Overview of the EHR Components

Posted on: 29th May 2023


HCA 430 EHR Informational Memo Assignment Instructions

Week 2 Assignment


EHRs have many components, functions, and attributes. Administrative staff must be comprehensively educated about all the factors that make up the EHR system.

 Scenario: You are the Chief Information Officer of a hospital that is implementing an EHR system. Write a memo addressed to the senior departmental staff. Be sure to use a memo format, rather than a letter or other format. Use the memo example attached to this assignment in Blackboard as a guide.

 1. In this informational memo you will discuss, with outside literature support for each section, the following EHR components found in the textbook:  a. Administrative Processes

b. Communication and Connectivity

c. Decision Support

d. Dentistry/Optometry

e. Health Information and Data

f. Order Entry Management

g. Patient Support, Results Management

h. Population Health Management.  

2. Research and describe what each of these components does and why it is important for your facility to incorporate them. How does each component affect reimbursement?

3. Support your position with solid peer-reviewed research and ensure any facts in the paper receive in-text citations.

4. Your memo should be at least two full pages to fully explain to the managers all of the various components of the hospital’s new EHR system.

Be sure to use credible journal articles or .gov websites in your research and provide a reference page in APA format.

Writing Mechanics

• Use a 12-point font and double-spaced text.

• Follow APA writing guidelines.

• Proofread and correct all errors in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Submission Instructions

• Save your file as a Word document (.docx).

• Include the term Memo and your Last Name when saving your file. Example: Memo_Garcia.docx

• Upload your completed document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit button.

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To: Senior Departmental Staff

From: Chief Informational Officer

Date: 07/19/2022

Subject: Overview of the EHR Components

This memo aims to inform all the senior departmental staff about the electronic health record system's significant components in the hospital and its functions to help increase patient safety and quality of care.

Administrative Processes

The hospital administration performs primary management functions, including staffing, financial operations, patient management, and expansion decisions. The EHR system will enhance the department's capacity to conduct all the administrative and financial functions based on the patient management and operations of the institution. Some of the system's functions will include help in admissions and registration of patients, scheduling management, processing of claims, and preparation of administrative reports, among others (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). In addition, through management of the financial functions, the system can help make a quick summary of services that are supposed to be reimbursed to the hospital.

Communication and Connectivity

EHR can help communication and connectivity functions within the hospital departments and between the hospital and various critical stakeholders, especially the patients. Therefore, EHR is a critical electronic communication medium between the hospital as a medical services provider and the patients. Communication can be enhanced through emails, telemedicine, integrated health records, web/text messaging, and mobile apps/devices (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). This can enhance track the quality of care and satisfaction of patients, which influence timely reimbursements (Campanella et al., 2015).

Decision Support

Through the data collected and analyzed by the EHR system, there will be decisional support through reminders, resource links aimed at improving the care of patients and diagnosis, as well as alerts. For instance, the resource links and data can help guide clinical decisions, prevent and screen some conditions, assess the risk of allergies, and enhance the accurate dosage of medications, reducing errors (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). Furthermore, the ability to reduce errors increases the rating of the quality of care and patient safety, which are vital in reimbursement policies (Tubaishat, 2017).


The EHR system will also significantly help incorporate dental records and prescriptions for visual illnesses (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). For instance, the dental and visual records obtained can significantly help physicians in making an appropriate and most effective treatment plan for the patients.

Health Information and Data

This is one of the most critical functions of the EHR system because it enhances the ability of the hospital and staff to input and access essential information regarding the patients' condition and medical history and assist in making accurate clinical decisions. For instance, the EHR captures the demographic details of patients, a list of problems, diagnoses, medications/allergies, medical/nursing needs, and reports on results (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). These records also provide an opportunity for medical review and continuous assessment of the patient's recovery, which can help provide high-quality care.

Order Entry Management

The hospital can track and manage the supplies efficiently needed in the hospital through the help of the EHR system. This ensures that all orders are included in the system, such as laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology supplies (Nelson & Staggers, 2018).

Patient Support, Results Management

Regarding patient support, this component will enhance the provision of self-monitoring tools and patient education on self-care, such as discharge instructions, telemonitoring, and computer-based learning. Finally, regarding result management, this component will maintain a record of the patient's diagnostic reports, which is critical in managing current and historical issues when making clinical decisions. For example, some reports could include radiology and laboratory results, among other diagnostic procedures (Nelson & Staggers, 2018).

Population Health Management

This system component will include the enhancement of data collection from the public and patterns of diseases in the hospital to use the tools for supporting private and public reporting requirements. Examples include disease surveillance, the public health system, and bioterrorism reporting (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). 


Campanella, P., Lovato, E., Marone, C., Fallacara, L., Mancuso, A., Ricciardi, W., & Specchia, M. (2015). The impact of electronic health records on healthcare quality: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The European Journal Of Public Health, 26(1), 60-64. https://doi.org/10.1093/eurpub/ckv122

Nelson, R., & Staggers, N. (2018). Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach (2nd ed., pp. 92-95). Elsevier.

Tubaishat, A. (2017). The effect of electronic health records on patient safety: A qualitative exploratory study. Informatics For Health And Social Care, 44(1), 79-91. https://doi.org/10.1080/17538157.2017.1398753

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