable me to get more reliable information about the assignment, thus achieving effective results.

For supervisory conferencing to be effective, it has to embrace certain qualities such as having a primary purpose and having two discrete functions. First, it is clear the function of the conference is the promotion of teachers' growth in effective instruction; for that reason, there is a need to be diagnostic and prescriptive.

Given the importance of the conference, I would actively participate by willing to speak. I would share my point and view concerning the conference meeting by speaking. Also, I would be an active and good listener as that will help me remain mentally engaged with the discussion of the meeting.

Applying Theory to practice

From the analysis of the agency, it is clear that its main function is to make life-changing by exploring what it means to become a partner family. This indicates that PSF is more concerned with offering service to humanity. From this factor, the Theory behind human service at the agency is contingency. Contingency theory is important because it inspires people to seek understanding by considering all external and internal influences that contribute to the problem. This was the case with the PSF agency.

Given that agency is much concerned with the well-being of children and their families, its therapeutic approach was framed in ensuring that children are well taken care of. It involved family care counselors and other child welfare professionals in offering solutions to the issue of abuse and negligence. The agency's therapeutic approaches include family home visiting, mental health therapy, and advocacy.



Partnership For Strong Families. (2022, April 25). Home. Partnership For Strong Families. Retrieved May 1, 2022, from

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